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Microsoft fixed a major flaw in Windows 10


The Windows 10 operating system after its release in 2015 had a number of shortcomings, but it's worth giving credit to the developers, Microsoft, after numerous updates, brought the OS to an exemplary state. But nevertheless, one unpleasant moment orderly pissed off Windows 10 users - the operating system had a habit of updating at the most inopportune moment, which caused the computer to reboot. And finally, after 3 years, Microsoft found a way to solve the problem of late OS updates.


In this, the Windows 10 development team has been helped by modern technologies, namely smart AI. According to the head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar, the latest version of the operating system has learned to independently choose the most appropriate time to update the system.

Built-in AI takes into account many factors, and it does not just mean debugging updates until the moment you close your browser, computer game or any other application. Everything is much more complicated: artificial intelligence is able to predict further user actions. For example, it will determine if the owner of the PC is away for 5 minutes on his business and whether the system has time to update the OS, so that it does not interfere with the user.

At the moment, Microsoft's know-how is still in test mode, but company representatives noted that AI is already showing its best side and meets the expectations of developers. All users who are members of the Windows Insider program will be able to join the testing of the new OS development.

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The Topic of Article: Microsoft fixed a major flaw in Windows 10.
Author: Jake Pinkman