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Top 5 best anime of 2018 that everyone should watch


Trying to create a list of 10, 20, or 100 of the best anime series or movies has become almost impossible.

There are so many different anime created in dozens of different genres, subgenres and meta genres that it makes no sense to compare them with each other. However, each genre has its own best examples that stand out among the large amount of anime.

If you are not very fond of anime, then watch our top TV series , movies or even cartoons of 2018. Fortunately, the beginning of 2018 can boast of more than one anime.

We have selected the 5 best anime coming out in 2018. They are all different from one another, created in different genres and many of them have already passed the test of time, tk. this year, new seasons of these anime series are released, while others are completely new anime, about which neither Japanese nor Western viewers have yet known anything.

Attack on Titan - Best Action Anime

Why is this the best anime of its genre

Attack on Titans or as it is called "Attack on Titans" is truly a terrifying anime, but in reality it is not a horror anime at all. If you can stand the grotesque, as if turned inside out, appearance of the titans and the brutal scenes when they devour their victims, then you will find this anime with a rather twisted plot, the development of characters and atmosphere is very exciting so much that it will be difficult to tear yourself away from it.

There may be more high-quality series in general in the action anime genre than in any other genre, but Attack on Titans stands out among them in that, thanks to the lack of strongholds in the storyline of security strongholds in the game between life and death, high. One of the western critics dubbed "Attack on Titans" anime "death and destruction".

The release of season 3 of the series is scheduled for the summer of 2018. In total, fans of the series have already seen 2 seasons. Also based on the manga and anime, a movie and video game was released

Best Sci-Fi Anime - Steins; Gate 0

What makes it the best

Perhaps no other genre has given as much attention to science fiction as anime, but it is in anime that you can find real gold mines of science fiction examples that explore interesting topics and concepts. In our example of Steins Gate, the main theme is the hero's journey through time.

Unlike previous episodes, the continuation of the series looks more gloomy: it is not surprising, because the main character, instead of saving his girlfriend, kills her, of course, unintentionally. But now he is eaten with a sense of guilt and discovers that there is a program into which consciousness can be loaded, as well as the fact that his girlfriend may not be in physical reality now, but there is a digital version of it.

Steinsgate is about time travel, but the anime doesn't just use it as a building and plot development. The anime explores the concept itself in incredible ways and establishes internally consistent rules about how time travel functions, making it an anime that transcends or even transcends its genre group.

Best Comedy Anime - Gintama

Comedy is a tough nut to crack when anime stops. Many of the funniest animes often rely on puns (in Japanese, of course) and which are almost impossible to translate. The first example of such an anime is "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo", which Western audiences appreciate for its surreal and absurd humor. In the original Japanese, humor was originally based solely on puns and conversations with double meanings.

"Gintama" draws a thin line where some of the jokes are likely lost to Western audiences, but still retains its foundation and not only manages to remain funny, but also earns the title of Best Comedy Anime in recent years. p>

Much of such a high reputation is based on the fact that Japanese humor can be successfully translated and thus the language barrier is passed. But this anime also has enough absurd humor and visual gags that will still work regardless of the country in which episodes of the series were released.

Best Romantic & Sci-Fi Anime Series - Darling in the franxx

Darling in France is the new original 2018 anime series. The plot is based on post-apocalyptic ideas, so the series takes place in the distant future, when the earth was devastated and constructions of robots, named after the creator Werner Frank "Franks", were created for its survival.

The robots themselves were developed so that the people who remained on earth could resist the onslaught of "screaming dragons" that destroyed the power supply system of earthlings, which actually led to a disaster. However, the creators of the Franks were faced with the problem of managing new versions of robots. This required the so-called fertile people, and at that time on earth the problem of death had already been solved, so many representatives of humanity were deprived of reproductive functions in exchange for immortality. So I had to create a group of "parasites", a pair of which was conventionally called "stamen" and "pistil". Now it is on them that the piloting of the Franks depends, and therefore the survival of the earth.

This anime will interest fans of the post-apocalyptic genre, as well as viewers inclined to study futuristic concepts, because This anime explores several concepts that are currently being developed by scientists in the event of possible catastrophic events in the future. And of course, if you love mekha and romance, this anime is definitely not worth skipping.

The Best Anime of Recent Years - The Drifters

Recognized as one of the best animated films of recent years, "Drifters" or "Drifters" bears the features of an anime about the supernatural, or rather the new season will take place in other worlds, not at all on Earth, but somewhere higher, or, say so, in another dimension.

We know that in the previous season Shimazu Tokisa, a samurai, had to fight in an open duel with his enemy and he managed to defeat him, but he himself was mortally wounded. Shimazu dies. What awaits us in the second season of "Drifters"?

The action takes place in the other world, where Tokisa falls after his physical death. In a hall with hundreds of doors, he is greeted by a stoic, Murasaki.

Immediately, Tokisu is pulled through one of the doors, and he finds himself in a world inhabited by fantastic creatures and other samurai from different times, who are considered dead on earth. Tokisa quickly makes friends, the famous warrior Nobunaga Oda and the ancient archer Yochi Suketaka Nasu, from whom our hero learns about the existence of a political conflict in a new world for him. It turns out that there are two opposing forces: the wanderers are fighting against the empire's forces trying to dominate, while the imperials want to exterminate the elves and other demihuman races, and with them the wanderers who oppose the plans of the empire. Shimazu Tokisa and his friends don't even have a choice: they will join the wanderers in order to protect the inhabitants of new places and destroy the group of evil.

Watch and have fun with the best TV shows on the planet.

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