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PlayStation Evolution


Today, it's been 25 years since the very first console from Sony was born. Until the information boom about E3 dies down, which the company did not attend this year, we decided to remind you of it and consider the evolution of the PlayStation console, as well as recall the best games that came out on it.

Nintendo is to blame for everything

Once upon a time, the video game market was occupied by consoles from Nintendo and Sega. They were the ones who fought for the money and hearts of gamers before it became mainstream. And then one day Nintendo decided to enter into a collaboration with Sony, who were then developing CD-ROMs to add this technology to their console. Alas, Sony wanted to go further and create a new console that could run both new games on disc and old ones on cartridges.

Big N seemed like a brazen attempt to poke their heads into their gaming market and try to tear off a tidbit of the pie. Therefore, a few days before the presentation of the SNES-CD console, Nintendo announced that they would no longer cooperate with Sony.


It was then that Sony decided that this should not be left and they still release their console, and they will call it in a very simple way Game Station. Thanks to development manager Ken Katuragi for such a simple and ingenious name. In 1994, the first PlayStation honored Japan with its release, and in 1995 it entered the Western market. At the same time, the evolution of the PlayStation began for 25 years with constant exclusives.


To say that the console is iconic is to say nothing. Its main advantage was of course the CD. The disks helped the developers create large, sophisticated [by the standards of the time] worlds. The discs were cheaper to manufacture and much more compact.

The company also came up with how to save your progress in the game. They created a Memory Card that plugged into a special slot and had 15 storage slots. Also, the console could simply support regular CDs.

Hits Play

Station 1GTA


The very first GTA became the starting point for the entire series and at one time was exclusive to PC and PS1. It cannot be said that it is magnificent, since it was still far from what it became after the third part, but still this was GTA - a classic of the 90s.


Metal Gear Solid

Thanks to the console's powerful technical abilities, Kojima was able to transfer what he showed in the previous two games in the series to 3D rails. The rudiments of realism that the game gave us still warm our hearts and make us remember the dawn of this beautiful series.


Final Fantasy VII

This part of the ending is the most iconic. It has sold millions of copies worldwide, popularizing the franchise and the JRPG genre in the west. Not surprisingly, at E3, her remake became one of the loudest announcements. It was also the first in the series to feature 3D graphics. For this reason, it was released on the Sony console.


Tekken 3

In Tekken 3, you could play for hours and forget that you have some kind of life there. It was not furious for new players, but skillful players could find a lot of interesting in it. Colorful characters, hilarious presentation of the plot - all this made the game a legend.


Resident Evil

And of course, another legend on PS1 - Resident Evil. This game and its ability to stimulate players to build brick factories are legendary. It was breakthrough in terms of graphics, pumping, wildly atmospheric and cool puzzles. If you haven't played it, go at least a remake and don't disgrace yourself.


PlayStation 2

In 1999, Sony announced that they were developing a new console, which made gamers happy. For you to understand, the second Sonya has become the fastest selling console in the world and in history. And all because it had a DVD drive, and in comparison with ordinary dividends, it was cheaper. Therefore, even those who did not play games bought it, but soon became addicted to it. She also had backward compatibility with games released on the first curling iron. The console lasted 12 years until 2013. At the start, she had few exclusives, but literally six months later, she fell ...


PlayStation 2 Hits

Silent Hill 2

If you actively read our resource, then you know that there is a great love for the Silent Hill series. The sequel, which did not just expand on the ideas of the original, but told a completely different nightmare story, was as symbolic as possible, had an amazing atmosphere and one of the best soundtracks in the entire industry - that's what the second Silent Hill was.


God of War Dilogy

The entire God of War series is one big powerful mess, where we killed the gods in the most cruel ways. They chopped off their heads, squeezed out their eyes, broke limbs - Kratos has an amazing fantasy. The second part was one of the most graphonistic works on this console and we will never forget how they exterminated the Greek gods. Let them know their place.


Devil May Cry 3

After the disastrous second part, the triquel burst in, as it should be done in this game - with a wild and incredibly carbon monoxide pathos. Native complex combat system, smart enemies, a prequel to the original story, and that arrogant asshole with a sharp tongue. I'm sure many people want to experience this comeback a second time.



It was a GTA about a school. There is nothing more to say. Unless I would rather call the game a delightful GTA spin-off about school. Branded ridicule of stereotypes and American pop culture, memorable protagonists, fights with a homeless person who lives in the backyard - that's great. Thanks Rockstar.


Shadow of Colossus

Shadow of Kolosov is one of those games, after completing which you say: "It was wonderful." Imbued with an atmosphere of loneliness and wonderful battles with colossus, she became a masterpiece of her time.


PlayStation 3

And in 2007 a troika entered the mortal world. She looked very stylish and rich. Although she did not avoid comparison with a breadbasket. She had a difficult start, as Microsoft rushed in with their Xbox 360s, and almost to the very end of the life of these two consoles, they went nose to nose. The controller, which has ceased to be a dualshock, has also undergone changes. The problem is that it was the first wireless controller, and so that it can hold a charge longer, the company decided to remove vibration. Although over time he was still released. By the way, at the same time PlayStation portable was already on the market and also found its audience.


PlayStation 3 Hits

If you look closely, you will notice that it was from the time of the third curling iron that the most juicy exclusives began to appear on it.


The Last of Us

An excellent game about the importance of relationships between people and the struggle for life in the harsh world of post-apocalypse. You just fall in love with Joyle and Ellie, and their story touches you to the core. It's damn cool to see the sequel to this great game.


Uncharted 2 and 3

The cool adventures of Nathan Drake reached their climax in the second and third parts. These were two games with a reference plot twist and cinematic gameplay.


Heavy Rain

One of the best interactive movies the industry has ever seen. This is also the case when after passing you say: "It was wonderful." Soon, this masterpiece will be able to try on a PC.


Red Dead Redemption

Best Wild West Game that retained its title until RDR2. A tough story, cool shootouts, and a world to explore for hours - that's the whole game.


PlayStation 4

Powerful and meaty - this is how I can describe the last curling iron. It could deliver the coolest 4K picture possible and was more stylish on the outside than the previous console. She could also boast of the divine dualshock 4 [personally, I consider it the most beautiful gamepad in the world]. Another advantage of this particular console is a huge number of exclusives [more than last time], which simply crushed the unfortunate XOne.

We wrote about the most important hits on the console here.


However, here are personal top 3:

Red Dead Redemption 2

Continuation of the cult game from the Rockstars, which absorbed our attention, forcing 200 hours to wander around the wild west. It was one of the best gaming experiences in your life, in which you become attached to the hero for a long time. And besides, we have never heard such ambitious statements as about the testicles of horses, which will shrink in the cold.


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

A sequel to one of the finest Japanese games with tons of side activities. An excellent finishing touch to Kiryuya's history in the Kamarucho area for me.


Marvel's Spider Man

DC was unlucky in the movies, but vice versa in games. And then Marvel's Spider Man burst onto the scene and leveled positions. This is one of the best superhero games ever. She more than surpassed everything that came before her and I am sure she will be remembered for a long time.


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Author: Jake Pinkman