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Special augmented reality goggles for swimming have been created


Sports accessories brand Form has released unusual augmented reality goggles especially for those who are fond of sports swimming. Outwardly, the Form Swim gadget is no different from ordinary swimming goggles, although its functionality is much more diverse. Highly specialized goggles capture and display the main characteristics that are important to the swimmer: speed in the water, frequency and number of movements - all that can help improve the final result of the swim.

Athletes-swimmers have long adopted modern "smart" gadgets, for example, fitness trackers, which also count the number of strokes and determine the speed. However, unlike the new Form Swim, all the end results can only be seen after training.


The Form Swim body is significantly more massive than a simple swim goggle. Which is quite natural, because "smart" glasses are much more complicated. Their design includes a rechargeable battery, a data processing board, sensors that record various characteristics, and also a projector for outputting the necessary data. Instead of a screen, all information is displayed on glass. The controls are located on the side of the gadget.


How it works

The goggle device combines several parameters of augmented reality technology and special engineering algorithms to track various indicators characteristic of swimming. As a result, an athlete, making a swim, can immediately see his results of speed, range and other characteristics he needs. In addition to this, smart glasses are able to recognize the smallest details of behavior in the water, compiling statistics on their basis. It will reflect your swimming speed and style, as well as physical data, including respiration and heart rate.

Overall, the construction of the Form Swim is pretty simple. A monochrome image of a mini-projector falls on one of the glasses, the information on which becomes available to the user. In this way, augmented reality "works" in glasses, highly specialized indicators of which are concentrated around swimming. In addition, AR-glasses have several modes of operation, allowing you to customize the gadget for individual parameters.


Augmented Reality Swimming Goggles are synchronized with Android and iOS apps, which will store all swim statistics. According to the manufacturer, the device can withstand 16 hours of operation on a single charge. The maximum immersion depth for a gadget is no more than 10 meters. Form Swim is priced at $ 200.

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Author: Jake Pinkman