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What do we know about Game of Thrones Season 8?


More than a year has separated Game of Thrones fans from the release of a new, final season. What is known about Season 8?

When Season 8 Released

Optimistic forecasts start shooting the final episodes in October 2017 and end August 2018 .

This will be followed by painstaking editing and imposition of special effects, which will postpone the premiere until at least the winter of 2018 ... Or even at the beginning of 2019, according to some media outlets.

Photo by Jon Snow - Azor Ahai by waLek05

HBO Director Casey Blues delicately prepares fans for the long wait. “Filming will take place on several continents. The process involves the use of various technologies. It will not be an easy job, and special effects will be a separate painstaking stage, ”said the head of the channel.

How many episodes will be delivered

There will be only 6 episodes in Season 8 , but the length of some episodes will be comparable to the length of a full movie. George Martin, judging by the release dates of the new books, does not seem to be writing the A Song of Ice and Fire cycle at all. However, the author managed to announce that the end of the story will be "bittersweet".

The ubiquitous hackers who stole the season 8 scenario from the creators have slightly opened the curtain of secrecy. According to the "leaked" script, Bran has more in common with the Night King than fans realize.

And yet - the coming season will not survive many of the main characters. How will their fate turn out?

What can happen to the heroes


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Along with John, Denis is the main contender for the role of the Warrior of Light (or the warrior, as we have already hinted in the series). It was he, the warrior Azor Ahai, who was destined to defeat the King of the Night. 8 thousand years ago Azor Ahai had already slain the Others with his sword, but for this he had to kill his wife.

Jon Snow

Game of Thrones photography, by sasa kunic

Or Aegon Targaryen? Now that he appeared before the viewer as the legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar, John has every chance to sit on the Iron Throne.

A curious theory is connected with Lord Snow: in fact, he is long dead. During the ritual of "revitalization" John was possessed by Bran's soul, traveling between times. After all, the three-eyed crow was promised that he would fly. Is it on a dragon?


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The new ruler of Westeros is showing more and more similarities with the Mad King. Cersei does not trust her subjects, has little control over the events around her and herself. The child in the womb forces her to cling to life, but in the new season Cersei will most likely succumb to her dark side more and more.

However, Daenerys herself can claim the title of Mad Queen. She had already shown her cruelty, unable to resist the temptation to incinerate Randyll and Deacon Tarly. What if the arrival of another contender for the throne (John) undermined her judgment? And heredity does not play in her favor.


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Jaime increasingly doubts her beloved: she easily gave the North to be torn apart by the dead, for the sake of victory she is ready to resort to the services of mercenaries and marry Greyjoy. Tradition says that Cersei will fall at the hands of her younger brother. Tyrion's candidacy for this role is all too obvious.

Jaime is another matter: a blinded man who will have to choose between love and the voice of reason.

In addition, the warlord could not forget about Cersei's betrayals (in particular, with Lancel Lannister).

Other Heroes

Photo of Crow's Landing by ertacaltinoz

Do not dismiss Euron Greyjoy, who has a magical horn that can tame dragons. Bran, driving people crazy with his abilities. Arya, able to single-handedly kill Cersei. There are too many unknown variables in the saga to predict a winner.

Will there be a happy ending

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Seasons six and seven ended with a clear happy ending for the goodies, which belies the pessimistic opening seasons. Perhaps this thaw is deceiving, and as a result, the viewer will not see the long-awaited victory of fire over ice.

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