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How can AI help humanity?


Skeptics argue that the development of artificial intelligence will sooner or later lead to the fact that our world will cease to exist. They usually mention the Terminator storyline to prove their point.

However, in reality, artificial intelligence can do much more than destroy: it has the power to create and be useful. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of AI and are not afraid of its development. Research by Strategy Analytics found that 41% of those surveyed believe that AI will improve our lives. But how exactly?

Saving workers' lives

Despite the fact that employers pay great attention to the health and safety of workers, there are still professions associated with a high risk to life. In an article on manufacturing business technology, DataRPM notes that the risks faced by U.S. plant workers can be mitigated by using the Industrial Internet of Things and predictive services.

The article says that at the moment the US factories are using a huge amount of obsolete equipment: its total cost is $ 40 billion. This does not include equipment with outdated maintenance. The wear of mechanisms inevitably leads to a stop in the working process, unplanned expenses and, sadly, tragic accidents. Up to 30% of workplace injuries occur during troubleshooting.

DataRPM highlights the important role AI and cognitive computing play in the maintenance and safety of the workplace. Instead of buying new equipment, companies can use high technology to extend the life of old equipment without putting their workers at risk. In addition, AI can be used to shift some of the factory's operations, saving people from the need to work in potentially dangerous conditions.

Saving the environment

Until now, there has been no way to accurately assess the impact that people and economic development have on the environment. With the advent of artificial intelligence, humanity has the necessary tools to collect, process and organize huge amounts of data.

The Guardian provides many options for how AI can help us prevent further damage and better understand how to grow the industry with a focus on the environment. Microsoft and other companies are using AI and satellite maps to study the scale of their development. Deeper data allows you to make the right decisions on the use of land territories and develop conservation tactics.

AI is a revolutionary tool in environmental modeling and management. Scientists, engineers and policymakers can use the information obtained to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems for future generations. The EarthCube project contributes its efforts to this cause, which studies the impact of specific human actions on the earth's crust and oceans.

Improving urban infrastructure

According to The Motley Fool, companies like NVIDIA are planning to use smart video cameras to better manage city infrastructure. The Metropolis platform has already been built on the basis of artificial intelligence, capable of using cameras to monitor streets, prevent crime and solve traffic problems. When testing the platform in one of the Chinese cities, NVIDIA was able to increase the average traffic speed by 11%.

AI and robots can be used to improve the city's communal infrastructure. As Fast Company notes, with the use of high technology, management companies can save big money while conserving water resources and improving water quality.

In 2017, the G8 announced that it was going to transform the American city of San Diego into the largest smart platform powered by IoT sensors. To begin with, the city plans to install 3200 CityIQ sensor nodes. Their data will be used to help drivers find parking spaces, avoid busy areas and point travelers in the right direction.

Saving lives

AI bots that already operate on social media can save the lives of potential suicides, demonstrating that even a soulless tool can help someone who needs help, warmth and care. According to Fast Company, Facebook is working hard to make AI work for the benefit of people. In March 2017, the company announced it was launching a pilot project in the United States that uses AI to identify Facebook messages that indicate a user's intent to commit suicide. The information received goes to a common center, where the operators make a decision about the intervention.

AI Tools for Facebook are capable of processing both text messages and videos in real time. According to Fast Company, over 100 potential suicides were detected by the AI in a month. We managed to respond to each case twice as fast as if it were reported by real users.

Respect for Human Rights

More and more organizations are using AI as a tool for social change. The TOPBOTS community describes many ways AI can help the world raise awareness of social issues and raise funds to help those in need.

Charity: Water has teamed up with manufacturers Lokai and AKQA to create Yeshi's chatbot for Facebook. Yeshi is a young Ethiopian who is ready to tell everyone about how difficult it is to live in a country where there is no clean water. After chatting with her, users can donate some of their funds to Charity: Water right on the social network.

TOPBOTS also explains how AI can do medical diagnostics. GYANT is another Facebook chatbot that asks users questions about how they are feeling to determine if they have the Zika virus. Instead of waiting weeks for an in-person consultation with a specialist, users can get an immediate response today.

The Sensely Virtual Nurse monitors how patients comply with the doctor's recommendations. Ellie's digital therapist talks to patients, analyzes their vocabulary, facial expressions and tone of voice to identify signs of depression. Real doctors are still important, but together with electronic assistants, they can do much more to diagnose dangerous diseases early and provide timely assistance.

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