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Riverdale - Best Youth TV Series 2017-2018


Who has not yet started watching the best youth TV series "Riverdale ", then it's time to start. In 2017, 2 seasons of the series were released, and this year we are happy to meet 3 episode, which promises to be super exciting, because it is not in vain that it is even compared to Twin Peaks.

Such a parallel not only creates advertising for the series, but is also fully justified. And in order to compare "Riverdale" with the creation of David Lynch, you need to watch it.

Before moving on to the most "delicious", let's tell a little about the history of the creation of the series. It is interesting because the heroes themselves, Archibald Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones and many others, were created many years ago. They were originally the heroes of the Archie comics, and the idea for their creation came from the publisher and editor of the comics, John Goldwater.


The main character, Archie, was conceived as the image of "his boyfriend", and the prototypes of the rest of the characters were ordinary people whom Goldwater met while he was looking for work and traveled around the cities and towns of the United States. This whole story with comics dates back to the late 30s of the 20th century. And by the way, the first patriotic hero named Shield came to American culture just from these comics about Archie in 1941 and only 14 months later another iconic character, Captain America, found life. But that's another story, and we'll get back to Archie.

After the huge success of Archie's comics, fame has not faded into the 21st century, when the CW channel released the first season of the Archie series in 2017. After a successful start, the second season was released a little later, and for the third Netflix bought the rights from the CW channel, so now "Riverdale" belongs to Netflix, where you can watch it in the original.

Behind Riverdale

The story of a murder with a lot of mysticism - this is how Archie's comics are interpreted in "Riverdale". This is not at all what the older generation used to read. The names of the heroes are the same, but everything else is rethought, drama is added and, of course, there is a detective story. There was a murder in a small town. While you watch, you begin to suspect everyone and everything, but who really committed it will become clear a little later.

The new series, which debuted on the CW for the first time, is a crazy TV show. Riverdale may be quite ambiguous in terms of the presentation of the story, but the creators of the series are fully committed to the strange idea that is embedded in Riverdale.

Adapted for television by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the comic is not at all the old comic about Archie that was known in the 20th century and which was read by past generations. Back then, a red-haired guy driving around in his tin can and not even having enough money to ask blonde Betty or spoiled brunette Veronica out on a weekend date was incredibly popular with his readers.


In our time, the modern reincarnations of comic book heroes, with the confident manipulations of Aguirre-Sacas, have turned from simple-minded teenagers having fun with innocent pranks in a small town into rather mature heroes, despite their young age. And these young people are unlikely to be satisfied with the usual unremarkable entertainment. No, on their agenda they have the disclosure of the mystery of the recent murder and many other equally mysterious things, which, perhaps, should not be told right away so as not to spoil the pleasure of watching the series.

"Riverdale" is full of well-known elements from the Archie comics, but the familiar names of the characters with their memorable characters happily fit into the story of a mysterious murder with a touch of incest themes, an unseemly relationship between a student and a school teacher and many other stories that make modern Riverdale is so different from the original that if that team of the mid-20th century knew about everything that is happening now in Riverdale, it would make them blush with shame.

Riverdale Cast

After a rather brief description of the scene in the first episode and a voice-over tells that "our story is the story of a city, a small town and the people who live in it," Riverdale reveals the tragedy of a local rich woman and a girl -manipulator Cheryl Blossom (Madeleine Petsch), mourning the mysterious disappearance of her twin brother.


KJ Apa, turned into a red-haired guy and only slightly hid his "Kiwi" accent (it is known that the actor is from New Zealand, and they are called "Kiwi") plays the role of Archie Andrews, who has just returned from vacation, spent with his father (Luke Perry) and in his head only new dreams about music and, of course, sports. As everyone and everyone's best friend, local gay Kevin Keller (Casey Cott), notes, "Archie is very hot." This phrase could possibly be the show's slogan. Typical neighbor girl Betty (Lili Reinhart) definitely decided to finally tell Archie's best friend about her love for him, but unexpected difficulties come in the form of the arrival of a new spoiled girl from the big city, the daughter of a businessman, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes).

Our favorite characters from the Archie comics are back together (assuming you know them), but they look very new. They are different and very modern. Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), who is the narrator, is a melancholy writer working on a new book. Josie McCoy (Ashley Murray) devotes a lot of time to her group "Josie and the Kitties", where she is also the lead singer, the star of the group. Miss Grundy (Sarah Habel) is a sexy cellist, Dilton Doyle (Major Kurda) is a bit of a restless scout leader. Ethel Muggs is not at all interested in Jughead, and her role is played by Shannon Purser. From time to time, the series makes nods towards the classic comic, but not much, because it is much better to maintain a modern style, rather than return to the past.

The difference between the series and the Archie comic

Down with false modesty, the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle can still be called the very center of the story, at least when it is just starting to unfold. Although maybe he looks a little formal because of Archie himself. He is in thought, which is less interesting for him as a character in the series, which makes him somewhat flat in this episode. One of the best episodes of the first season is the third, where Betty and Veronica try to calm down a group of football players who dishonor other girls. Archie at this time is busy with his own business in the background story. Reinhart brilliantly plays the role of Betty. Deeply imbued with the character of her heroine, her experiences and concerns, Rhinehart reveals the depth of Betty's image.


It is also noteworthy that in the series, the creators somewhat blurred the contrast between Betty and Veronica. Previously, they were antagonists, opposed each other, it is no coincidence that the classic "blonde-brunette", but in the performance of Mendes in the character of Veronica her dignity is emphasized, and not arrogance, which is usually tried to show in the comics.


By the time the fourth episode was released, much of what seemed important fades into the background, tk. the focus is on the history of murder and the conspiracy of generations, which suggests that we will meet Marisole Nichols, Madhen Amick and Robin Givens. Young and old, it is they, the women run it all with Riverdale. Hence the increased sexuality, intrigue and some bitchiness, while men are quite ordinary and do not differ in anything special. However, with one exception - this is Kevin performed by Kott. He is open and free, fearless, he has nothing to hide and, perhaps, he is the only hero, he does not hide anything, unlike the rest of the inhabitants of the town, who seem to have something to hide.

There is a lot more to say about other episodes from the first seasons of the series, but we will not succumb to such a temptation, because readers will not want to know all the details of the plot twists of the series before watching it.

Gossip Girl and Twin Peaks=Riverdale

Gossip Girl was the best youth TV series of its time on the CW, but it looks like it is giving way to Riverdale, for good reason. And the time of "Gossip Girl" with its well thought out dialogues and literary component has already passed. A decade ago, "Gossip Girl" dominated the channel, but by 2018 it was replaced by "Riverdale" with its aesthetics of color: this alluring neon flavor is becoming the hallmark of Riverdale and the series. Of course, even in this, he resembles Lynch's mystical series "Twin Peaks". The same attention to color, the mystery that pervades all episodes of the series, without exception, understatement and, of course, intrigue that does not let go. Who Killed Laura Palmer? Who killed Jason Blossom?


There are many parallels between these series, and it doesn't matter that Riverdale is positioned as a youth series. What? Youth is great! Mystery, drama, tribute to the new trends of liberated culture in the person of Kevin. And how without it? The series is American. But let's not go into details, but let's look at the main thing, what attracts the viewer: an excellent cast, a balance of generations - the stars of the 90s as the parents of the main characters and new names that we already remember from other works in cinema; the soundtrack will not leave indifferent music lovers - the musical accompaniment is well thought out; carefully constructed plot with a plot in the form of a crime drama.

"The Carrie Diaries", "Pretty Little Liars", "Gossip Girl" are the series that preceded the appearance of "Riverdale". It is no coincidence that Riverdale may seem to duplicate some of the components of these series. Why not? You need to take the best and present it in a new way. Riverdale shouldn't be afraid of repetitions. It is not like other TV shows, it has its own personality. He can be compared to people. We are somewhat similar to our friends and relatives, and yet this does not deprive us of our inherent uniqueness.

So it is with serials: if professionals, who know their business, actors, directors, screenwriters, etc., take on the task, then as a result we will get a work of their joint creativity, where their ideas, a look at modern reality and, of course , talent. Talent is first of all. Sometimes you can see a spark of magic behind the usual plot, because there is something more hidden behind the simple facade. Riverdale is primarily an interesting TV series created by talented people, therefore it is a pleasure to watch it.

Viewer Reviews

Many of those who have already got acquainted with the series last year, he was especially remembered for the unusual plot, and viewers also note the great aesthetic component of "Riverdale". From a visual point of view, this is a very beautiful series. Someone notes the actors' play as very bright and thoughtful. Others talk about the intrigue of the story.


It seems that many fans of this genre will like it. In it everyone will find something for themselves. All this proves to us that Riverdale has a great future, and so far only 3 seasons have come out. From the outset, viewers noted that the pilot had captured their attention and that the creators of the series did not disappoint their fans. They continue to present more and more new episodes, each of which is interesting in its own way and reveals the characters of the main characters from different angles. This is especially important because the development of the heroes of the series does not stop, with each new episode we learn something new about them.

And how eagerly viewers are awaiting the release of the new episode, because all the time they want to know more and more about what is happening in Riverdale.

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