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Top 100 Best Movies About Memory Loss - Amnesia. Part 3


This is how it happens, you walk along Yamskaya Street, you walk, and everything is in order until you are joked with a board. And from that moment on, your life took a completely different course. Why? Because you don’t remember a single thing from your past life. Our top films about memory loss or, according to a doctor, amnesia are dedicated to such or similar cases.

Moreover, it makes no difference whether the defendant lost memory in full or in part, long-term or short-term, it happened from a hangover or because of a disaster, if the main character has problems on this basis, he has every chance to thunder into our list of movies about memory loss.

Now that we have figured out the explanations, we can continue where we left offin the previous part.

71. Hana and Alice (2004) 6.72

Japanese comedy author's melodrama, almost entirely taken out on the shoulders of one person - Shunji Iwai. He is a screenwriter, a director, a producer, and a composer, and he also carried props along the way. And cooked to eat. But it turned out quite decently.


And the film describes the story of the love affairs of two girlfriends who had a difficult relationship with guys. And, especially, Hana, who kicked off a boy who was so fucking heading out against the lifting gates that he had a blackout.

Before that, Khan only watched him from afar. But, having witnessed his "accident", she immediately told him that they had been dating for a long time, that he had long confessed his love to her, and he did not remember all this due to selective amnesia.

The poor kid in his backside feels that he has no love for this girl. But ...

72. Imaginarium (2012) 6.71

Old age is not a very pleasant thing. The end of life is always sad. But not for the main character of "Imaginarium".

Why? Because, due to aging, the old man's brains were blown off to the fullest so that he would not even remember that he was an adult. All his adult years, overnight like a cow licked his tongue. I even forgot my daughter.

He is especially fascinated by dreams. In them, he is like Alice in Wonderland. Only if she was a hostage of at least some plot, then our old man is his own scriptwriter and director. As he imagines, so it goes.

Although, at times - no, no, and he will have the feeling that he has forgotten something a little.

73. Inside My Memory (2003) 6.69

The film is akin to the Butterfly Effect. There, as we remember, or - we do not remember, the main character, planning to return to the past for the sake of minor adjustments to the future, began to read his magical diary with might and main. Local Simon, as it turns out, only needs a good sleep.


So the guy jumps through forgotten and not very moments of life, trying to fix the incorrigible.

After a terrible disaster, in which he was exposed as the culprit, and in which, by the way, his brother glued the flippers, Simon finds himself in a hospital bed with a whole set of injuries, the main of which is memory loss over the past two years. He does not remember any of the money that happened to him in recent months, he even forgot his wedding. Where can you remember what happened to them in that unfortunate accident.

But, over and over again returning to the past, he begins not only to restore in his memory the chain of events lost by the brain, but also to try to introduce corrections into his actions.

Just who knows how he behaved here or there last time.

74. Deception / Observer (2006) 6.69

To look at flocks of night fireflies at high speed and with the headlights off is the height of idiocy. But did the once talented hockey player Chriss Pratt guess about this?


No, of course he knew about it. But fooling around and pretending to be God knows what is in the blood of juvenile morons. And all this continues only until such a hefty combine harvester jumps out of the darkness at you, which will overnight kill and cripple your friends, and your memory will be blown away.

But Criss's memory recovered over time. Where Rodoki helped, where - former acquaintances, where - doctors. But now his memory does not work as it should. He can keep everything that was once in his mind, but what happened to him recently, he has to write down in a notebook.

In particular, being embroiled in an adventure with a bank robbery as an honorary loshara, he wrote a lot in his notebook that would help him get out of the prevailing "situevina".

I wonder if this really helps him? And if this notebook falls into the hands of ill-wishers?

75. 5 Unknowns (2005) 6.64

Imagine, you woke up in some warehouse full of dangerous chemicals, and you don't remember a thing about yourself. The situation is one-to-one reminiscent of the beginning of a good science fiction series "Dark Matter".


Only here from the fiction they left only the symptomatology of the consequences of exposure to some unknown gas, the same for each individual, regardless of his physiological data. When the vapors of this "amazing" gas are inhaled, a person, whatever it may be, turns off, and, having regained consciousness, does not remember anything about himself for several hours.

Together with you in the abandoned storage, several more "comrades in misfortune" come to their senses, who, like you, do not remember who they are or how they ended up here. The phone rings in the next room, and, pretending to be the right subscriber, you find out that two of you are hostages, and three are terrorists who have kidnapped these very hostages for ransom.

The warehouse, as it turned out, is sealed tightly, so that you can't get out of it, accomplices with money will soon appear.

What will happen then? After all, none of the main characters enter at all, is he a hostage or a terrorist?

76. Before I Fall Asleep (2013) 6.60

We will not dwell on this film for a long time, let's just say that it is very much like the comedy "50 First Kisses".


The heroine Nicole Kidman wakes up every morning, not remembering a thing or two of what has happened in her life for the last two decades. A lot, isn't it? But this is not the main thing either. The main thing is that her "well-wishers" are trying to snatch her story from morning to morning.

And why does she always think that her memory, hidden in the depths of her brain, contains something completely different from what they are trying to "sell" to her?

Well, or - not quite right ...

77. Faces in the crowd (2011) 6.60

An excellent thriller with the participation of our national favorite - Milla Jovovich, who has already shone in our top of the best films about memory loss, in the film Resident Evil.

But there is no smell of fantasy and zombies with the Umbrella corporation. This is a pure thriller, which tells about the difficult fate of a woman who miraculously survived after being attacked by a serial maniac. But moral and psychological trauma is half the trouble. You can live with it.

But how to live with the deviation that the traumatized brain entailed? With a deviation, as a result of which you immediately forget the face of a person who disappears from your field of vision even for a moment.

Forgetting who is who is very bad. Anyone can impersonate anyone at any time, pardon the pun.

For example, the same serial maniac can impersonate your friend or policeman. Here you will inevitably become twitchy, unbalanced and begin to suspect everyone and everything.

78. Do you remember me? / Do you remember me? (2014) 6.58

A funny romantic comedy based on the adventures of a couple with very interesting ailments.


One is a kleptomaniac, whose hands are itching somewhere or someone else to steal. She is a mentally ill friend with sleep disturbances and constant blackouts.

Accidentally meeting at one of the receptions of their, as it turned out, common lawlessness, they became friends, and how let's scribble everything everywhere, and then forget about it.

A joke, of course, but something like that will start happening. Simply, "Finding Dory" is kind of.

79. Forgotten (2004) 6.55

We have seen many films about insidious aliens, and this one is the most extravagant.

Here, aliens experiment on parents in order to reveal the roots of their strongest memory and affection for their children. How not to erase from a person the memory of his son or daughter, it turns out that the mother still somehow feels that something is wrong, and, in the end, remembers everything.

And Telli Paretta, the mother of her son who disappeared after a car accident, is especially strong in this. No matter how much her memory is cleared, she still remembers her son.

We'll have to, probably, to the greatest regret, this experimental to eliminate. If it comes out, of course ...

80. Girl on the Train (2016) 6.55

A relatively recent thriller about a young woman - Rachel Watson, who managed to see from the train window what she shouldn't have poked her nose into.

Although the phrase "not to see" is more appropriate here. And she did not see, once again driving past the Hipwell mansion, Scott's new wife, Megan. Once I did not see, the second, the third. But starting to inquire about her, she suddenly became the main suspect in her disappearance.

For some, looking for adventures on their backs is in the blood. Although many people will be inclined to call the phrase "looking for adventure on their backs" "the search for justice." Well, both will be true. Only Rachel herself doesn't get any better.

81. The Purple Storm / The Crimson Storm (1999) 6.54

Next, we will try to be shorter, otherwise our final part of the top of the best films about amnesia will stretch into a kilometer-long sheet. And the next in line for discussion is an action movie by Hong Kong master Tedi Chan, in which the memory of one of the terrorists who planned to commit a terrorist attack in Hong Kong was knocked out.


Coming to his senses after being wounded, he learns a lot about himself for himself. In particular, he was told that he was allegedly a secret police agent who had been introduced into a terrorist gang to prevent a terrorist attack.

Come on now, Vasya, take the rap for everyone. Find out where the chemical bomb is, deal with former partners, smash them left and right, defuse the bomb, etc. We need to take such tactics into service in our special services.

82. Amnesia (2003) 6.53

Jessica Sheppard didn't celebrate her promotion for long. As in that fairy tale by Ershov: "Someone began to walk in the field, and stir the wheat." Here and there, someone in the city began to climb and kill her former acquaintances.


And then with Jessica, memory lapses began to happen. And these failures suspiciously coincide with the ongoing murders.

There is only one question: "Really that same Tatiana ..?"

83. Amnesia: The Enigma of James Brighton (2005) 6.51

No, this is not a continuation of the previous story. This is a story about a young homosexual who regained consciousness in the port of Montreal with a full face and a lost memory.


Now the young man is faced with a difficult task - to get to the bottom of who and, most importantly, why committed such illegal actions against him.

But first - remember who he is. Memories of their sexual inclinations are not enough to start an investigation.

84. The Story of Harry (2000) 6.50

Harry has never been a good boy. Rather - on the contrary, he was still that brute. As a family man, he was nothing. He jammed the intoxicating drink and was always not averse to giving his beloved wife a bream. And he was not very polite with the kids.


But then amnesia happened to Harry. And after this became known to his wife, she immediately wanted her hubby to "reprogram", that is, to drive completely different attitudes into his brain.

He, allegedly, was always the very, very husband, attentive in everything and without bad habits. And without the "bream", by the way.

Harry believed it himself. But will he be able to live within such a strict framework, so to speak, at the genetic level? Hard to believe.

85. Total Recall (2012) 6.50

This is a relatively fresh sequel to the fantastic action movie "Total Recall" with Arnie Schwarzenegger, who was mentioned in one of the previous parts of the top best films about memory loss or amnesia.


Colin Farrel himself was invited to play the role of Quaid. And he played this role excellently. But everything was spoiled by an uninteresting plot. There was a lot of fantastic computer backgrounds, but the kind of high-tech and deeply urbanized future of the film alone would not make a rating. In addition, fans of "iron Arnie", outraged by the fact that someone tried so impudently to write off the masterpiece with the great "Mr. Olympia" for scrap, also added minuses.

But it's worth watching a movie once - that's without any.

Colin Farel's hero, as in the previous case, popped into the memory programming corporation. I wanted to get hold of memories of an excellent vacation. As they say, to have something to remember at work.

But before Doug Quaid had time to pile his ass into the chair of the programming machine, some militants broke into the hall and began to smash everything and everyone here, suspiciously targeting Doug himself.

It was then that Doug discovered in his body amazing abilities for hand-to-hand combat and other "military-political" training. Having blown off all the militants so that my mother did not grieve, he dumped the otsedov away and, in the end, found himself on the side of the Earth ball, where he perpetrated a real revolutionary-political super-lifting-coup with lifting the pelvis and lowering it on the heads of the oppressors.

86. You can't run away from your family (2018) 6.48

There is such a profession - to compose furniture. Our main heroes Valentin and Constance work as furniture designers. Moreover, Valentin believes that he owes the success of his career to the fact that, as he could, he concealed the presence of his relatives from the whole world.

But relatives are like bad luck. She will always overtake you. This is exactly what happened to Valentine, who was finally forced to publicly admit that he, like most mortals on this planet, also has a mom and dad and other duty set of relatives.

But at the last moment, his father-in-law rudely shuts his mouth, who believes that by shaking too much, he will destroy the image of the family company. As a result of such a rude "plugging", Valentine falls, bangs his head and earns amnesia, which he immediately took advantage of, again, the devil's father-in-law, forcing him to sign some papers and, thereby, taking away his company.

How will it end? Probably something interesting.

87. Don't Look Back (2009) 6.45

Where is there "do not look back" when you secretly from the views of others begin to slowly but surely turn from Monica Bellucci to Sophie Marceau. And no one of these metamorphoses, for some reason, except you, does not notice.


Not only will you start looking around, but you will also suspect memory gaps, which can only be unraveled by finding the culprit of your metamorphoses.

88. Erased from memory / Virgin memory (1994) 6.44

Private detective Maurice L. Pogue wakes up every morning, completely forgetting who he is. Moreover, he is investigating some very dangerous case for health.


All the details about who he is, as well as about what he has already done and must do tomorrow, he reads on a dictaphone, which he has to listen to every morning. The circumstances are such that no one should know about his memory problems, otherwise it will spill over to him.

His squint-eyed dog catches up with a special laugh at the viewer, which constantly misses the door, then past the bowl, or else he will treat something else. In general, there will be something to make fun of.

89. Inferno (2016) 6.34

Continuation of the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon, who now, in addition to the age-old puzzles and puzzles complicating his life, has also lost his memory.

And if the hero of Tom Hanks does not have time to restore memories in time and solve the next "puzzle" associated with Dante's "Divine Comedy", earthlings will have to grab a deadly virus for the very mother, don't worry.

The film has the lowest rating of the franchise. But you still need to look. Tom Hanks is worth it.

90. Malice in Wonderland (2009) 6.31

Enhanced by Jason Rothwell and delivered by Simon Fellowes, a new and improved model of L. Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.


If you are arranged instead of the White Rabbit - Mr. Whitey, instead of the Caterpillar - a couple of stubs, instead of the Hatter - a brothel with the eloquent name "Maman Hat", instead of the Hearts Lady - an underdophile and the owner of the "Worms" club, and instead of the fabulous and bright world of Carroll some slums, then - welcome to view.

We didn't get it. Parallel curves.

91. Dangerous Dreams (2010) 6.30

Philip Winchester, so beloved by us in Strike Back, played a wonderful role in this film as a person suffering from parasomnia.


An individual who wanders at night in a dream, having absolutely no memory of what he was doing in the morning, is an ideal target for a set-up. You can soak a person you dislike, and slip the murder weapon into such a “patient” by placing his prints on him.

This is exactly what happens to our hero. It remains only to find out, after all, they set him up, or he flunked his girlfriend himself. And the investigation will be very difficult.

After all, you will never guess where and when you will wake up next time, and what else you will have time to unlearn during your next "walking dream".

92. Family Tree (2011) 6.24

The plot is not new, but wrapped in such original packaging that the film looks like something completely original.


The Burnetts' family life is bursting at the seams. But an accident unexpectedly helps to save it, in which the wife and mother of the whole family managed to get into. Now Bunny, with his brain bruised and a severe case of amnesia, will look at his family and at her husband - Jack - in particular from a completely different perspective.

Or rather, from no side. She does not remember them. As well as he does not remember his affair with a black neighbor, and much more interesting.

93. Driftwood (1997) 6.24

When you have been living without normal sex for centuries, you decide not to do that.


Our heroine went for a sneaky deception. Finding a peasant with amnesia on the seashore, she wove three boxes for him that they were alone on an island far from the mainland.

Always wondering what they hope for? After all, a lie will still surface someday, like a known substance. Well, you had sex a little, fell in love. What's next?

And then make sure that you don't put a knife under your rib for your nonsense. Well, or something like that.

94. Overboard (2018) 6.23

A rehash of the well-known comedy of the same name, which is in the second place in our list of films about amnesia or loss of memory.

At this point, the man turns out to be a capricious bitch who fell overboard of his luxurious yacht, and the woman turns out to be a simple pizza delivery man, whom he is superbly naughty.

We think, in short, the consequences are clear. A woman takes a man who has lost his memory from the clinic, passing him off as her husband. The details are in the film.

95. Perfect friend (2005) 6.22

This is how it happens - you lie in a coma, lie down, and when you wake up you suddenly find that your wife is now the wife of another person, and you are left with only one mistress. Most importantly, you don’t understand when all this “migration” happened?


But the main character is not afraid of detective investigations refreshing the memory and rushes into their pool headlong.

If only then to emerge ...

96. Where is my car, dude? (2000) 6.21

A comedy with the relatively young Ashton Kucher, who loves to play with the past in The Butterfly Effect, and with American-pie Sean William Scott, partner of Dwayne Johnson's Rock from Amazon Treasures.


Two green idiots were so "cleaned up" last night that they absolutely cannot remember what happened to them. Where they started, they seem to remember, but then everything is not something that would be "as in a fog", but as in a "black hole". Complete failure of consciousness.

But the wheelbarrow left somewhere in the twists and turns of yesterday's pastime must be sought. Moreover, it is not so much the car itself that is important, but what is in it. Well, their detective investigation promises to be very, very interesting.

97. Ultra American (2015) 6.19

Mike lived his unremarkable stinging life with his unremarkable stinging friend Phoebe, he lived until he was dragged into the super-spy mess of the state and even international level.


And then the skills of the "sleeping CIA agent" woke up in him. It turns out that he is a tough commando, a jack of all trades spy with special training at the highest level.

That kicked in! Cool grass! Or is it all for real ?!

98. Santa Claus Vacation (2000) 6.18

This time the cuckoo was kicked off by Santa Claus himself, that is, Santa Claus, whose role, by the way, was played by Leslie Nielsen himself in the film.


An unfastened (as usual) old man fell out of his sleigh, and kissed the hood of a car passing from below, he completely lost his memory.

Well? Is it time for our Santa to take sick leave and live the life of an ordinary old man?

But who will deliver gifts to children for him?

99. Open grave (2013) 6.09

The story is somewhat akin to "5 unknowns." Here, too, people at the same time come to their senses with amnesia, do not indulge in the most and cannot remember their role in this whole "pit of corpses" - in the literal sense of the word.

Later it turns out that not all corpses are in the pit. One by one, other heroes begin to come to their senses. By all accounts, the killer is right among them. But which one of them is this killer that heaped such a mountain of corpses? Anyone can be. As well as anyone can be his victim. Moreover, the danger may threaten him right at this moment.

After all, memory can return to a maniac as suddenly as it disappeared.

What if you are the killer?

100. Time bomb (1990) 6.07

Completing our top best movies about memory loss is the fantastic action movie Avi Nesher, in which John Connor's dad, Michael Bean, starred.


Worse than government conspiracies - only the conspiracies of the special services and the military. It was in such a conspiracy that Eddie Kay, the hero of Michael Bean, was drawn. Once he had dealings with warriors, and, on a campaign, learned a lot that he shouldn't have. And where can you explain to the specialists chasing him that you do not remember anything, because your memory has lost its memory. They don't care. It has been said - to remove, it means - to remove.

And what would have happened to him, if not for the help of a good and kind doctor-psychiatrist ...


For those who lacked a hundred, here's a bonus addition from 10 more films that follow in the KinoPoisk rating and are left out of our top films about memory loss:

  • Out of Memory (2002) 6.01
  • Trap for Cinderella (2013) 5.97
  • Happy birthday! (2018) 5.83
  • Eclipse / Return (2015) 5.75
  • Crash / Victim (2010) 5.72
  • Blackouts (2012) 5.69
  • The Secret of the Dungeon (2007) 5.56
  • Nicknamed "The Cleaner" (2006) 5.56
  • Stone head (2008) 5.46
  • Stories of the South (2006) 5.44

That's all. See you later in the new and, we dare to assure you, no less interesting tops, but for now - all the best to you and, more cool films and TV series!

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