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New films and series. Movie poster from 22 to 28 August


No special blockbusters are expected this week, and therefore there will be more than enough premieres. Moreover, and domestic, oddly enough, too. Our filmmakers have decided to release as many as three new films to the big screens, and one of them, by the way, threatens to make the central Hollywood action movie this week a serious competition.

New movies

On posters of cinemas you can still find here and there "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" and the second part of "Angry Birds". But the passions around them have already subsided, and therefore the distributor of MEGOGO Distribution seriously set out to knock out a huge mountain of dough from domestic moviegoers with the help of an action movie with Gerard Butler in the title role.

But that was not the case. Twentieth Century Fox dumped her USA project Abigail on the screens of USA cinemas, and it is not yet clear which of these two heavyweights will pull the blanket over to their side.

But let's be consistent and start, as usual, with Hollywood premieres.

Angel Fall (USA)

The time has passed when it was impossible to take your eyes off the films with Gerard Butler. Nowadays he appears more and more in third-rate films like "Hunter-Killer", which very few people master until the end.

We hope that the next project, shot by Rick Roman Waugh under the wing of a little-known company Campbell Grobman Films, will come out more worthy. After all, crookedly, but the same "Killer's Bodyguard" came out.

Although, reading the plot, you already begin to understand that the action movie will be so-so, that is, naive and predictable. Hero Butler - Mike Banning - for a long time "works" as the chief bodyguard of the US President. And when an attempt is made on the president's life, the attackers arrange everything in such a way that all the threads lead to him, our glorious secret service agent.

And, of course, the brave steel Mike, having dumped from the hands of the police and FBI agents, will pose as a detective and find those who set him up. And he certainly piles on them all. This is, in fact, the whole film in brief.

Who cares about the details - let's go to the cinema. For us, personally, a "short retelling" was enough.

Light of my life (USA)

The second Hollywood film is the drama of Casey Affleck with him in the title role. This is the second directorial project of Ben Aflek's younger brother, but unlike the first, it doesn't smell like comedy or music.


This will be a purely dramatic story about survival in a world that has been mowed down by an epidemic of an incurable disease for ten years. The father is forced to hide from the eyes of the surviving population, since almost all the survivors turn out to be scumbags, eager to get his daughter, whom he managed to successfully pass off as a boy for a long time.

Something remotely reminiscent of the film "The Road" with Vigo Mortensen. Check out the differences.

Song of the Devil (UK, Ireland) CP 6.1

It is not clear what prompted the dealers from "Kinologistika" to roll a rotten tape three years ago in USA, the world premiere of which took place more than 3 years ago. Probably the cheapness of the painting, as usual.


One way or another, the tale in it will go about the rite, with the help of which one irrepressible mother wants to contact her deceased son. Such things never ended well. What will accompany this attempt - you can look at torrents for three years already.

That is why few people will go to cinemas for a movie. Although, the Irish horror movie came out quite well.

Trap (USA) KP 6.5

Florida is always unlucky about hurricanes. And this time is no exception. The surroundings were "covered" so that the next day the district will simply not be recognized. And our main character had to get stuck in this mess.


Why - "get stuck"? Yes, because, having ignored all the warnings about the evacuation, she stayed here in order to find her untimely lost father. Later, when she finally found him (he was trapped in the basement of the house), the hurricane was raging with might and main and there was no need to think about any evacuation.

But still, I had to think about salvation not only from the weather elements, but also from the enraged crocodile, which, along with the waters of the ocean, was brought to these places.

By the way, it's strange that in this mess the poor "under-alligator" didn't get scared to hell himself.

Baby Zombie (France) IMDb 6.20

As a result of the "zombification" rite, the grandfather of one of the girls survived, which created difficulties not only for himself, but also for his granddaughter.


And, as it turned out later, not only for the granddaughter, but also for her friends.

In her eagerness to quickly join a new team, a newcomer from one of the prestigious Parisian educational institutions touches on the forbidden theme of Voodoo, as a result of which not very pleasant consequences await others.

Divine Love IMDb 6.60

It turns out that in the near future, special groups will be created to bring people closer to each other. Yes, everything goes to this, because ordinary people even now hardly stick their nose out of smartphones.


But, the "group" is not the "group". Where does the line that separates "normal" life from "not very normal" end? And which one is more "normal"?

The main heroine of the film just got entangled in two such "groups". During the day she is a true believer, and at night she is no less a true lover of a quick “get to know”.

And where is love here? Moreover - "divine"?

Being Harvey Weinstein IMDb 7.00

Let's finish our review of foreign films with a documentary from Ursula Macfarlane, who decided to rise on the wave of the scandal over Harvey Wanstein.


The tape in all its colors will tell about how Harvey oppressed, harassed and simply did not give the passage to poor women who wanted to appear in his films.

All this "theater of the absurd" with whining and idiotic memories is even sickening to watch. The girls didn't know what was in store for them in Hollywood.

In this area, "fare" has always flourished. And it is very significant that the storm around Wanstein has risen precisely in our time of "progressive tolerance." Watching is disgusting. Women pose as naive, stuffed fools. They could always refuse such a "fare" for a famous film by a famous director. At that time, for some reason, no one was against such a "casting".

But at the dawn of your career, when the money runs out, and no one wants to invite you to new roles, you can raise the dough and inflate an innocent victim out of yourself, telling the whole world about the humiliations you endured at the dawn of your career.

And, what a dough! "Bubla" - with a capital letter!

Abigail (USA)

Let's start the list of domestic films with the most anticipated summer adventure film, shot by the KD Studios film company and personally by Alexander Boguslavsky, in the style of expensive steampunk.

The main character, a girl whose name is Abigail, has lived all her life with her father in a strange city, outside of which it is impossible to get. Or at least that's what they say. Why? Yes, because beyond its border, supposedly, there is a world completely destroyed by an epidemic that once swept across the Earth.

Some get sick to this day. And somehow her father's turn came to "get sick". The people who showed up took him out of nowhere, leaving the girl to wonder where, in fact, they were taking people who were recognized as "infectious".

She starts to dig, and then the girl opens up the whole truth about, as it turned out, the magical world in which she lives ...

Difficulties of Survival (USA)

Let's move on to more budgetary domestic films, one of which is a cheap comedy by a novice director Eugene Torres.


In pursuit of a sensation, the main character - a young journalist Nina - with a film crew goes to a desert island in order to interview and shoot material about the reclusive life of one of the strange millionaires who prefers to live far from civilization.

But then a storm flies in, and Nina finds herself on the island alone with this millionaire. The rest who sailed with her on the launch were blown away by the wind.

But Nina does not bother about this. Is it up to her what happened to the others when the former reclusive millionaire appears before her in all its glory?

Is it just him? Or is it some kind of bloke who just pretends to be him?

Bull (USA)

The hard life of the dashing nineties, as it turned out, is not yet 100% sucked. The next drama from the "post-perestroika period" is next.


Anton Bykov, nicknamed, as you might guess, "Bull", trades in what he gets, just to feed the family. No money, unemployment, gangs, "arrows" and all that. After another such "arrow" Bull goes to jail, from where he is rescued by one of the local authorities, with whom he also met there.

Only for everything, as they say, you have to pay. But the authority did not demand money for his release. The bull only needs to do one little handrail.

Which, as it turns out, could cause big problems.

UglyDolls. Dolls with character (China, USA, Canada) IMDb 4.70

As many as three countries worked on the creation of this animated masterpiece. But these works, judging by the IMDb rating, were not appreciated abroad.


In Agleyville, everything is done through one place. And it is inhabited by dolls, which are also concocted by some kind of curved, blind-spoken imperfection. But they all consider themselves, just the same, normal. And if something symmetrical, beautiful and even catches your eye, it’s just the same is abnormal.

And who would have thought that outside of Aglyville there is a whole abnormal world full of symmetries, evenness and beauty?

Whether or not to lead the children to this cartoon is up to you. Although, there is no alternative.

New from TV series

The most anticipated event in the world of television series this week will, of course, be the start of the final season of the TV series Power in the City from the cable TV channel Starz. How the storm around the Ghost, his friend and foe will end is very interesting. But HBO is also on the alert. In parallel with the above, they are releasing a sequel to Football Players with Dwayne Johnson. So here, like in feature films, there is someone to pull the rope with someone.

Let's start, as always, according to the release of pictures on TV screens.

Love Notice (Netflix)

August 22, Thursday, series premiere

Another drama, only now created under the auspices of the streaming service "Netflix". As the Americans would say - "domesticated".


In this Korean "soap drama", the whole batch started with the fact that one of the companies that develop applications for smartphones creates a program capable of smelling someone who is not indifferent to you at a distance of 10 meters.

And then everyone started bothering each other, who, they say, why did anyone like it and what to do about it.

Koreans, as you know, are fond of inventions. It will be interesting to see what kind of love triangle they painted this time.

13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

Friday 23rd Season 3

After Hannah Baker's suicide, a young boy named Clay Jensen finds on his doorstep a box of audio recordings that she made shortly before opening her veins.

He begins to listen and is surprised to learn that he turned out to be one of the reasons why the girl decided to give up her life.

What were the other 12 reasons? Netflix promises to chew them for at least two more seasons, including this one.

Dancing (TNT)

Saturday 24 August Season 6

This project does not need advertising.


There is a sea of opponents of this show as well as a huge number of fans. Of course, if you are a beauty who has slightly put on weight, all these "freaks" on stage will only enrage you.

But many dancers compete with a bang. And on the next Saturday they have a holiday - the beginning of a new, sixth, season!

Power / Power in the Night City (Starz)

August 25, Sunday, Season 6

The show was pretty good at first. Many people believe that he is now normal. But after the very strange "return from the afterlife" of the hero Fifty Sent, interest in him clearly diminished.

And, to be honest, the conflicting actions of the heroes began to enrage. Especially stupid women, who do not understand "for life", are constantly hiding something from each other, the main characters and the stupid kid "Ghost", who does not understand the fundamental things ...

In general, who is interested - welcome to view. The season is final, so it will probably be interesting.

Incredible though ...

On the Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

August 25, Sunday, Season 4

The series tells about the everyday problems of the large family of O'Brien, whose senior members quarreled even when.


Now, many years later, the children have matured and decided to return to their homeland in order to find reconciliation with their father and mother, as well as to get some explanations from them.

This process, as we can see, dragged on for four whole seasons.

Football / Players (HBO)

August 25, Sunday, Season 5

Former footballer and now player manager Spencer Strasmore continues to try to make millions from players whose careers are still in full swing.

Starting from the bottom, over the years Spencer has developed a considerable clientele. But at first there was a failure in his managerial career, which still prevents him from obtaining a license to work with clients. But Spencer got along pretty well without her for the time being.

A series about athletes, in which competitions are not shown at all. Here the other side of the players' life is revealed. Their family problems, as well as relationships with loved ones and managers, add up to such a fascinating whirlpool of somewhere funny, but somewhere dramatic that you can't get away from the screen.

Needless to say,HBO is a master at sculpting worthy TV shows!


August 25, Sunday, Season 5

The casual acquaintance of Noah and Allison has spanned five seasons.

A married man and a father with many children, like a naive youngster, falls for a woman he met on the beach, who recently lost a child. What is not a plot for one season. You can twist a dozen episodes out of it. But for five whole seasons ...

Honestly, though. The story looks the same with a bang.

Failure (ABC)

August 25, Sunday, Season 3

It wasn't just the local Chief Constable James Hayes who was shocked by the Pomer - Lie to Attention system malfunction. Everybody living in the area felt uncomfortable at once.


But the resurrected dead also felt uncomfortable in the grave, because what brought them back to life is worth resurrecting.

And deal with your problems completely!

Becoming a God in Central Florida (Showtime)

August 25, Sunday, series premiere

A new project from Showtime will tell the story of an enterprising woman, Crystal Jill (Kirsten Dunst), who goes to extremes after her husband's death.


Namely, she sells everything that she owned, and decides to change not only her place of residence, but also her lifestyle along with the method of earning money at the same time. After hearing about instant earnings, she invests all her money in a "scam" for the uninformed and loses everything overnight.

But if anyone else would lose heart on this, then Crystal this failure only angered and provoked. Now she will stop at nothing until she knocks everything out of this "scam".

But now well thought out and with great care!


With this we want to take our leave until next week, when our main USA premiere of August, "The Last Test", threatens to grab the entire box office. In the meantime, we wish you a great mood and more cool films and TV series!

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