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Domecano: an explosion hard not to look at


In our top of the best anime of the past season, I called the anime "Domestic Girl" or "Domekano" a "top and hot" story. Although, it should be compared to the explosion of a thermonuclear bomb in 4K, from which we cannot look away, detonating due to the fuel of conditional incest. And although the spring season is in full swing, I decided to return to this work again after reading the manga to tell about it in detail.

Another romance

The thing is, this is a damn new level of romantic anime. For example, in typical romance, we expect dozens of episodes, when the shy protagonists will go a long way of development in order to finally join hands and confess their love. And they will do it exactly at the moment when smelly, cliched fireworks breaks off us, and destroys all our expectations exactly at the moment of their recognition.

"Domekano", although not devoid of anime cliches, looks quite realistic from the first minutes of the series. The whole story begins with the fact that the main character loses his virginity. For those who hear about the series for the first time, let me remind you that our GG Natsuo is in love with his teacher; his father remarries and his fiancee's daughters are the same teacher and girl with whom he slept, and they will all live under one roof.


I have heard similar stories in my life, after which I squeezed out a lingering: "Ooooooo, nothing good could have come of it!" And here is the same case with "Domecano", only here you yourself see everything. And the best part is that the show will continue to skillfully use this concept, each time making one wonder, “how far will they go?”.

I will give an example of a set of events from the series so that you understand better than me: Natsuo flirts with two of his half-sisters at once, finds one while, so to speak, self-gratification, while she thinks about her ex, in parallel with this she rolls up to the head of the school circle, becomes rejected by one sister, begins kissing the second half-sister, and as a result he almost dares to commit suicide from the first. So, how many episodes do you think went through? One! Everything I described happened in just one episode!


And I understand how it might look from the outside. It’s like I’m imposing a trashy anime here, supposedly hiding behind his genius. Not really. Yes, it's trashy, but it reflects pretty real things. After all, if you look at the world soberly, in life we also act on the basis of our desires, completely not thinking that this may be wrong. That is why when Hina says: "Rui, do not mess with your brother, we are like a family now, this is wrong!" She, out of her love, replies: "Well, we are not really blood relatives," thereby turning the key that triggers the "conditional incest" generator that is being imposed on us to escalate the situation.

Echoes of eroticism

Despite such things that happen in this series, it is difficult to look away from him, because he just wonders what will happen next. We understand that the current situation does not and will not have a happy ending, but how exactly it happens and attracts.


This anime works due to the fact that it has echoes peculiar to hentai, where the plot exists according to some strange rules of its own, and many piquant events occur only in order to push the plot. For example, Natsuo walks down the corridor and sees that his sister's door is slightly open, what is the likelihood that he will see something frank behind her? one hundred%? 200%? Million? And yes, that's exactly what happens. And when you realize that the series works according to these rules, but at the same time is not a hentai, you constantly expect powerful saturation.

This is exactly what is happening, which is why we are constantly bombarded with spicy moments or situations that I would not even call a fan service.

More heat

After the open ending of the anime, I didn't want to wait and opened the manga to find out the sequel. And God knows, it was a worthy and no less sad continuation that literally splashed out on me.

The manga differs in that the plot is presented there a little confused, but over time everything falls into place. Surprisingly, all the characters are wildly cuddly, even if you didn't like them at first. For example, Natsuo, who might get the impression that he is an immoral goat, driven by instincts, is completely different. He sincerely values everyone who has appeared in his life, and does not want to spoil it for anyone.


All anime and manga characters are simply hostages of a strange situation, which they are trying to overcome, at times stepping over themselves. They want to find the best way to solve the problem so that everyone is happy. And this is the main thing for which I like Domecano so much. And although sometimes the desire to do everything the best way leads to a complete fiasco, we also want only one thing - happiness for the characters. But, as already mentioned, this will not happen and there will definitely be someone who will be the loser. And that's exactly what we're watching.

"Domecano" is very hard to hate, because only on the surface it looks like a perverted story, with supposedly incest, about which everyone [including me] constantly jokes. One has only to step on this thin ice and break it, as you find yourself in the world of people's struggle for their feelings, and you will watch how some of them will be left with nothing. Add a plot that borrows hentai narrative tropes and makes you say "ooooooooo" and you get great melodramatic reading, unlike other romance with hundreds of drawn-out chapters about how they want to hold hands.


Characters live their days in their usual rhythm, in which everything that happened harmoniously fits. Also, the plot in the manga continues after the heroes pump up the school. This allows you to see how the characters will relate to each other when they find themselves in a completely different adult world, in which they are so eager to get. They need to take care of work or college, and all their actions lead to consequences, and after mistakes the heroes change.

I will say that for beckoning "Domekano" has become a gorgeous melodrama in principle, not only in the framework of anime / manga, but along with literature and cinematography. She manages to combine fairly realistic characters with sometimes silly situations. For this, by the way, I love the Yakuza series. You are living a serious story about the Japanese mafia, where you suddenly stumble upon a grotesque quest about a boy band that asks you to teach them how to be cool. Therefore, do not be confused by the hackiness of what is happening, because it's worth it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman