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Insider # 10.05: about Facebook's cryptocurrency; Apple and Samsung news


This month's even insider release will highlight Facebook's intention to develop its own cryptocurrency. We will also tell you about the latest news from Apple and Samsung.

Facebook will release its cryptocurrency next year

Mark Zuckerberg's company intends to continue research in the field of cryptocurrencies. One publication recently outlined the position of Facebook's leadership on blockchain on its pages. Allegedly in a year, we will all witness the appearance of this firm's own cryptocurrency and the corresponding payment system based on it.

It should earn in several countries around the world. The codename for the cryptocurrency from Facebook is GlobalCoin. It will be presented by the beginning of this summer and will immediately begin testing within the system. Then they will start bringing in third-party users for previews.

In the first quarter of 2020, a payment system based on GlobalCoin will be launched, which will immediately start operating in 12 countries around the world. The cryptocurrency will be pegged to the dollar to protect against surges and exchange rate volatility.


It is known that the company previously held negotiations with a number of large companies to invest in this project. What happened as a result is unknown. It is also not clear in which retail chains it will be possible to pay with this currency.

Data on iPhone 11 and iOS 13

EverythingApple has posted a render detailing the iPhone 11 online. The video says the base model will feature a 5.8-inch OLED display.

More advanced models predict a 6.5-inch matrix.


The display of the device will also retain the same size cutout. Face ID functionality will be able to work at shorter distances, with increased speed and accuracy.

The back glass of new smartphones will be more matte, and the metal frame will receive less gloss. The sound will be better with the use of stereo speakers.

The main camera will receive a triple module: a standard sensor, a telephoto and a wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of 120 °. There will be no optical image stabilization, it is likely that Apple wants to use this functionality in future developments. It is also known that the LED flash will become brighter and will be able to illuminate a larger area. The camera will be equipped with Smart HDR technology, but its details are still unknown.


As for iOS 13, it will feature the dark theme that has been waiting for a long time. Also, the device will be able to predict the user's favorite applications and will accelerate their launch by preloading them into RAM.

Galaxy A70s will get a 64-megapixel camera

In early May, Samsung announced the development by its specialists of a new 64-megapixel sensor and a camera with a resolution of 40 megapixels. This is necessary to improve the photo capabilities of the latest smartphones.

Experts have suggested that testing of new products will begin in the Galaxy Note 10. However, this manufacturer has recently been testing all its innovations in another line. It has been revealed that the ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor will be installed in the Galaxy A70s.


Not so long ago, the management of a Korean company announced a change in its development strategy. Now all new items and latest technologies will be tested in devices of the middle and budget price level. This is done so that smartphones from the most popular niche are not inferior in their equipment to competitors from China, as well as to fully assess the market reaction to the innovations being introduced.


The only thing we know about the Galaxy A70s is that it will replace the already sold A70. The new smartphone will be presented by the end of this year.

Samsung develops new foldable smartphone

Sales of the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold have not yet started, they have been postponed due to design problems.

Recently, information about the development of the second generation of this device appeared on the Internet. His diagrams were also published. After examining them, the experts agreed that the new Samsung gadget will unbend outward, that is, the screen will also be outside.


The closest competitor to the Galaxy Fold is the Huawei Mate X. It is not yet known when the Koreans will start selling their product.

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