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Transferring Music from iOS to Android


Five years ago, this question could hardly be called relevant. The Android and iOS operating systems were very different in their capabilities.

And the devices running on them were in different price categories. However, today the situation has largely leveled off.

Not only the price tag for premium devices with Android OS on board caught up and even surpassed the "apple" one, but also the reliability of the devices with the "green robot" began to meet the expectations of users, for whom the problem of data migration suddenly turned out to be very acute.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the transfer of audio content previously purchased from the iTunes Music Store to Google Play Music.

Why users abandon their iPhones and pick up Android

To begin with, when the Apple iTunes Music Store came out in 2003, the songs and albums it sold were in AAC format. All compositions have received DRM protection against piracy, which does not allow playing music on other than the originally allowed hardware configuration.

Only in 2009 the bastion fell. Apple said it is no longer going to block music files using "iron" protection. It is worth noting that albums and songs that the user "uploaded" on their own, converting discs or other sources, initially did without DRM

01. Transfer using Google Play Music Manager

Google Play Music Manager

So how can the former Yabloko player, whose heart is now given to Google, get the lion's share of his audio content out of iTunes faster and more conveniently? Google Play Music Manager comes to the rescue.

This program perfectly copes with the transfer of the user's music library to Google servers, in the background "uploading" and at the same time converting files from AAC format to conventional MP3. And everything seems to be fine, but there is one caveat: purchases before 2009 will not be able to pass "border" control. In other words, that same DRM still actively protects content today.

Download on Google Play

However, Google Play Music is just one of the widespread and high-quality examples of solving the problem of transferring and synchronizing the iTunes music library. In the Google Play store, the new Android user will be able to find other interesting applications created by third-party developers to solve this problem.

02. Transfer with doubleTwist


So, for example, according to user reviews, doubleTwist works well.

Tired of using multiple apps for what your iPod can do alone out of the box?

Download on Google Play

03. Just download Apple Music for Android

Apple Music for Android

Apple also does not stand aside. Using the Android version of the Apple Music app, she generously helps her lost “flock” to reconnect with her favorite music.

Download on Google Play

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