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The sports bracelet market has lost ground over the past few years. This is partly due to the rapid development of technologies on which the functionality of most of these gadgets is based. Fitbit, one of the few companies producing such products, recently introduced its new product - the Charge 3 bracelet.

Key Features

The novelty has dimensions of 38 ? 18.3 ? 11.8 mm, its weight is 29 g. In the process of manufacturing the case, aerospace aluminum is used, a display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the screen has an area of 696 mm2.

The use of a lithium-polymer battery increased the device's battery life up to 7 days.

Installation of an optical heart rate meter, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, SpO2, vibration motor has significantly improved the functionality of the device. Using the NFC capabilities (in the Special edition version) of Bluetooth, WiFi it performs many tasks. These are: measuring the number of steps and the distance traveled; the number of calories burned; sleep level; Heart rate; VO2max and some others up to tracking women's health.

The range of colors used in the production of Charge 3 is not limited, you can order any color.

Charge 3 Fitbit

Appearance and protection

The company's designers did a good job, the device received solid external data. Its comfortable position on the user's hand is due to the reduction in thickness and weight of the device, the use of more modern materials.

Fitbit Charge 3 has just one touch button located on the left side of the case. She participates in unlocking it and is used when returning to the main screen.

Another innovation is the use of a new lock to secure the strap to the case. Previously, this was done by a metal clip, now everything has been simplified by installing a miniature lock with a button.

Charge 3 Fitbit

The straps are of decent quality, they are pleasant to the touch and do not chafe.

The device has a black-and-white screen, but this does not prevent it from perfectly coping with its duties. All information is displayed clearly, its operation does not depend on the degree of illumination, all indications are clearly visible. Plus the bracelet is waterproof.


The fitness bracelet is equipped with an alert function about the presence of all notifications that come to the user's smartphone. Among others, there are programs that notify you of the weather forecast and inform you about the Fitbit leaderboard.

There are a number of fitness tracking features including swimming, jogging, walking, strength training, cycling.

The main disadvantage of the device is the lack of GPS, the developers did not consider it necessary to provide users with the ability to provide knowledge about their location.

Embedded application from the manufacturer

This fitness tracker is equipped with a mobile app from Fitbit. It allows you to get acquainted with many types of information, data: health status, sports success, best performance.

Charge 3 Fitbit

The main tabs - Dashboard, Account, Challenges, Guidance / Notifications and Friends are located on the main screen.

All device parameters have the form of a circular indicator, which is filled in as it approaches the planned indicator. More detailed statistics can be accessed by clicking on any of these options.

At the top right of the screen there is an "Account", which provides the ability to access other settings of the bracelet. This can be alarm settings, setting your own interface design, adding a parameter, etc.

Other information

The Charge 3 has a battery that can power it for 3 to 7 days. During trial use, one of the company's customers said that one charge was enough for him for six days, that is, it is enough to recharge the bracelet once a week. There is a proprietary charger for this.

However, the version of use for charging an adapter with a micro-USB or USB-C connector looks preferable. This allows you to not depend on the factory memory.

Some potential buyers will have a question about the optimal time to charge the Charge 3. It is almost impossible during the day, but at night someone will want to use the sleep tracking function.

The device is priced between $ 150 and $ 170. It is not very expensive for people who want to play sports and take care of their health.

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