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6 Essential Technologies of 2017


There have been many major developments in technology in 2017. The political, economic and social spheres of our life were influenced by them. One way or another, all these innovations will find their continuation next year, moving the world to great changes.

It is worth looking back a little, and a clear picture of the direction in which technological development will move in the very near future will emerge. So, what technologies became iconic for 2017?

Voice control


The Alexa voice assistant does a lot of daily activities: control home appliances, search the Internet, order services. The development of Amazon Echo has received tremendous support from programmers around the world. This means that today's achievements are far from the limit.

Smart devices are already able to control a house in the absence of owners: optimize energy consumption, control lighting, speaker volume, monitor time and changes in temperature. As home helpers become smarter, their capabilities grow and their integration into our lives deepens.

Apple and iPhone X


A review of the technologies of the outgoing year would not be complete without mentioning Apple. In June, headlines were full of reports of the Homepod smart speaker and upcoming software updates, and in September Apple unveiled the iPhone X . The smartphone has become the absolute leader in mobile technology. Face ID and enhanced augmented reality are now available for everyday use with the iPhone X.

Artificial Intelligence


AI is one of the hottest topics of 2017. It has inspired numerous startups and developments. The level that machine learning has reached today shows that the capabilities of AI are much greater than previously thought. Retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing are just a few of the areas that AI has the potential to transform beyond recognition. A start has already been made: Microsoft's IBM Watson cognitive system is working in a number of US hospitals alongside diagnostic doctors. With 90% accuracy, the computer diagnoses, predicts further development of symptoms and adjusts treatment.

The machine is able to take into account absolutely all the features of the patient's body that may be overlooked or not fully investigated by a real doctor. Human-computer cooperation is one of the clearest prospects for the near future.

Augmented reality


Augmented reality has proven its edge in education and marketing, and open source software licenses for developing AR applications have given enthusiasts around the world a chance to contribute to the development of this technology. The AR format is not only about games and entertainment. It is a tool for learning about the real world, a unique bridge between the digital and the physical.

Smart city


Advances in areas such as AI, cloud services and the Internet of Things bring us step by step closer to the emergence of smart cities. The urban infrastructure of the future means economical resource use, efficient traffic management and 24/7 access to accurate statistics. A smart city will provide residents with a healthy, safe and enjoyable life.

Of course, the implementation of such a project will require a lot of time and financial investments, nevertheless, changes are already underway. The main task is to develop high-quality telecommunications based on the 5G standard, which is a basic necessity for the implementation of smart technologies at the municipal level.



At the end of 2017, the cost of bitcoin exceeded 1 million rubles (more than $ 18 thousand ). More and more shops and institutions agree to accept payments in BTC, LTC, ETH and other ICOs.

Digital money is at the government level. There are still enough of those in the world who are skeptical (and sometimes aggressive) about the promotion of cryptocurrency to the masses, but the fact remains: the world of the future requires new monetary forms. 2017 showed us that big changes are coming in the financial sector, and these signs can no longer be ignored.

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