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Fallout Universe: Pre-War History


As soon as one say "War", millions will answer: "Never changes." But what happened before the war? We all know at least briefly what the post-apocalyptic history of the Fallout world was, so today we decided to talk about the pre-war history of the Fallout series. The precedents that ultimately led to the Great War of 2077.

Last month, Connor Rawlings, who loves two things - Fallout and long lists, combined his two passions and compiled the most detailed timeline of the entire universe. Building on it and the Fallout Bible, we'll break down the pre-war history of this franchise.

We will go here, and you there, ok?

The history of the Fallout world is directly related to our present, only it went at one moment along a different path of development. For example, it was stuck in an era of tension created by World War II.

In 1945, on July 16, humanity detonated for the first time a nuclear bomb called Trinity at the New Mexico test site. A month later, the United States dropped two warheads on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


After the war in the Fallout world, the nuclear industry continued to develop in order to use its energy in all spheres of life. In our world, we were horrified to see the power of nuclear weapons, and began to develop electronics.

In the alternative history of Fallout, everything went according to the classics of retro futurism with the use of mini atomic reactors, strange robots, and vacuum tubes and nuclear physics became the cornerstone of development. For the same reason, the transistor was never invented in 1948, which gave us the start of the era of semiconductor devices. It is this little invention that gives us the opportunity to enjoy the technological fruits of our time, while everyone in the Fallout world hunched over bulky monochrome monitors. We should accept this fact about the transistor as a game convention, and not think about it.


However, you shouldn't assume that computers of that era were inferior for this reason. After all, humans have created the powerful AI that we'll see in Part 3.

In 1969, America broke into 13 commonwealths, as a result of which the national flag was changed, and 50 stars were reduced to 13. In the same year, America, as in our world, conquered the moon by landing on it. This is not reliable [no exact dates], but it was then that the first prerequisites for the creation of the Enclave appeared - a government organization that is preparing for war.


In 2002, Vault-Tec first appeared, which performed various contracts for the American government. Soon, she will receive a task to build a network of underground shelters. In the same year, it had a subsidiary Vest-Tec, which was engaged in the development of weapons and armor.


Pop culture of the 21st century

In 2021, the comic strip "Grognak the Barbarian", which we will later meet in the game, was released in print across America, as well as many other magazines like "Tesla Science" or "RobCo's Fun".


In 2037, General Atomics Intertnation launches the very first robot of the "Mr. Helper" series, which eventually came into use, and the average American could afford to buy such a robot in the house to manage.


In 2044, the most important, in my opinion, event takes place - John-Caleb Bradburton invents Nuka Cola, which immediately became the most popular drink in America, and then around the world. Realizing the potential, the company launched the production of the drink simply on a planetary scale. In parallel with this, a lot of thematic merchandise was created. As a result, there were hundreds of vending machines with this drink in every city in the country. A little later, the company expanded its production and began to produce not only other types of cola, but also its alcoholic versions.


A growing conflict

In 2050, the Skynet computer program is being developed for the Sierra Madre military base. A year later, in 2051, America accuses Mexico of undermining US economic stability and imposing sanctions on it. This is done only to protect their business interests related to oil supplies.

By this time, a resource crisis begins in the world, as the supply of black gold is being cut out. Scientists are intensively developing the introduction of atomic energy in all spheres of life. But already in April 2052, a war for resources begins, after which a month later the UN is disbanded as unnecessary.

In the next few years, the use of nuclear weapons continues. So, in 2053, terrorists blew up Tel Aviv. In the same year, a new disease appears, which takes thousands of lives. USA closes its borders. In 2054, the Middle East exchanged nuclear strikes a couple of times. After that, Vault-Tek begins construction of underground shelters to protect the population in the event of a nuclear attack.


Here is a lyrical digression. In fact, the already formed Enclave, anticipating the war, begins to think about the fact that perhaps humanity will have to fly off the planet and look for life beyond its aisles. This means possible centuries-old wanderings in space. To prepare, they plan to conduct a series of experiments to study human behavior in an isolated space for a long time. For this reason, they begin to build shelters, which serve as platforms for creating different situations in order to check how people and their psyche will behave in them. It is worth mentioning that some shelters, like the 13th, were control and were not experimented with.

In 2055, West Tek begins to develop a virus that must destroy a new disease. After that, the company was involved in the development of the latest laser weapons and power armor.

In 2059, America is preparing to defend its oil resources by building up its military power in Alaska and creating the Anchorage Front, which worsens relations with Canada.


2060 The war between Europe and the East for oil is over, as the resource has run out. The EU has split into a number of gnawing states. The price of oil soars to cosmic proportions and the movement of any transport stops. The production of machines at nuclear reactors begins.

The Road to the Great War

In 2063, all the shelters are built, and the country is getting ready for war. In 2065, the "Hot Summer" event takes place, when the New York nuclear reactor works at its maximum and begins to melt. In the same year, the development of the first power armor, which turns a military man into a living tank, is underway.

China also falls into an energy crisis, and invades Alaska. Canada refuses to allow US troops into its territory. However, under the onslaught, it still gives good for the entry of troops. The Americans are fighting back Alaska using power armor for the first time and winning without a single loss.


In 2070, machines with mini nuclear reactors are mass-produced. China is trying to use chemical weapons on the enemy. American scientists are creating a virus to protect the human body from these attacks. As a side effect, it increases stamina, responsiveness, muscle mass and protects against disease. He is given the name FEV - a virus of man-made evolution. All research is transferred to the Mariposa military base.


Skynet regains consciousness and becomes self-sufficient in 2075. In the same year, America completely annexes Canada, brutally suppressing attempts to resist.

And now 2077 comes, America sends its soldiers equipped with the most modern weapons and the latest models of power armor to China, where they destroy Chinese soldiers as if by Thanos. To control its own population, which is organizing food riots, in January, the government uses soldiers in power armor. A huge number of civilians are killed.


It is becoming known that the FEV virus is being experimented with abroad. Part of the government and the US president are hiding, fearing a new chemical attack from China. Shelter survival guides are beginning to be released across the country, and nearly all devices are fully nuclear powered. It would seem that the crisis is moving to an end, ahead of a new era without the use of resources.

However, it was too late. On October 23 at 9.47, the Great War began and immediately ended, during which the whole world was destroyed by nuclear bombs. Who was the first to press the launch of the warheads - America or China - is unknown, and in fact it no longer matters. The shelters are closed along with those who managed to get to them. Half of the population considered the alarm signal to be another exercise and did not even react to it. One warhead crashes directly onto the Vault-Tec headquarters, the FEV vats explode and the virus enters the open atmosphere. The Enclave does not have time to fly into space ...


So the pre-war history of Fallout ends, and a new one begins, so familiar to us. A story that was completely written on the ashes of a past civilization.

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Author: Jake Pinkman