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Everything You Need to Know About Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5, the most important game for Ubisoft in 2018, is coming soon. The French publisher is placing big bets on the project and hopes it will become the most profitable game in the Far Cry series. Well, the game has all the makings: numerous changes in the gameplay, colorful graphics, unbroken setting and co-op mode.

For you, we have collected all the known information about Far Cry 5 so that you know exactly what to expect from the potentially best shooter of 2018 without buying a pig in a poke.


The game is set in the fictional city of Hope, which is located in the state of Montana, located in the northwestern part of North America. The developers say that they have been hatching the idea of using the American setting in Far Cry 5 for a long time - just since the release of Far Cry 3. And, to be honest, we are very much in favor of such a choice!

Far Cry 5 map of Montana

Montana is one of the most picturesque corners of North America. You won't see the standard Hollywood gloss here. In Montana, time seems to have stopped and a few farmers' settlements live in harmony with nature. And the nature in these lands cannot leave you indifferent: numerous mountain peaks overgrown with trees, coniferous forests, blue lakes with crystal-clear water and endless meadows.

Many readers will surely be able to remember the film "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick and the picturesque expanses that open the cult motion picture. The film was filmed in the neighboring state of Montana - Oregon, and in Far Cry 5 you will be able to see absolutely the same beautiful landscapes.

The developers have not forgotten about the fauna in Far Cry 5, which consists of more than 20 species of animals. There will be wolves, bears, cougars and even skunks. Just don't be fooled by their tiny size, they are quite capable of gnawing at a player with minimal health.

In general, judging by the video, the artists managed to accurately convey the beauty of American nature. The technical implementation did not disappoint either. Far Cry 5 uses the Ubisoft development engine with a pleasant name for a USA-speaking person - Dunia Engine. The graphics engine supports all modern special effects and is highly optimized, thanks to which the system requirements in Far Cry 5 have not changed much since Part 4.

Far Cry 5 map graphics

Another main component of the Far Cry 5 setting is the people living in the vicinity of Hope County, whose type was copied from real people living in rural America. These are strongly religious people who are used to making a living by hard physical labor.

The plot and the main villains

According to the plot of Far Cry 5, it will be necessary to confront a religious cult called "New Eden", raise an uprising among the local residents and free the city from religious tyranny. By the way, the developers of Far Cry 5 took a very serious approach from a scenario point of view to creating a real religious cult that would be as realistic as in life. They invited a real expert in this matter, Rick Rosa, the founder of the Institute for the Study of Cults, who consulted the developers.

The religious cult led by Yosif Sid, who called himself the new prophet, believes that the world will soon comprehend the Apocalypse. They try to convert as many people as possible to their faith and seem to be guided by good intentions ... But their ways of "persuading" in Far Cry 5, namely: torture and intimidation - this is not very similar to the path of a decent Christian.

Far Cry 5 storyline

The developers raised a rather controversial topic in Far Cry 5 and at the same time with such naturalism that immediately after the announcement the developers were poured with demands to change the plot. The topic of religion in the negative and religious obscurantists have been raised earlier in Bioshock Infinite and Outlast 2, and both games have not been banned by the public in developed countries. We hope Far Cry 5 will suffer the same fate.

There will be several main villains: brothers Joseph, John and Jacob Sid, as well as half-sister Vera. You can read more about about the crazy family in our other article. The leaders of the "new Eden" have 2 things in common: unshakable belief in the rightness of their actions and exceptional cruelty - just a hellish cocktail. Obviously, these characters will be able to spoil the nerves of the player.

We should also say about the voice acting. English - as always, high quality, but even the USA dubbing of Far Cry 5 videos does not disappoint. However, Ubisoft in the previous parts of the series pleased with high-quality translation with a competent selection of actors.

Main character and friendly characters

The developers decided not to repeat the previous illogical mistakes, when a young youth dealt with thousands of professionally trained soldiers without any problems, and in Far Cry 5 they offer to play as a policeman. Here lies a small innovation for the series: you can choose the race, gender and appearance of your character. This innovation in Far Cry 5 is purely optional, since during the entire game you will hardly be able to see your character's face, but your co-op buddy will appreciate it.

Numerous and rather colorful characters will help to overthrow the sectarian regime in Far Cry 5, among which it is worth noting the black pastor Jerome Jeffries, the pilot Nick Rye with a typical American hinterland accent and the girl Mary May, who runs the local bar. All of these characters are actively involved in the plot of Far Cry 5 and will be ready to sponsor the player with new quests on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the main friendly characters, Far Cry 5 is expected to have more than 50 secondary NPCs with whom you can chat, find out the news and take a couple of tasks. We hope that all friendly characters will not stand idols, as in the previous parts of the series, but will imitate at least minimal employment.


The gameplay mechanics of Far Cry 5, in general terms, have not undergone significant changes since the third part. It's still an open-world shooter, although Hope County is much larger than previous games and has been open to exploration from the very beginning of Far Cry 5. The game's main difference is in its approach to exploring the world.

The developers have abandoned towers, so to open new markers on the map, you need to independently explore the world and communicate with the NPC. Additionally, in Far Cry 5, Ubisoft removed the minimap so that you have more motivation to wander around Montana and navigate the world of the game using road signs.

In Far Cry 5, as in previous parts, numerous roadblocks will be scattered around the game world. By clearing them, you free the characters and raise the level of the uprising in the region. You can deal with opponents using a variety of methods. You are the director of your adventure in Far Cry 5: whether you want to cut out all opponents in stealth, or act noisily using a huge arsenal of weapons and numerous vehicles. Far Cry 5 has not disappeared from the classic for the series the ability to set wild animals, for example, a bear, on enemies. Just make sure he doesn't eat you later.

Far Cry 5's fleet includes tractors, tractors, pick-ups and muscle cars - in general, a choice for every taste. If ground transport is not enough for you, then you can use planes and helicopters for travel. Here lies another addition to the familiar mechanics of Far Cry 5 - the ability to arrange duels on airplanes, like in some IL-2 Sturmovik.

Every battle in Far Cry 5 has high demands on the player and puts him to the test. Now opponents have more advanced artificial intelligence and at the same time try to overwhelm with numbers. In these unequal combat conditions, the companion system came into play. There will be nine of them in Far Cry 5, including 6 people and three animals: Boomer the dog, Cheeseburger bear and peach puma.

The developers have not forgotten about the cooperative, just keep in mind that the company's progress will only be saved by the owner of the game session. But the invited friend will be able to take with him a cool cannon, which can be found in chests scattered around the world of the game far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 game world


We should also talk about music, because to match the surroundings, the developers licensed a huge number of songs in various genres. From relaxing country music to adrenaline-filled hits of classic rock. The repertoire of radio stations will still change depending on the location of the game in which you are at the moment. Thus, each sector of the map in Far Cry 5 will have its own, special mood.

The game was composed by Dan Romer, who wrote not only instrumental compositions for the new Ubisoft shooter, but also songs with invited musicians, who will not be a sin to download to the phone and listen separately from the game.

Pre-order and add-on bonuses

Download Far Cry 5 in Steam , it is possible in three versions: regular, Deluxe Edition with a set of "Pilot" and "Hunter" consumables, as well as Gold Edition. In addition to the Deluxe Edition bonuses, the Gold Edition includes the Season Pass, which gives access to add-ons that will gradually open after the release of Far Cry 5 - March 27 .

Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition

Fans of the game should pay special attention to the Season Pass, because Ubisoft will offer three completely different additions at once. One of them will be dedicated to Vietnam, the other will take place on Mars, and the third will have to shoot hordes of zombies like in the best horror films by George Romero.

By the way, it is best to buy the Gold Edition version of Far Cry 5 on PC, because its cost is only 1630 rubles , which is significantly lower than the console version costing 5099 rubles . Here they are, the joys of life for PC players!

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