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Prelude - Smartphone Charger


Modern smartphones have many advantages. However, they have one problem. Their charging is enough for work, the time of which is limited. One of the solutions to this problem is the Prelude external battery for wireless charging of smartphones.

For several years, leading experts of the most famous brands have been working to obtain a battery for smartphones with increased capacity. A lot of financial resources and time are wasted, but there has not been a decent result, and there is still no. The resources of the most powerful smartphone, with just over 4100 mAh, are not enough to solve all the tasks assigned to it today.

Many experts believe that Prelude is a temporary solution. External batteries will be in demand for some time as assistants to smartphone devices.

Therefore, it is assumed that the device developed by the American company Bezalel will be in demand.


External battery description

The name Prelude in English means an introduction, a beginning. This is not to say that this is the beginning of the entire era of products of this type. Previously, there were already similar developments. But this model has some interesting functional nuances.

This power bank has the ability to stick to the back of your smartphone. After that, almost immediately, it starts charging.


The device looks quite decent. It has the ability to work with almost any smartphone, be it

iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S6. LG, Sony and even BlackBerry products are no exception.

This gadget has a length of 11.4 cm, its width is 6.9 cm, and a thickness of 1.7 cm. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh and a power of 15 watts.

Previously developed devices for attaching to smartphones used, as a rule, magnets. If the device had a housing made of plastic or other non-magnetic material, such fastening was not only difficult, but also impossible.

In this case, Bezalel engineers applied an original solution, which will not only securely hold the external battery on the phone case, but also will not damage it during any evolutions. These are ordinary suckers.

At first this innovation seems strange. However, it does have one enviable advantage. Using a conventional charger makes it difficult to work with a smartphone. The use of Prelude does not limit it in any way. Plus, it's wireless, which is another plus. There is no need to constantly search for an outlet.

About Bezalel

The name of this American company from Los Angeles says little about anything. However, she has been on the market for various gadgets and electronic devices since 2014. There are some successes in this field.

In January 2014, this company announced a wireless battery of the same name. The device strongly resembled an Apple TV.


It was also wireless, but could only charge an iPhone. Four LED indicators, a USB port and a power button were built into the bulky case.

The product could fully charge the iPhone three times. Its development was carried out as part of the Kickstarter crowdfunding project.

Prelude has the same fate. Until recently, the developers were not sure about the commercial prospects of their product. So they launched a Kickstarter campaign. More than $ 50,000 has been raised to date, with an initial target of $ 20,000. The project will last another three weeks. Anyone can participate and then receive the Prelude Wireless Charging Battery.

Its deliveries will begin this December.

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