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Xiaomi Smartmi: air humidifier


The air we breathe must have appropriate temperature and humidity values. Their deviation from the norm leads not only to discomfort, but also to some diseases. The market offers many devices that humidify the air in an apartment or office to the required parameters.

It is not easy to choose among the available variety. One is noisy, the other has few settings, which can lead to incorrect results. The third is generally capable of ruining furniture. Therefore, it is worth remembering about proven brands. Such, for example, as Xiaomi. His Smartmi model meets all standards and will satisfy the requirements of the most picky buyers.

Secrets of hydration

The Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2 is a traditional type of humidifier. It naturally saturates the air with water vapor. Its droplets fall on the drum of a rotating cassette mechanism and the resulting microparticles are blown out by a conventional fan.


At the same time, the air is cleared of harmful impurities and salts that may be in the flooded water. Dust, bacteria, impurities settle in a special container. It also helps to keep the furniture surface clean and in good condition. With this approach, the formation of white plaque on it, the presence of which some models of other brands sin, is excluded. This problem is especially relevant for steam or ultrasonic gadgets, as they throw everything into the environment.

Hydration, when using Xiaomi Smartmi, occurs naturally. Therefore, the humidity indicator is not able to rise above 60%. Doctors consider it to be the norm, contributing to the normal functioning of the human body and the work of household appliances. During the heating season, this parameter in most of our apartments does not exceed 40%. This can be easily verified using a special device.

It should be noted the silent operation of the device. It does not hum, but emits a small background noise of low audibility. Its sound even promotes normal sleep.

Water is poured into the evaporator tank after removing the top cover. It is allowed to pour it directly into the evaporator shaft, it will not do any harm.

The cassette drum is easy to remove and disassemble for cleaning or washing.

Traditional methods with a modern approach

This humidifier is equipped with several modern developments that make it high-tech.


The device is equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer that measure air temperature and humidity. In order for the user to be able to obtain information about these parameters, it is possible to connect the gadget to a Wi-Fi home point.

It should be noted that in order to fully control the product, the user needs to download the Mi Home application to his smartphone. Then Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2 will synchronize with it or with any other similar device, after which it will be possible not only to receive data on the climate in the house, but also to carry out remote control.

For example, to save electricity and water, you should not leave the device turned on in the apartment during the absence of residents. It can be programmed, using a timer, to turn it on 15-20 minutes before arriving at the dwelling. There are three intensity levels for this, and the fourth is needed to make adjustments in automatic mode.

The synchronization process itself is not difficult. The main thing is to set the region in the settings (it is better to choose mainland China) and set the English language. This will eliminate the occurrence of complications with the settings. The kit contains instructions in USA, so you can study everything in detail.


If the water level in the tank falls below 10%, the humidifier may turn off. If dehumidification mode is enabled, it will continue to run for 8 hours. It is during this time period that the rest of the water will be completely consumed.

The developers have made a device that combines traditional methods of humidification with modern technologies, which include the ability to synchronize it with a smartphone and select the intensity of work. It will be appropriate not only in a house or apartment, but also in an office. Its design is laconic, so it will not be difficult to harmoniously fit it into any interior.

The product does not have annoying light indications or excessive noise levels, so it can be operated around the clock.

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