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TOP 10 Free Android Games


The gaming industry on Android is actively developing: every year the creations of the developers acquire more and more high-quality graphics and advanced gameplay, sometimes not inferior even to the console and PC versions. Most of them are paid titles, but the niche of free games has not gone anywhere, and you can always find interesting novelties in this segment.

Of course, the term "free games" has now become rather conventional: such products usually contain ubiquitous micropayments. Developers often deliberately hinder or slow down game development - this is how they motivate the gamer to fork out a little. In some "free-play" projects, the user gets access only to a part of the gameplay, and if we are very interested in the game, the creators politely offer to pay for the full version.

You haven't followed the world of mobile entertainment for a long time? Check out the top ten free Android games today!

PUBG Mobile

A fast-paced online battle royale shooter on a small touchscreen? Contrary to prejudice, he works very well. However, in the case of PUBG Mobile, the authors had to make some simplifications, such as the inclusion of bots in the game or an auto-aim. However, it's still a very high quality game.

PUBG Mobile has one decisive advantage over its stationary "sister" - it's free. It is not surprising that the mobile version attracts up to 10 million users per day (!). Its popularity is so great that applications have even been created that allow you to launch the mobile Player Unknown's Battleground directly on your computer and play with the mouse.

Our list, however, is missing the second big battle royale title - the acclaimed Fortnite. The port for Android has not yet been released (only the iOS version is available), but, according to preliminary information, the premiere will take place in the coming months.

Dragon Ball Legends

Yes, this is not a mobile version of the great Dragon Ball Fighter Z, but there is nothing to complain about here either. Dragon Ball Legends is a vertical screen mode fighting game. The graphic design is decent, it is convenient to play with one hand.

The gameplay is based on fights, in which players, among other things, use cards with well-known (for fans of the series) special attacks. Of course, fans will be delighted with a whole galaxy of heroes, and just like in Dragon Ball Fighter Z, we are not limited to one fighter during a duel and can switch between several.

Although there are quite a few smartphone games created in the Dragon Ball universe, Legends is definitely the leader among them. At least it will, until someone decides to create a recreation of mobile Fighter Z.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

This is an amazingly cool toy, although from a certain level you will notice how the creators are trying to strengthen the role of micropayments. Of course, not everyone is close to the trademark humor from the heroes of South Park, but Cartman and company simply cannot help but amuse!

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a real-time strategy game in which we fight in battles between teams using different maps. Both a story campaign and a multiplayer game are available.

If you are not familiar with the cartoon yet, do not be fooled by the first impression (“oh, what a cool toy, kids will love it!”). South Park's humor is controversial and is only recommended for adults!

Injustice 2

Are you a fan of the DC Universe? Then it is worth giving a chance to a game where mobile duels between superheroes and supervillains sometimes develop into something more than just "kill time".

Injustice 2 on the mobile version more and more resembles its prototype from large platforms - we have the same game boards and familiar characters such as Batman, Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn.

Of course, the gameplay on the touch screen is very different from the computer version, but at the same time the quality and atmosphere of the game are surprisingly high. We hit, block blows and use various special maneuvers. Boredom will definitely not overtake here!

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Another weak clone of a computer hit to attract cash from players' pockets? No matter how it is! Final Fantasy XV is a true cunning. Graphic design differs significantly from the computer and console versions, since it uses comic graphics, and, in addition, we do not look at the world from a third person, but in a projection similar to isometric. Of course, changing the camera while moving brought along other changes (for example, in the battle), and the game itself became not as difficult as the "big" version. But in many other ways, the Android version repeats the original one-on-one, including videos and voice acting.

Note. In the free version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, we are only given the first chapter of the story, but it will take longer than expected.

SimCity BuildIt

Do you dream of becoming mayor one day? It is worth preparing for this now! SimCity is a game that needs no introduction, and the mobile version of Buildit is sure to give you a lot of experience.

The gameplay, of course, revolves around the creation and development of the largest and best city possible, where all systems function harmoniously in combination with each other. There is also a multiplayer mode, so chatting and trading with other rulers will become an integral part of the gameplay if you so desire.

You can join clubs and compete with other cities, sending various disasters such as tornadoes or mutated plants. And thanks to the numerous challenges and the ranking system, you won't have time to sit back!

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Another proposal from the masters from Ubisoft, which is starting to "merge" well into the mobile market. In truth, you can find fault with the fact that this is another clone of Summoners War, but the game is well "polished" and the action in the M & M universe really gives the game its characteristic flavor.

Like its famous predecessors, Elemental Guardians is a turn-based strategy game. In the game we choose a school of magic, defeat enemies, collect mythical creatures and develop them.

There are also PvP arenas here. For all Might and Magic fans, the game will be a great way to pass the time, but microtransactions are not going anywhere. So get ready to pretty much ruffle your wallets if you are a dedicated fan!

Assassin's Creed Pirates

It should be said right away that there are more "Pirates" in Assassin's Creed Pirates than Assassin's Creed itself. But if you like Black Flag, then you are unlikely to remain indifferent to this project. For all those wishing to learn about the hardships and challenges of pirate life, Ubisoft's creation offers hours of sea battles, treasure hunts, numerous adventures, and development that includes manning and building a ship. No one will be left without work !.

The graphic design of the game is quite good, the audio is also impressive, especially the sea songs performed by the team.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

This time we present the "brainchild" of EA, which has such franchises as FIFA, Star Wars and Need For Speed in its mobile portfolio. The favorites of the public - the Simpsons - have also entered this "noble company".

The owners of The Simpsons: Tapped Out will be building the famous Springfield - the city where the famous family lives. Of course, you will also meet other famous characters from this legendary animated series.

The city will have to be rebuilt due to the fact that the clumsy Homer caused (again?) an accident at the nuclear power plant and wiped Springfield off the face of the earth. Now you can restore the town and arrange it exactly the way you want!


Another entertainment for fans of fighting - and it is simply unprecedented! You have 20 playable characters at your disposal - you can pump them and learn special hits. The game offers story mode and online arena battles. Of course, it will not do without a variety of events.

The notorious micropayments can be a downside for those who like to play for free. In addition, players still complain about bugs ... However, the Bandai Namco studio definitely deserves to be given a chance to give it a chance to bring this legendary franchise to a decent look on mobile phones!

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