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User-identified iPhone X weaknesses


Not so long ago, a new product from Apple, a mobile device iPhone X, appeared on sale. The device did not have time to gain a foothold in the computer market, as the owners have already left a lot of negative reviews about it, who had a chance to use it.

01. Problem display

Green stripes on iPhone X
Photo Green Stripes on iPhone X

A display on which, after some time using the device, a vertical green strip appeared, already called the "green line of death".

One of the device users has a damaged device changed in the Apple Store, but they were not told whether they found out the cause of the problem or not.

As it turned out later, the iPhone display of this model is prone to fading, and its creators knew about it. The company's engineers have come up with a special instruction, which contains recommendations and tips for use and which is included with the product.

It turned out that this expensive device is quite sensitive to temperature changes. The touch screen simply does not work when pressed if the ambient temperature drops to zero degrees or below. The developers claim that this issue will be resolved after updating the operating system.

02. Face ID

iPhone X Face ID Issues
Photo iPhone X Face ID Issues

The Face ID authentication system, which was one of the main "chips" of the iPhone X, and later turned into its weak side, also failed. It became a problem for the company to manufacture the TrueDepth camera sensor used by the system.

Apple has warned that Face ID will not be able to distinguish between identical twins, but the rest of the users were guaranteed one hundred percent accuracy. Videos have already appeared on the Internet showing how the iPhone is being deceived by the relatives of its owner, whose appearance is very similar.

03. Problems when trying to activate iPhone X

iPhone X activation error
Photo iPhone X activation error

There were also problems when trying to activate the iPhone X, a message appeared that activation could not be performed due to a temporary lack of access to the server. Although it is not known exactly what caused this, the device itself or the mobile operators.

04. Strange shaking noise

Strange shaking sound
Photo Strange shaking sound

The owners also complained about the noise when the mobile device was shaken. The sounds are supposed to come from the dual camera system on the back of the phone. In addition, some users do not like its location, but you can get used to it over time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman