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Sword of the Four Kings, a true antagonist, bear set - What was cut from the first Dark Souls?


We can replay Dark Souls over and over again and it's understandable why - the game is a modern legend that gave birth to the trend for souls-like games. But, like any game in Dark Souls, there is cut content that avid fans find while avidly dismembering the game's code. Today we decided to do some sort of inventory of Dark Souls cut content by digging around the net.


Let's start with weapons. In the first part of Dark Souls, there is already enough of it, and we did not experience any deficit. Besides, who even needs clubs or small daggers that have been carved? I don’t think we will regret them. Another thing is a couple of the following killing tools:

Sword of the Four Kings - this is a weapon you may have seen in the boss of the Four Kings. Even in comparison with the other presented arsenal, it looks quite interesting. And although fans found it in the game files, it remains unknown how we would have received it. This weapon cannot be created from the soul of the boss of the same name, as we have to use it in the sacred thicket. Most likely, we would receive it as a gift after the victory. Presumably, only Ingward, who is the keeper of the seal in the Ruins of New Londo, could have betrayed him. It was he who held back all the power of this boss.


Chester's Black Greatsword - This weapon is part of the cut-out content of the Dark Souls DLC. Having included analytical thinking, it is not difficult to guess that this weapon belongs to Chester. The code does not describe how to get it. Perhaps we had to complete a quest for Chester and the sword would be our reward, or we could simply remove it from the owner's body. In the game itself, it is present only as a decoration in the Garden of Dark Stones, where it is stuck in the ground near the grave of Artorias. He is also on concept art in the hands of Shiva from the East.



Cut out from the game and some interesting sets:

Set of the Undead King - The Undead King Jar'il himself is a cut-out boss, the commander-in-chief of an army of dark spirits, who presumably met in the Ruins of New Londo. As a result, he was replaced by the Four Kings. This boss is notable for his two-handed curved sword, which is not listed as cut content, and also for his black gauntlet. With her help, he could steal our souls. After defeating him, we could buy his set from Domhnall of Xena.


Bear Set - externally looks like armor made from the skin of a killed bear. We never found out where to find it, but the set was featured in concept art.



Of the most famous items that did not make it into the game, the Black Eye, associated with the quest about two bells, can be distinguished. The Black Eye is an orb that helps to invade the Guardian Assassin's world. After we ring the second Bell of Awakening, Lautrec of Karim will kill Anastasia, from whose body we could take the eye. It could be applied right in front of the Hall with Ornstein and Smaug. After, we invade Lautrec's world, kill him and take the soul of Anastasia for ourselves.


One of the Miracle spells called "Escape from death" was missing. After the application, the player is surrounded by a golden aura that will save you from losing souls and humanity if you die or be cursed, but the aura itself will disappear. In the future, an analogue of this spell was added to the second and third parts of the series.

Characters and Creatures

We've already mentioned the Undead King Jar'il , and it's time to talk about other creatures that were cut from Dark Souls.

The Original Witch Beatrice - Catalyst wizards were trained in the Dragon School, but Beatrice was an exception. She wanted to challenge the Abyss, but fell at the hands of the Four Kings. It can be summoned during the battle with the Moon Butterfly boss or in the battle with the Four Kings. She looks like a grown woman, but initially her model looked like a little girl. They decided to replace her image, since the game could have problems associated with showing the death of a child in the game.


Bed of Chaos is essentially the weakest boss in the game. This is due to the fact that defeating him is like solving a puzzle. According to the original plans, the battle with this boss was supposed to be like a classic battle. The boss had more attack animations, wings, and tentacles with which to move around the walls.


Has undergone changes and The Wonderful Chester is a merchant in Olachil in the Royal Forest. It seems that the developers simply could not decide on its design, so they changed it in the final version of the game. By the way, he is the one who wields that two-handed sword.



And let's move on to the most delicious. Much that the developers wanted to insert, but ultimately cut out, concerned the motivation of some characters or their storylines.

For example, one of the first characters in the game is Oscar of Astora . It is he who gives us estus and the key with which we can escape from the undead shelter. According to the cut dialogue in Dark Souls, he was supposed to survive the events at the Shelter for the Undead and meet the player after he rings the Bell of Awakening. After that, Oscar turned into the main antagonist of the game, with whom we would fight at the end.


The true face of Shiva . In the first part of the game, Shiva, associated with the Forest Hunters, does nothing wrong, however, several NPCs ask you not to trust him. This is due to the cut out quest.


Shiva would ask you to bring him the Blade of Chaos, and then he would kill him despicably. With the help of the Black Eye, we could invade Shiva's world and make him pay for his deeds and take the blade.

Half-Blood Priscilla also originally had a different role in the game. She, like the Emerald Herald in Dark Souls 2, was supposed to enable the player to improve his characteristics.

This concludes our listing of Dark Souls cut content and hopefully we haven't forgotten anything important.

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