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Things to Know About iOS 11


In September, Apple's iOS 11 mobile operating system was officially released, bringing a range of features and enhancements needed on both the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X smartphones, as well as the previous generation models up to the iPhone 5S. It is believed that the new version of iOS is more intended for tablets and is generally not a big step forward.

Despite this, there are many innovations of varying degrees of importance that you need to be aware of in everyday work with a mobile device.

New Control Center UI

The first major change in iOS 11 is the redesigned Control Center interface. Now it is made in the style of a bubble and takes up the entire screen of the smartphone when you gesture from the bottom up. The icons have become smaller in size, which, taking into account the increase in space, gives quick access to more settings. You can open Settings > Control Center and change its appearance or swap items. 3D Touch is also supported, so you can access advanced settings on iPhone 6 and up.

Combining lock screen and action center

Another major UI change is the merging of the lock screen and action center. A downward swipe opens the lock screen, which now shows unread notifications, while an upward swipe reveals old notifications. There is no longer a grouping of notifications by different applications, they all go in chronological order.

File Manager

In iOS 11, Apple added something that every smartphone should have, namely a file manager. It may look simple, but it lets you view all your documents, folders, photos and more in one place, just like on a computer.

The latest system update makes it possible to edit live photos, you can crop them and show only part of the original image. They can automatically play in reverse, or you can make them appear over and over again if you want to create a GIF animation and share it with others.

Blur the background in photos

Another feature aimed at photography, portrait mode, hasn't been forgotten either. A feature that allows you to blur the background of an image, got OIS and HDR on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The same functionality is available on the front cameras of these smartphones.

New features in macOS

The iPhone remains the center of Apple's mobile world, but iOS 11 brings important updates to the iPad. The new dock resembles the dock in macOS, it can now contain 13 icons. With a swipe up, you can open it on any screen, which gives quick access to various options outside the home screen. There is a recent apps section that resembles a computer desktop and increases efficiency when multitasking.

Computers also resemble Drag and Drop . If multiple applications are running at the same time, you can drag and drop objects such as photos or text between them to be copied and pasted. It would seem that this is a trifle, but thanks to such trifles, the iPad becomes a more complete replacement for laptops.

Needless to say, there are many more changes in iOS 11 than those mentioned in this article, although in this case the most important ones were named. It remains to wish that the flexibility of the system settings was no worse than on Android.

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Author: Jake Pinkman