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The best TV series of August 2020


Since the holiday season is in full swing, and most viewers who are not worried about the problems of coronavirus, self-isolation and quarantines, to put it mildly, "not up to kin ", TV studios and video streamers are in no hurry to roll out new seasons of expected projects ... Therefore, the list of the best TV series of August 2020 does not particularly shine with either sonorous sequels or obviously super-hit premieres.

This month there are not enough worthwhile series, and we decided not to squander and review in one material both the most anticipated sequels and premieres at the same time. And let's start, perhaps, with the new seasons of the anticipated projects, for which the holidays have already ended.

New seasons of August 2020 TV series

We counted only four August sequels of significant projects. Not much compared to the past months, that is - that is. And first on the list is the long-awaited Danish project for fantasy fans, which in ourtop 60 best TV series about the end of the worldtakes 58th place.

Rain (Netflix) Season 3, Thursday August 6th

This is a story about a post-apocalyptic world, in which the almost complete extinction of mankind happened due to the rain, with varying success and intensity that swept over the whole Earth-mother overnight.

In the center of the plot are two teenagers, an older sister and her brother, whom, before the "worldwide apocalyptic rain", a daddy, who was aware of the impending catastrophe, placed in a bunker with provisions prepared for years ahead and equipped with life support systems.

Time is running out and the products are running out. Five years have passed, it's time to crawl out into the light of day.

But on the surface, they were immediately awaited by captivity, followed by a lot of adventures and the harsh truth about the "peculiarities of the organism" of their brother and dad, who turned out to be almost the main culprit of the apocalypse that happened.

High Seas (Netflix) Season 3, Friday August 7th

Continuation of the adventures of the sisters Karlina and Eva, who showed good skill in conducting investigative cases.

The story began with a murder committed on a cruise ship sailing from the Old World to Brazil on the threshold of World War II.

Starting to unravel this bloody affair, the sisters learn a lot about the passengers around them, about the liner and about themselves.

The Stranger (TVN) Season 2, Saturday August 15th

Next on the list of the best TV series in August is the continuation of the detective-romantic crime story, in the center of which revolves South Korean "Mr. Spock" - prosecutor Hwang Shi-mook and his assistant, police detective Han Yeo-jin.


Why "Mr. Spock"? Because the prosecutor in childhood was lucky to undergo an operation with craniotomy, after which his brains became like that of that Vulcan. He does not feel anything and behaves like a machine, guided in his actions and other deeds only by bare experience and knowledge of law, not at all distracted by feelings, since he simply does not have them.

A brave lieutenant is called to help him wake up the old sensations of life. And all would be fine, but the mold of corruption, which has overgrown local officials and the police, does not allow you to relax for a minute and work out the patient (or "with the patient") properly (or "what you should").

In places, the "insensitivity" of the prosecutor still helps. Although, in most cases, she puts the main character in mortally dangerous situations and situations, from which the ubiquitous and hopelessly in love with Shchi-moka Yo-jin helps him to get out.

Lucifer (Netflix) Season 5, Friday August 21st

We got to the most anticipated fantasy-drama series of August 2020, from which the girls are just crazy. Although, some of the stronger sex are watching it.

The series, which was closed after season 3, bought out the streaming service Netflix, and for two seasons it has been doing quite well on it. And he tells about, as the name implies, the Demon King, who descended to Earth and seriously took root here.

From the other world, gloomy demonic personalities in human packaging constantly visit him, demanding his return to his "home world". After all, after his "departure" there is a complete mess, which only he can deal with.

But, alas, he still feels good here. And there ...

Burn it all with a blue flame. Or, red. No difference. The main thing is not to touch me.

August 2020 Premieres

The premiere of new series in August will be even more than the sequels already launched. And most of this is the merit of the new streaming service Quibi, which is trying to expand its still thin "range" with new branded original projects. Let's start with one of these.

The Runaway (Quibi) Monday August 3rd

This project, I remember, was announced back in April, but was moved to a later date. These reasons are connected with the pandemic, or post-production was delayed for other reasons - not our business. The main thing is that now everything is on the ointment, and soon we will again see on the screen our beloved Kiefer Sutherland, familiar to us from the 24 Hours mega-franchise.

Here he will play the role of a meticulous detective who will be forced to chase after a fugitive from justice, of course, as in the case of "The Fugitive" Harrison Ford, suspected of a crime that he did not commit.

Chasing criminals who aren't criminals is always fun. You will have to wait for justice for 14 episodes. Not a bad start. Long-term.

Little Birds (Sky Atlantic) Tuesday August 4th

Little bird Lucy Savage is trying to figure out herself, more and more bogged down in the secular-sexual web. It seems that her life is getting better. And she seems to have a fiance - a whole English lord. And it seems like he is not hers at all, but his damn lover.

Complete social madhouse of the middleXX century.

And all this against the background of Tangier joining the independent and re-united state of Morocco, before that the former international square, which was under the control of the vultures of the Spanish, French, British, Italians, Belgians and Portuguese.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (CBS All Access)

Wednesday August 5

Comedy-fantasy adventure cartoon for an adult audience from one of the creators of the animated series Rick and Morty.

Space adventures promise to be hot, funny and pretentious parodic. In short, this story is intended to lift the veil over what is happening on any warship in Starfleet, in addition to the bridge and other most important places. And the main "figurants" of the project will also be personalities on whom the camera in full-length films and main series of the franchise would not have stopped.

These are four cadets (ensigns), the first of whom is the eternal troublemaker Beckett Mariner, the second is, on the contrary, pretentiously correct Brad Boimler, the third is Tandy, who is in love with the Navy, and the future dunno Rutherford engineer.

Gray personalities on the lower decks. It is with their help that victories are forged. Let's watch with interest how this "forge" works from the inside.

The Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (Netflix)

Friday 7 August

The third and final part of the fantasy-adventure cartoon saga about the Californian town of Arcadia Oaks, and about some of the people who inhabit it.


The trilogy was invented by Guillermo del Toro himself, the moneybags from the DreamWorks Animation studio acted as producers, and the previous two parts were released on the Netflix streaming platform. The third one will be posted there.

Around what and who the plot will spin this time, they don't say yet. Well, okay. The hour is not even, the premiere may still be postponed. Indeed, the site has not even seen a trailer yet.

The Mapleworth (Quibi) Murders

Monday August 10

Another original August TV series from novice streamer Quibi. In the west, it is always like this - the smaller the town, the more, for some reason, there are intricate murders.


New Woodstream is no exception. There is also a Miss Marple. True, she is slightly younger than the heroine of Agatha Christie and somewhat stout. But the series is comedic, which means everything is as it should be. Vital and tasteful.

There is a murder, and there will be a first-class investigation. True, "first-class" second grade and with a touch of banter. But if you decide to cheer yourself up, that's what you need.

Ted Lasso (ApleTV +)

Friday August 14

Another comedy project. Only now from Aple and, as promised, super funny. One that makes you laugh.

There are, it turns out, in American educational institutions not only regular football teams, but also "supernumerary" ones. And they, oddly enough, also have their own "regular" trainers.

Ted Lasso is one of those. But somehow he was incredibly lucky. He got the chance to train one of the main teams in the English Premier League.

And how it came to such a terrible lawlessness, we will soon find out.

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

August 16, Sunday

If you believe the accompanying information, then the next series of August 2020 from the HBO media monster will be based on the works of Loughcraft and can be ranked as horror films, and science fiction, and fantasy, and thrillers, and dramas, and to detectives - at the same time. Everything, as it should be, if you contacted the generally recognized master of horrors, whose creations have been heard by everyone for more than a century.

In the center of the plot is a young dark-skinned young man who, having come from the Korean War, embarks on a search for his father, who was lost somewhere in the southern states of his great homeland, the very ones where African Americans have not been tolerated since the days of slavery. p>

And considering that the action takes place at the "dawn of tolerance", we all understand how hard our hero will have on the journey.

But, as it turns out later, the Ku Klux Klan is not the worst thing that our black hero and his girlfriend will have to fear.


This concludes our list of the best TV series in August 2020. Not a lot, but let us be content with little. We are still waiting for the opening of cinemas. In the prime minister's schedule, there is such a crowd of blockbusters that just substitute the hem. But not the fact that everyone will show us. Most likely, our distributors had to give up many pictures.

But, as they say, that is, that is. It won't be boring anyway.

And who is too lazy to bother looking for something to see, we always haveselections on any topicfor you, with which you can easily and simply find a picture for the evening.

Enjoy your time and more worthwhile spectacles!

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