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Continuation of God of War will be


One of the most highly rated games of recent years, God of War, is likely to receive a sequel, and after record sales there was no doubt about it. The most important question is what will be the sequel to God of War 2018 and how it can surprise gamers. Although at the moment there was no official announcement of the new part of the God of War, but the senior artist of Santa Monica Studios Nate Stevens for the American game publication Sector shared the first details of the continuation of the exclusive for PS4. In addition, he told what moments had to be cut from the game.

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In the early years of development, God of War was supposed to have much more in common with the original trilogy. For example, Nate mentioned one big episode that the developers did not have time to finish before the game was released. In this episode, Kratos recalled the past and, as part of a flashback, had to solve a large-scale puzzle in which he moved a cage with a prisoner. Recall that such a puzzle has already been in one of the games in the God of War series.

Also from the action were excluded artifacts referring to the past "exploits" of the Spartan. For example, the boots of Hermes and Hercules 'cestus could be found in Kratos' hut. Apparently, the developers removed them because they considered them inappropriate in the new history of the God of War, where the Spartan is trying with all his might to forget his bloody past.

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Of course, the editors of Sector magazine asked about the sequel to God of War, to which Stevens gave several comments. According to him, the developers are extremely proud of how God of War turned out, but in the next part they will try to make the game even bigger, even bigger, even longer. The battle with the Outsider is still a flower; the players are in for something incredible when they meet with Thor or Odin. Stevens stressed that the developers are quite capable of making the game even better, so in the future, many pleasant surprises await Kratos fans.

Even though God of War has an impressive duration for single-player action projects, the sequel will be even longer, presumably by 10 percent.

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