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Top-100 best films about memory loss (amnesia). Part 2


Now is the time to continue our top 100 movies related to memory loss. As we remember (or we don’t remember), in our first issue we discussed the first 35 paintings on this topic. In today's article, we bring to your attention an overview of 35 films located below, up to 70 inclusive.

We remind you that our top films about amnesia are compiled based on the KinoPoisk rating indicated immediately after the title and year of the film's release.

36. Dark City (1998) 7.36

Something is wrong in this gloomy city. When was the last time the sun shone here? There seems to be no dawn here. Although, everyone behaves as they should and do not notice anything suspicious.

Only the killer, chased by the local policeman Frank Basted, began to notice these facts. And really, when was the last time he left this ill-fated city? And is there anything beyond it? Something, it's hard to believe.

It gets worse. It turns out that with a wave of some evil hand, all people at a certain time suddenly lose their memories, and the next moment they acquire completely different ones, not the ones they were before. So, a baker, overnight, can become a clerk, and a clerk - a worker at a factory.

What the hell is going on here?

37. Window opposite (2003) 7.36

According to the very heroine of the film - Giovanna, her husband Filippo is always rushing from the street any dirty trick. So this time, too, he brought home an elderly, in his mind, an old man, who, besides everything, also lost his memory.


Giovanna insists that Filippo turn him over to the police. But he is in no hurry. And Giovanna is getting more and more accustomed to the stranger. Little by little, she begins to learn different things about him, and, in particular, the fact that he was once a real pastry chef, and during the war he saved many people from the SS.

Having imbued him with trust and respect, a woman seems to experience his unhappy love affair personally.

What does the opposite window have to do with it? Behind him is the subject of her love experiences hidden from her husband's eyes. A friendly neighbor lives there. No, not Spider-Man, an ordinary guy with glasses, who is also secretly watching her and desires her very much.

38. 50 First Kisses (2004) 7.34

The heroine Drew Barrymore once got into a car accident, after which the girl thundered into the hospital for a long time with head injuries

After it turned out that she had a rare disease - loss of short-term memory. Every morning she wakes up, completely forgetting that another day has passed, and, thus, as if living in the same day. In order not to injure her psyche, her father, brother and those around her in every possible way hide from her the fact that something is wrong with her. It turns out that she is forced to unconsciously live the same day (as infilms like Groundhog Day).

But one day she meets a guy, whose role is perfectly played by Adam Sandler. They have an affair, which the girl forgets the next day. Because of what Sandler's hero, who has fallen in love with her, must meet her every day anew.

39. The world is great, and salvation awaits around the corner (2008) 7.32

In this movie, the memory of a young man who was heading with his parents to visit his grandparents living in a neighboring European country was completely knocked out of his memory.


As a result of the accident, the parents died, and the young man suffered complete amnesia. When his own grandfather arrived at the hospital, he, accordingly, did not recognize him at all. The doctors hinted that the boy's memory might not return at all.

But grandfather has his own opinion and methods of therapy on this score.

40. Key of Life (2012) 7.30

The Japanese are masters of coming up with funny stories, which, in most cases, are filmed for long anime series. But then one of these stories was given up to be torn apart by filmmakers.


The stupid kid, being a squishy, whiner, lazy and just a useless fool in life, decides to hang himself. When he fails (the rope breaks), he goes to a public bath.

The assassin returns home after a successfully completed case and sees that his hand is stained with blood in one place. And he also goes to the public bath. There he slips on a bar of soap, hits his head on the tile floor and goes into a long-term pass out.

The stupid kid in this place turned out to be even more cunning. He changes his number from the locker to the number of a man who has cracked heads of cabbage on the floor, puts on his clothes, gets into his car and drives to his house, where he spends his grandmother in unmeasured amounts.

The man who came to, as it turned out, completely lost his memory. He is forced to drag out the miserable life of a fool who stole his number. But his memory, as is usually the case, will one day return. And what will happen then?

41. Eilul's little problem (2014) 7.24

It's strange that the film is called that way. Indeed, for Eilul herself, the problem was even greater.


Eilul, as the heroine of the recent "50 First Kisses", also suffers from loss of short-term memory. Only if the heroine Drew Barrymore forgets everything that happened yesterday, Eilul forgets everything that happened to her last month.

Here, friends also do their best to ensure that she does not remember anything, so as not to injure her psyche. And everything seems to be going on, until Eilul realizes that she has forgotten a whole "resort romance" with the love of her life in addition ...

42. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) 7.23

Here to forget who she is, the hitman Charlie, the role of which was superbly played by Gina Davis.

And to help her remember everything was decided by a private detective, played by Samuel L. Jackson no less magnificently. Although, if he knew what deadly adventures his strange client would take him into, he would be better off sitting in his office without work.

The film somewhat remotely resembles "The Bourne Identity". But this does not make him worse. And he is more dynamic. And it is a hundred times easier to perceive.

So, everyone must watch. There is something to empathize and something to laugh at.

43. Oblivion (2013) 7.20

It is not known for certain how the rest of mankind has amnesia in this universe, but those who work on the maintenance of drones have their memory washed out.

After a global war with aliens, people decide to move from the doomed Earth to another planet, as a result of which special stations were created that collect raw materials, through which the flight will become possible.

But one of the technicians (Tom Cruise) suddenly begins to regain his memory, which is why the drones he is called upon to serve immediately begin to hunt him.

44. Bumblebee Flying / Bumblebee Still Flying (1999) 7.19

Most fans of Elijah Wood agree that the best in his acting career is not the role of Frodo in the well-known Lord of the Rings franchise, but this one, where he played a kid with bone cancer.


Everyone knows that the growth of cancer cells is greatly influenced by the brain itself. It is his vegetative functions that at some point trigger their development. Based on this, the doctors conceived an interesting experiment. What if the patient with cancer was completely erased from memory? Will the brain forget to keep growing cancerous tumors in the body?

Judging by the movie, the experiment was a success. But sooner or later, the guy's memory returns. And with it, the disease worsens. And then the hero of Elijah Wood again faces a choice: to live, but forget everything and everyone, or remember everything, but, at the same time, die?

45. Get Over Yourself (2005) 7.18

Another serious case of short-term memory loss happened to the hero of this Indian feature film, Sanjay Ramaswamy. Once the owner of a successful cellular network, now he does not remember anything that happened to him yesterday.


Therefore, he is forced to document everything almost on his body. And you have to write down a lot of information. Because his goal is not easy.

And it consists in revenge on the criminals who killed his girlfriend and did this to his memory.

For us, this is an impossible task. It would take him all day just to realize his status and study information. But, this is "India Film". So naivety, songs and dances can not be avoided here.

46. Trance (2013) 7.16

Here, the memory of the leading auction for the sale of expensive masterpieces of fine art was knocked out. The gang conspired to rob the auction, and the host was their accomplice.

But after the seemingly successful robbery, he completely forgot where he hid the stolen painting. When the gang members believed that torture would not help restore memory, they decided to hire a hypno-therapist for the forgetful auction host. But from that moment on, events took an even more unpredictable turn.

Thriller is very messed up. Until the very last, nothing is clear. Therefore, watching the next masterpiece by Danny Boyle will be very interesting.

47. As for Henry / Something About Henry (1991) 7.16

Henry Harrison Ford - Henry is not a very good person. Probably, for this God punished him. Once, leaving the house to buy cigarettes, he witnessed a robbery, as a result of which he received a bullet in the head.

By the way, this is another example of smoking killing!


Having regained consciousness, he discovers that not only does he not remember who he is and what he is, but he cannot even speak. Such a serious amnesia happened to a once successful lawyer. Forced to get to know himself in the process of studying his personality, he gradually realizes what a shit he was in his past life.

If only after a full memory return, they don't become again!

48. Red Squirrel (1993) 7.16

So, you want to end your life by jumping off the bridge, and you already - once! And ahead of us!


This is exactly what happened to Hota. Thinking to drown himself, he suddenly saw a motorcyclist fall from the bridge into the water, and, at once forgetting about his problems, rushed to save the drowning woman. And when he found out later that she had amnesia, he introduced himself as her boyfriend and took his "beloved" to the "Red Squirrel" camping.

But you can't hide an awl in a sack, and sooner or later the girl's real husband will show up at the campsite. Whom will Sofia choose (this is exactly the name of the unlucky motorcyclist), the liar who saved her life, or the disgusted husband, who makes it right to throw herself off the bridge?

49. Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 7.14

What can you not find in the landfill of the future. For example, Dr. Ido found himself a fully functional combat cyborg, endowed with AI.

But the cyborg Alita does not remember that she was once the leading specialist of the "Battle Angels" unit. And when she remembers, it's best to stay away from her.

But not for everyone. She will not offend her friends - definitely. After all, in her metal skull there is still some advanced AI, not like a human. And he knows how to be friends to the fullest, as it should be for advanced robot models.

Think of Sunny from the feature film "I Am Robot" or "This" from "Bicentennial Man."

50. The Bourne Identity Secret (1988) 7.09

From now on we will be shorter, otherwise it will take a whole day to read the material. This is exactly the three-hour long mini-series, which will later be filmed in the franchise with Mat Damon in the title role.


And, despite the fact that the tape was staged in the distant 88th, the film came out very much even nothing.

The main events coincide with the 2002 "Bourne Identity", but in light of the fact that the Soviet Union still existed at that time, some of the nuances of the spy fighter had a different coloring.

51. Hardcore (2016) 7.09

A man wakes up in some clinic, where a friend begins to drip on his brains, who will later have to be rescued.

And then it’s not clear from whom and it’s not clear why the whole film, until at the end it turns out that he was thoroughly brainwashed.

The film was shot by Bekmambetov "from the first person". So you will have to watch the action all the time directly through the eyes of the main character. Not everyone will like this layout.

But if you are a first-person shooter lover, this movie will suit you as well.

52. Remember Sunday (2013) 7.08

And again "50 first kisses" in a different way. Only here is a guy a victim of short-term memory loss.


Every day he has to remember his girlfriend anew and fall in love with her again.

And, alas, he doesn't do it every day.

53. Reckoning Hour (2003) 7.06

This is John Woo's latest feature film in Hollywood. The main role in this fantastic action movie was played by Ben Affleck, whose memory, once again, was removed from his stupid head of cabbage.


Why stupid? Because only a dumbass would agree to trade the years of his life for loot. Of course, our interpretation is somewhat exaggerated, but, in fact, it is so.

Who looked, he will understand. And the film is worthwhile. Like almost everything the great Hong Kong master does.

54. Gothic (2003) 7.06

Here, according to others, the memory of the heroine Halle Berry, a successful woman psychiatrist, has lost its memory.


But the fact that she herself is a shrinker did not in any way affect the decision of other shrinkers to define her as a tag. There she successfully recalled the brutal murder she was accused of.

Or unsuccessfully?

55. Pandorum (2009) 7.06

Here, the cuckoo was knocked out by the only members of the Elysium spacecraft crew, awakened from hypersleep in the depths of space.


What woke them up? Who are they? Where did you fly? Where have a lot of passengers and the rest of the crew gone? All this will have to be remembered in a very difficult situation, as mutated colonists and crew members will try to devour them every now and then.

Will the ship reach its destination? Will anyone be saved from him? Now it directly depends on the actions of a couple of awakened, memory to which returns with a big squeak.

56. Inappropriate person (2006) 7.02

Andreas doesn't remember who he is, where he is from, or how he got on that damn bus that brought him to this damn place.


Everything here is fake and unreal. People are soulless like dolls, food is tasteless, work is idiotic. But how do you get out of here? And where? And, most importantly - why?

We'll probably find out after watching the movie to the end. Or maybe we won't. Rather the latter than the former.

57. Abandoned Factory (2009) 6.98

Another Indian film in our list of the best movies about memory loss. And here amnesia was simultaneously acquired by criminals who kidnapped people for ransom, and people who were kidnapped by criminals for ransom, and an undercover policeman who was introduced into a gang of criminals who kidnap people for ransom.


Yes. Such an interesting salad. They all come to their senses at the same time and begin to wonder who is who? Who is the criminal and who is the hostage?

Moreover, their memory will hatch only at the final stage.

58. Allegro (2005) 6.97

At a time when some, such as the hero of Elijah Wood from "Flight of the Bumblebee", are desperately trying to remember everything, individuals, such as the famous pianist from this film, try to forget about their past, full of unhappy love, betrayal and other "unwanted" nuances.


And after all, as shown initially, the pianist somehow somehow managed to do this. But the devil pulled again to return to the lost memories.

Can he forget them a second time?

59. Slipping (1998) 6.96

It's no better for a person if he remembers one life, but is forced to live in a completely different one.


In that life, Joanna is a good mother, she has a sweet daughter. In this one, which began after the woman thundered into the hospital as a result of an accident that happened to her in an amusement park, she is a criminal. She has no daughter. Moreover, there are people she doesn’t know in her house.

What kind of joke is her memory playing with her? Whose memories are these ?. Is this a parallel universe? We'll have to figure it out. And she doesn't have much time for that!

60. Daryl (1985) 6.93

Hollywood continues to insist that the military is constantly disrupted by their experimental robots and cyborgs, who manage, at the same time, to escape from the territories of the landfills.


This time it happened with a new military development, only not a robot, but the most natural child who was accidentally found in the forest by a couple of lovers. He doesn't remember anything, but he has very cool abilities. For example, he learns everything very quickly, plays baseball well and knows everything and everyone, except who he is and where he came from in the local forest.

But the military, of course, will find their brainchild, which the couple has already adopted ...

61. Story of someone else's love (2007) 6.89

Calling himself the boyfriend of a girl who got into a car accident and lost her memory as a result, photographer Jonas takes with her "inherited" and responsibility for all the affairs in which his "new old friend" is involved.


Now you have to clean up a bunch of stuff with the letter "d", and, at the same time, try to stay alive. After all, the girl's real boyfriend, as it turned out, is still that scum.

62. Dream House (2011) 6.88

At this point, the memory of one abnormal person who shot down his entire family, his wife and both daughters, several years ago in one of the mansions outside the city.


Subsequently, it turned out that he was not abnormal, and it was not he who sewed his family, but the killer, who accidentally confused his house with the neighbor's. Only he was not supposed to know this.

And who knows a lot, as you know, he lives little. Even if you're in the parallel James Bond universe.

63. Kingsman: The Golden Ring (2017) 6.86

After the first part, as a result of a skirmish with Valentine, one of the main characters - Harry Hart (a former Galahad agent) - lost an eye and suffered amnesia.


Now he is a pampered butterfly lover - Lepidopterist. But the enemies of the state are not asleep. You will have to hurry to remember your forgotten skills. That he, of course, after a corresponding "emotional push", and it turns out.

It's always like that in "bang-bang-fighters", right?

64. Die Again (1991) 6.86

Here, memory lapses are found in a girl named Grace. At night she is harassed by nightmarish visions in which one of the famous pianists of the 40s is stabbed to death by her husband with scissors.


With her "nightmares" she turns to a local private detective, who doesn't quite understand how to help her with her problem. Well, perhaps, ask the hypnotist to put the girl into a trance, and in this state, find out from her how she knows the details about the murder of the pianist, and why she forgot about it.

I wish I hadn't asked ...

65. XIII: Conspiracy / XIII: Conspiracy (2008) 6.86

Stephen Dorf, as it turns out, is not only the domination vampire from the first Blade.


Here he plays a witness to a conspiracy against the United States. But, that's bad luck! At the most crucial moment, our hero lost his memory. Waking up in some shack on Brighton Beach, he realizes that he does not remember anything about himself.

And then there's some kind of tattoo on the body with a mysterious number "XIII". Hmmm, I'll have to play detective. If only you don't lose your head and memory leftovers.

66. Memoirs of a Teenager with Amnesia (2010) 6.86

Not to say that Naomi's life was too good. But there was little bad in her either. But after she fell down the stairs and well, at the same time, she cracked her head, she didn't have this one either.


Now her memory is a blank sheet, on which her doctor advised her to keep a memoir, that is, a diary that supposedly will help her remember all the details about herself.

Well, since it's a Korean drama, she'll remember everything at the end. Before that, he gave the fans of dramatic soap operas a good tickle on the nerves.

67. Shattered (1991) 6.84

Here global amnesia happened to the hero of Tom Berenger - the successful architect Dan Merrick. Once, as usual, in a car accident, he not only lost his memory, but also his face, which was again blinded by a plastic surgeon.


But in the course of events, Dan Merrick more and more often suspects that everything that is sung to him about his past life simply cannot be true.

Probably need to play detective again. And it would be better if he did not. It would be better not to know what he will get to the bottom of.

68. Alien (2001) 6.84

A lot and three quarters of films have been filmed about aliens. But this masterpiece is not distinguished by computer graphics and action.


This is a thriller-like, detective, and in the end even creepy, story about the famous scientist and developer of weapons against aliens Spencer Alham, with whom mankind has been waging a sluggish war for a long time.

Aliens here easily take the form of any person, and they behave like people. And for some time now, the special services suspect that an alien creature is hiding under the guise of Alham, as a result of which the professor will have to prove throughout the film that he is not an alien who has lost his memory.

Or is he, after all?

69. Vital (2004) 6.81

Intense drama from the Japanese, the main character of which, like his European and American "counterparts", did not escape a car accident, as a result of which the memory of his bowler hat safely and disappeared.


He doesn't remember anything about himself at all. After a while, the ghost of his ex-girlfriend begins to come to him. But it reaches him that she is his girlfriend only when he discovers her lifeless body on the student's table for the dissection of corpses at the medical university.

An unexpected twist, isn't it?

70. Siesta (1987) 6.74

Few films about amnesia boast that their heroes lost their memory not as a result of a car accident or a brutal beating, but as a result of the most banal unsuccessful parachute jump.


Someone may exclaim: “Oh! so this is a professional injury of all parachutists! " Let us hasten to dissuade those. Crash during a parachute jump is possible only if you are the most complete fool of fools and jump out of the plane with a blanket stuffed into your backpack instead of a parachute.

Well, or if someone will help you with this, and do something bad with your parachute. This is what the heroine of the film who has lost her memory suspects. But in order to get to the bottom of who could have arranged her fall, he must remember what happened on the eve of the competition.


The second part of our top list of the best movies on memory loss has come to an end. The final, 3rd issue, wait in a couple of weeks, but for now, all the best to you. Good summer days, great mood and, as always, more cool movies and TV series!

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