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World of the best gadgets of 2018


The past year was remembered for a large number of announcements of various gadgets. For the most part, their creators left no one indifferent. Someone was a little disappointed, but mostly users were satisfied or surprised. Let's remember the most interesting techno pieces of the past year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

The design of this device immediately sets it apart from the general range of smartphones. It is classic and so interesting.


The main feature of the device is the Infinity screen and dual aperture camera capabilities. When shooting conditions deteriorate, due to its change, the light transmittance varies. This allows you to get high quality pictures in low light.

Music lovers will appreciate the 3.5mm audio jack.

The disadvantages of the Galaxy S9 + smartphone include AR Emojis functionality. This is augmented reality technology that wasn’t impressed with its capabilities. The device also has similar external data to the "little brother" S8 +, which was also not liked by some users.

iPhone XR

This device, like the previous one, has rightfully earned the recognition of fans of such devices. Experts believe the XR is a controversial product. It is simultaneously ahead of competitors' products and lags behind them.


The iPhone XR was tested in December last year. It was carried out through the efforts of the DxOMark company, which specializes in checking smartphones and other devices. According to its results, the device "Yabloko" scored 101 points. This is the best result for smartphones with a single camera.

A feature of the XR hardware is the A12 Bionic processor, which is fast. It is his work that is the main component of the popularity of the smartphone.

The device has one drawback. His price. If this product is successfully sold in the USA, then in other countries it loses to competitors due to the high cost.

Console for all people

Fans of virtual travel have appreciated the product from Microsoft. This is an Xbox Adaptive Controller that can be used by people with disabilities.

The product has two large programmable buttons and 19 slots. They are designed to connect joysticks, switches and other devices. This allows the player to choose a control that will be convenient for him and, at any time, makes it possible to change the configuration. This fact is especially relevant for people with disabilities.


The controller has earned the attention of serious media publications. TIME magazine named it one of the 50 best inventions of the year. It is important that the gadget helps all people, without exception, explore the world of virtual reality.

Fitness Tracker by Xiaomi

These devices are gaining more and more popularity. Analysts predict that in 5-7 years, fitness trackers will firmly establish themselves in the market and secure a certain share of it.

Xiaomi is a leader in the development of such devices. Last year, the company's engineers designed and released the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.


The product is distinguished by a bright screen, a capacious battery, which provides autonomy for up to 20 days. The gadget is controlled by pressing and swiping. There is also 5ATM level water protection, which allows you to dive with a bracelet to a depth of 50 meters.

Thanks to a special application, the device contacts the user's smartphone and exchanges information with it.

Oculus Go

This gadget is a virtual reality helmet. He's independent and cheap. At the moment, it is the most effective device that can help VR lovers explore this cognitive world.


The helmet has several degrees of freedom, so there are no restrictions on evolution. It is controlled by a wireless controller. He is trained to recognize hand movements, without orientation in space. The Oculus Go device does not have its own headphones, but has a dedicated standard jack for them.

This device will be an excellent alternative to more expensive analogs. Thanks to him, even more users will be able to plunge into the little-explored world of parallel reality.

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Author: Jake Pinkman