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Overview of uTorrent Torrent Client Features


This article will tell you about the features of uTorrent and its impact on the speed of your computer.

Our site already has an article dedicated to the popular torrent client uTorrent

Working with .torrent files. tracker + ?Torrent program.

In it we dwelled on the process of installing and working with this program.

In this article, the author of erep4 shares his impressions of this program, paying attention to its features and the impact on computer performance.

Not every torrent client can boast of such a high speed of work as uTorrent. The program has a number of advantages over its competitors. It is free, has a simple and intuitive interface. It is also worth noting that uTorrent automatically warns of upcoming updates. So even the most inexperienced user can easily and quickly master all the intricacies of working with this program.

Download uTorrent client can be from the official website of the program developer:


The Topic of Article: Overview of uTorrent Torrent Client Features.
Author: Jake Pinkman