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Vertical manipulator instead of mouse


The computer mouse was invented almost fifty years ago. Its appearance and functionality were formed almost immediately, almost did not change.

Someone will notice that the mice used by professional gamers are not very similar to ordinary ones, rather they are gadgets from science fiction films. But this is only an exception to the general layout rules for this necessary accessory.

Some manufacturers are trying to change the way they design a computer mouse. New products appear. One of them is the Penguin vertical manipulator.

Futuristic design

If you ask an unsuspecting person what is in front of him and point to this gadget, he will almost certainly say that it is a game joystick or part of a control unit of a modern aircraft.

This is what the Penguin vertical manipulator looks like. It is exactly upright and looks a bit like the animal it is named after - a penguin.


The device consists of a platform or base and a handle placed on it. Based on the general design, a number of requirements emerge that it makes for the future workplace. The most important thing is to have enough space, otherwise there will be no amenities. The manipulator is compatible with all the most common operating systems: Linux, Windows line, macOS.

It is symmetrical, suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. To increase the convenience of work, there is a special switch located at the base of the device. They can set the direction of scrolling content when you turn the wheel.

There are also two vertically oriented keys. The presets are made in such a way that the top one is analogous to the left one on a conventional mouse, and the bottom one is the right one. It takes time to master this architecture, but it takes a short time. Our brain quickly adapts to everything.


There are a few more controls, but they are all located on the back of the Penguin base. There is a laser sensor, a container for a wireless transmitter, buttons for turning on and changing the sensitivity of the sensor.

There are six versions of this device. An interesting wireless option communicates with a PC through a special transmitter with a USB connector. He and its wired counterpart, in our country, are sold in two sizes - large and medium. When choosing, it is recommended to focus on a special ruler for measuring the palm, which is located on each package.

The developer declares the high autonomy of the product. It can function without charging for 30 days. A USB cable with a special connector is used for recharging.

Nuances of operation

The main "feature" of the model is the presence of fine sensitivity adjustment. This is necessary for those who work in industries related, for example, to the execution of graphic constructions. Graphic editors need maximum precision. Therefore, in such cases, the sensitivity is sometimes reduced, which increases the clarity of the movements performed.

The opposite is true in the gameplay. Here the sensitivity is claimed to be close to the maximum. The sensor is endowed with four options of operation: 400, 600, 800 and 1200 DPI.


To confirm that this indicator has changed, there is a light indicator that blinks in this case. It is located on the handle and also informs the user about a decrease in the battery charge level up to 20%.

The manipulator is equipped with a two-level energy saving system. If it is not used for 20 seconds, then this system activates an economical mode of operation, with a five-minute "idle" mode - sleeping.

The product also has an antibacterial BioCote coating. It kills nearly 100% of all bacteria.

Subjective perception

Those who have already tried Penguin at work claim that they practically did not experience fatigue. This accessory outperforms a conventional mouse, even after a long and continuous gameplay the brush does not get tired. This is especially noticeable when switching to the keyboard. After 20-25 minutes of working on it, you want to stretch your hands.


The thing is that the vertical manipulator allows you to place your hand on it in a natural position. It will be appreciated by all users, especially office workers and graphic engineers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman