Racism in Dota 2, New Half-Life for VR, Game Contenders of the Years - Gaming News Digest from CADELTA this week. Part one (Topic)

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Racism in Dota 2, New Half-Life for VR, Game Contenders of the Years - Gaming News Digest from CADELTA this week. Part one


Also read our in-game news digest for BFV improvements, Bethesda's backward technology, and the new AAA-Five Nights at Freddy's.

BFV got tons of improvements from the patch

DICE have compiled a list of game improvements based on the beta test. It came out as much as 140 pages. If you are impatient to know them, we suggest you read the full list here, because if you write them down, two of our digests will not be enough.

Recall that the new battle has access to: premium subscribers of the EA Accesses service on November 9, November 15, those who bought the Delux edition will be able to play it, and 20 those who just pre-ordered the game and everyone else.

Day Z is finally out of beta

It would seem: "who else is playing it?" - Many gamers will think. However, servers with 12 thousand players say they are playing. And finally, after many years, the game left the alpha test and switched to beta in update 0.63, to which the developers have been going since May last year.

Now the game will no longer be overgrown with content, and its developers will focus on fixing all the holes, bugs and adjusting the balance. Now 86 people are working on the project, and according to the developers, the game will be finalized this year.

Day Z

Broken idyll in BF1

In BF1, players often try to pay tribute to the events of the First World War, but alas, they do not always succeed. That Christmas without fire could not be spent, then a minute of silence will break. So recently the players decided to arrange an event on the day of the beginning of the First World War: to go to the seashore and stand there without any shooting.

As always, there was a "smart" comrade who ruined the whole idyll, and having flown to the beach on an airplane began to bomb everyone. Alas, we all understand that such events are a very difficult undertaking.

Old technologies in Starfield and TES VI

Someone recently noticed that Tod Howard, in one of his old interviews, leaked some information about Starfield and TESVI technologies. For some reason it surfaced only now. It turned out that both games will be running on the Creation Engine - which was used by Morrowind.


Accusations are pouring into the studio that it is an outdated engine, and for good reason. The studio is engaged in its firmware and additions, but as we can see this leads to the fact that players in Fallout 76 can run fast, looking at the floor. If the studio does not change its direction of development, it will clearly have problems in the future.

Racism in Dota 2

Another case of racism is covered by our gaming news. It would seem that in Dota 2 there are always some scandals during matches, but now something new. One of the gamers in the match with the players from China dropped the words Ching Chong in the chat, which is a harsh racist insult that emphasizes that all languages of the East are the same and not distinctive.

The Chinese gaming community has complained about the racist mother to be fined in the game. However, not even a day passed when the same statement was made in another chat. To which the Chinese gaming community reacted by bringing negativity to Valve and its game. After 6,000 negative reviews on Steam and a downgrade of the game on its page, Uncle Gaben's company responded with a call to avoid racism in this international game.


Ridiculously, both players of the offending Chinese were Filipinos.

New Half Life Coming With New VR Headset From Valve

Photos taken in July have been leaked, showing a previously unseen VR helmet with the Valve logo. Insiders commented on them saying that Valv is preparing a new virtual reality helmet, and even more - a new game in the Half Life universe will be released on it. To clarify, this is not the third part, but most likely a regular spin-off. However, we can say for sure that someone finally remembered that a game studio should create games.

Game of the Year Nominees

It will soon be time to decide which games have been the best this year. It will happen at The Game Awards 2018, which starts on December 7th. You can vote on the official website and see the applicants here. However, we already have leaders in the number of nominations received, which, most likely, will compete this year for the title of Game of the Year.

Head to head God Of War and Red Read Redemption 2 each have 8 nominations, followed by Marvel's Spider Man with 7 nominations, followed by AC Odyssey and Caleste with 4 nominations, and Monster closes the list Hunter World with three nominations.

AAA- Five Nights at Freddy's

The developer of this series decided to stop producing monotonous sequels and reach a new level. He plans to close a deal for another game that will receive the AAA level budget of the game. So far, these are only plans, but the creator is working very closely with the studio, which will be developing the future game, so there should be no problems.

In addition, add. gaming news - at the same time, ports of the series games are being prepared for VR, for augmented reality, and a series of books based on the game, which the developer himself writes. We will also expect an adaptation of the game.

This was all in-game news as of mid-week. If you haven't heard about the sequel to Mass Effect and racism in Nintendo, then we suggest you read our last digest.

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