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British startup Wayve unveiled its vision of a self-driving car


A new startup called Wayve is trying to revolutionize the autonomous car industry by focusing entirely on machine learning.

In fact, in a sense, this corresponds to the general market trend. Until now, manufacturers have been working hard to install a huge number of sensors to better orient the car in space. Despite all these efforts, drones have caused several tragic accidents, and progress in the self-driving car segment has been questioned. The British startup Wayve took advantage of this and described its vision of a drone.

Simplicity and AI on board

The company relies on the simplicity and capabilities of artificial intelligence. Wayve management argues that autonomy technologies just got too complex. The company wants to develop its own AI-powered autonomous control software package that looks at the world the way humans do. This would allow him to navigate from city to city without having to create new maps or store a lot of data in memory, the company said.

Of course, such a car will not do without sensors at all, but it will focus on detecting objects and people in the immediate vicinity, correctly identifying them and analyzing patterns in real time.

The on-board computer of such a vehicle, in fact, could accurately analyze any situation on the road, and new scenarios would not lead to disasters. With existing systems based on predetermined algorithms of actions, unprogrammed situations make the drone unpredictable.

Isn't it too easy for an autonomous car?

At first glance, Wayve's approach to self-managing systems seems simplistic, but more attractive than what other companies offer. It is unclear whether the startup will be able to successfully promote its self-driving car industry. Moreover, he will need a significant amount of financial investment to design and develop artificial intelligence that can cope with driving tasks, obeying traffic rules. However, a finished system will almost certainly require less hardware and have fewer vulnerabilities. Therefore, Wayve's proposal looks fresh and interesting. Perhaps the startup is right, and the future of drones is not at all in the abundance of hardware.

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Author: Jake Pinkman