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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 80s. Part 3


70 of the best comedies of the eighties, produced abroad, we have already discussed in the first and second parts of our top. The last thirty pieces remain. Let's get started?

71. Winners and Sinners (1983) 7.33

Another comedy from the category of flat Hong Kong humor. The director is young Sammo Hung, which means that in addition to the main plot, our attention will be presented with a series of idiotic jokes-jokes, not only in no way connected with the main line of the narrative, but also giving all the prerequisites for the mentioned main line of the narrative to simply drown in them .


Five notorious gangsters leave prison and decide to quit with dark deeds. They organize their own business, a kind of company that tidies up the apartments.

But the dark side beckons. And where can you resist when, while cleaning the next apartment, you suddenly come across a whole suitcase of dough! How can you not shake it?

72. Student (1988) 7.32

While relaxing in the mountains, the girl Valentina, whose role went to Sophie Marceau, accidentally bumps into a young musician and composer Ned. After Ned finds her again, a romance flares up between them.


Their novel comes out some kind of unfinished. She is always there, moonlights as a teacher and along the way graduates from the university. He goes on tour and they can see each other only occasionally. But this does not prevent Ned from drawing inspiration from their novel to create music for the film, and from her writing a dissertation based on their novel.

Such is the combination of business with pleasure. If only no one went to the side. And without this, apparently, nothing.

73. Hurry Sunday (1983) 7.32

A very high-quality detective (for his time), humorous in places, but executed, for some reason, in black and white.


Barbara has been working as a secretary for a local realtor Julien for a long time. And has long been furtively in love with him. And when the realtor is suddenly accused of murder, it is she, whom he recently fired, comes to his aid.

Barbara, hiding her boss in a secluded place, rushes headlong to investigate the murder, despite the fact that the real killer may try to remove her too. How will it end? Probably, the ending will be fair, in which everyone will be rewarded what they deserve.

Of course. Well this is a comedy. Though, for some reason, and black and white ...

74. 18 again! (1988) 7.31

The grandson of a noble-rogue billionaire is a complete failure. Not only is he a pissy, which the world has never seen, but also a completely insecure type. In general, an indecisive, non-initiative slob, a rag about which all their feet wipe at school. And his only friend is the same.


And somehow, on the way from the party, they (grandfather and grandson) are driving home in a car, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, they get into an accident. In some incomprehensible way, the soul from the comatose old man was kicked out and placed in the body of his 18-year-old grandson. Now, until the grandfather's body comes out of a coma, he has time to improve the life of his grandson, that is, by manipulating his body, put everyone around in their place.

Well, and have fun, of course, for your own pleasure!

75. Happy Easter (1984) 7.31

Again Jean Paul Belmondo and again the irresistible Sophie Marceau. The hero Belmondo is an incorrigible liar and womanizer. In order to get under the skirt of another beauty, he invents all sorts of excuses to sneak away from his wife, and she, in turn, is a very, very jealous thing.


And, of course, once she had to burn him. And the most offensive thing here is that this time he invited the girl home by accident. She, (Sophie's heroine), just broke up with her boyfriend and asked to spend the night with him. And then his wife unexpectedly returns and finds the two of them in the apartment. The hero Belmondo has no choice but to marry her off as his daughter from his first marriage, and she agrees with him in every possible way.

And all would be fine, if suddenly on the horizon the mother of "daughter" did not appear ...

76. Tango and Cash (1989) 7.30

Tango is a very serious and thoughtful cop. Cash is a very flighty, cunning and dodgy cop. But they have something in common - they both cost the city a lot. Although their detection rate is high, when arresting criminals, they crumble and smash city and private property for such amounts that the mayor and the city budget should weep.


I don't like these cops and mafiosi who are going to commit lewdness. Knowing that Tango and Cash will quickly come out on them, they help to ensure that these ubiquitous and nosy cops are imprisoned for self-mutilation, and there, in prison, they are sewn. But the cops, as is usually the case, refuse to die. Moreover, they run away, and now ...

Hold on to the mafia, we go!

77. Tremors (1989) 7.30

Val and Earl are fed up with a part-time job in a semi-desert hole in Nevada. Money is a penny. And consider that there is no decent work. And they decide to leave one day. But on this very day, the local population begins to terrorize some underground monster worms.


Our heroes, in cooperation with some locals, will have to clash with these terrible creatures for life and death.

I wonder how they will escape from huge sand monsters that move in the ground like sharks in water when the mountains are miles away from the main location?

Subsequently, a whole bunch of sequels to this successful film were shot, but out of as many as six only the second film "Tremors 2: Rebound" (1996) 6.54 is worthy of attention. The rest could not bring anything new to the franchise.

No, in the third part, the worms have grown legs, but now they are no longer ground monsters. Such people in "Jurassic Park" and the like have already seen enough in 2001, in which this part was released.

78. Indecent Luck (1987) 7.28

Two very different both in appearance and in "inner content", the ladies suddenly discover that they are in love with the same man. And before they had time to properly scandalize and fight on this account, it turns out that their man had disappeared somewhere.


They rush headlong into the investigation of where he could have gone, and so zealously that even the FBI is resting ...

And just waiting for the unlucky but very lucky mistresses to find the missing intelligence agent for them, which he really is.

79. Star Trek 4: The Way Home (1986) 7.28

On the 79th position in the list of the best comedies, the 4th film of the Star Trek franchise, filmed in a somewhat comedic vein, climbed into place. Although, it can be noted that all parts of Star Trek are not devoid of a kind of humor.


Here, Captain Kirk's team had to return to our time in order to save the blue whales from extinction. "What was it for?" - you ask, "Watch the film - you will find out!" - we will answer.

80. Interior Space (1987) 7.27

What would you do if a bathyscaphe with a pilot was injected in your ass while visiting a medical institution? Reduced, really, but still?


In addition, this bathyscaphe knows how to cling to the eye and ear nerves and talk to you from the inside. Just about, the main character of the film - the moved Jack Patter - also went nuts. And when it was discovered that bandyugans were chasing after him for the sake of forcibly extracting the bathyscaphe, he completely fell into prostration. But not for long. Since ...

"We must run, run!" - someone shouts at him from inside his own body!

81. Return of the Living Dead (1984)

Someone thinks this film is a remake of "Night of the Living Dead" (1968). But, according to the producers, this is a completely separate film, which, in fact, is a parody of films such as the aforementioned masterpiece.


The confusion was brought about by the mention of the fact that the tanks with the experimental military gas were brought to the local morgue by mistake from Pittsburgh, where the incident with the revived corpses, which later became the basis for the film "Night of the Living Dead".

Young morons, hitting the container, depressurized it, as a result of which the gas "trioxin" burst out, infecting everyone and everything in its path. Not only bodies in the morgue got up and began to bite, but also the dead from the local cemetery. And when the arriving policemen began to miss them, they requested another outfit to be reinforced.

In general, the party at the ghouls was a success!

82. Dream Team (1989) 7.27

Four patients of a psychiatric clinic under the supervision of an attending physician are sent to a baseball game. But before they got to the stadium, their doctor-nanny was nearly slapped by some bandits.


The doctor went to the hospital, and the idiots were left alone. How they will behave in a non-standard situation is anyone's guess. The case is complicated by the fact that the bandits turned out to be corrupt cops who are striving with might and main to finish off the half-dead doctor who saw their faces during the murder of an important witness.

And, oddly enough, only the idiots left unattended can save him!

83. Four Hands (1980) 7.27

The heroes of Steve Martin, Michael Caine and Glen Headley were not the first "inveterate crooks" to appear on the big screen. Before them, the most famous was Alexandre Dupre, 80th year of issue (8 years earlier), performed by Jean Paul Belmondo.


But this does not prevent the films from being completely different. Here the hero Belmondo jumped to the point that he was involved in an international spy scandal. How will you get out now?

I don't understand .

84. Last Night (1988) 7.23

In fact, Keanu Reeves was not always the chosen one of Neo and John Wick. In his youth, he also had to play such small squabbles, who, having drunk themselves to the point of losing their pulse, in the morning cannot remember what they learned where and how.


The hero of Keanu - the boy Winston - was just going to the prom with his girlfriend. This is the last thing he remembers. After - a blackout and waking up in the middle of some dirty alley.

The guy did not accept this situation and began to investigate his adventures, learning a lot about himself at the same time.

85. Fletch (1985) 7.26

This is the rare case when a sequel was rated as good as the beginning. Both the first and second films ("Fletch Alive" (1989) 7.26) go head to head and tell about the adventures of the journalist, master of disguise, Irwin Fletch, who was perfectly played by Chevy Chase.


In the first episode, disguised as a bum to get the next material, he receives an unexpected offer from a strange type. The guy asks to kill him for 50 thousand bucks. It is clear that something is not clean here. And Fletch starts to dig this case. We will learn from the film what he will dig up there.

In the second episode, he inherits a rotten mansion. And when he learned that he was given as much as 250 thousand, he wondered - who needs such rot for such money, and starts digging again.

And, moreover, it does not look for easy paths in either the first or the second part!

86. Like The Good Old Time (1980) 7.23

And again Chevy Chase. This time he appears to us in the role of the ex-husband of a young lawyer trying to build new happiness in a new marriage with her new husband, a lawyer ..


The "imperfect" former husband got into a situation, and comes to the house of his former (this same lawyer) for legal assistance. It hides under the bed, then in the closet. In a word, it does not allow her to live. Yes, and she herself, as she does not win the case, so she takes another thief or illegal to her home, on bail. Thus, her house is a breeding ground for shameless rabble, which does not allow to live in peace. And then the former idiot husband showed up.

In general, full south north! No privacy! Neither her nor her new husband - the future prosecutor!

87. Goonies (1985) 7.23

One of the early brainchilds of screenwriter Steven Spielberg. A bunch of youngsters who call their company "Goonies" find an old pirate treasure map disguised as a painting in the attic of the house of one of the main characters. Well, if there is a map, then there must be treasures.


And boys and girls go in search. The very first steps lead them to the lair of dangerous bandits, one of whom escaped from prison the day before. A series of unpredictable events and youthfully stupid actions force the dunce to descend into the catacombs, in which the devil himself will break his leg.

There is no time for treasures. Here, as it were, keep the skin intact. After all, the dungeons are full of traps, and tireless and bloodthirsty bandyugans follow in the footsteps!

88. Christmas Holidays (1989) 7.22

Chevy Chase in this decade was in demand no less than Pierre Richard, Jean Paul Belmondo and Adriano Celentano.


Here he plays the head of the family, trying with might and main to celebrate the coming Christmas in the most extravagant and tasteful way, so that you will remember for a long time.

We think he still managed it. The whole film is a series of incidents and funny "accidents" that both the owner of the house and his guests (also relatives on their minds) will never forget.

89. Assholes in Exams (1980) 7.22

A tale about an educational institution in which no one has been able to pass exams for a long time.


What's the reason? Incompetent teachers, or idiot students? Or idiot teachers and incompetent students? Or, incompetent jerk teachers and incompetent jerk students put together?

Judging by the film, the latter explains the situation.

90. Dragon Lord (1981) 7.22

Jackie Chan again, and here he is the leading actor, screenwriter and director. The stunts and staged fights are amazing, the humor is depressing.


Melodrama and a love triangle, in which two friends fall in love with one girl, quickly turns into an action movie, in which friends who witnessed a criminal showdown are included in the list to be destroyed.

It's okay. Jackie Chan, as always, piles on everyone. And he will do it beautifully and not without a share of humor.

91. Kingsize (1987) 7.22

A cool movie, in which, among others, the general favorite of the time, the Pole Jerzy Stuhr, starred.


It turns out that interesting creatures live in our closets in parallel with us - dwarfs from Kabinetland. And kingsize is the name of a drink that can enlarge gnomes to the size of an ordinary person. And since there are absolutely no representatives of the weaker sex in the world of wardrobeland, everyone is recklessly rushing into our world - the world of giants. But you can't get here without a drink.

But one cunning professor was able to derive a secret formula. But will she ever get into the public domain of the wardrobe public?

92. Cat's Eye (1985) 7.20

Horror films in our top of the best comedies of the eighties are not frequent guests. But this is just that exceptional case.


The film consists of several short stories, one of which was specially written by screenwriter Stephen King for this project. A common hero permeates all parts - a cat on his mind, whose goal is to save a little girl.

Guess who played the role of this very girl! That's right, Stephen King's beloved little Drew Barrymore that flares up with her gaze!

93. Big Trouble in Little China (1986) 7.19

There are cities in the USA in cities that are better not to visit. And if you have already wandered there, then it would be better if your girlfriend did not have green eyes, because some evil spirit, trying to find flesh, will certainly kidnap her.


Hmm. Little is clear. But everything will immediately spread out on the shelves as soon as you start watching the movie.

The tale, of course, is still the same, but still I wonder if the worldly American patrons will take the Chinese spirit or not?

94. Gemini (1988) 7.19

Kachok Schwartz, or rather, his hero, who was raised on the island according to a peculiar program, receives permission to visit the mainland. And he is going to spend his vacation looking for his twin brother.


When Brother Schwartz, who is not adapted to ordinary life in human society, finds his brother, shorty de Vito, it does not even occur to him that there is some kind of catch. However, together they make an attempt to find their biological mother. But things are not as easy as they imagined.

And if you consider that bandits are following De Vito's hero, it is even more difficult.

95. Jumping Jack (1986) 7.19

Basically Whoopi Goldberg is familiar to us from the fantasy melodrama "Ghost". But this film should be familiar to a wide audience.


Here Whoopi Goldberg plays a bank clerk who loves surfing the net in her free time, where she gets an SOS signal from one of the classified spies. It turns out that only she can help him. But isn't this a stupid prank?

As subsequent events showed, there was no smell of a rally. But still like gunpowder.

96. Gemini (1984) 7.18

Pierre Richard is not only a noble comedian, but also a notorious womanizer. This is confirmed by this picture, in which he alone managed to pass himself off as two completely different twin brothers in order to get into bed with both rich twin sisters.


A hefty gambling debt left the hero of Pierre Richard no choice but to seek funds in an illegal way. So he found these two lovely sisters. And flirting with them, he went so far in his business that the way back was cut off.

And as subsequent events showed, not only for him, but also for them ...

97. My Lucky Stars (1985) 7.18

Once again, the unique Jackie Chan, and again a cascade of stupid and naive jokes from director Sammo Hoon. Once again, excellent staged hand-to-hand combat.


This time police work brings Jackie's hero and his partner to Tokyo, where his workmate is kidnapped by local mafiosi. But that's okay. A whole team of imperfections, with the help of which, as it turned out, even a cork from a bottle of champagne, cannot be pulled out, is in time to help from China.

But sometimes it happens that even a step on the path of life can come in handy!

In the same year, the film had a sequel to "My Lucky Stars 2" with a set of even more dumb jokes from Sammo Hoon. In our country, he has a rating of 7.0, and Jackie's fans will surely like him too.

At least the fights are for sure.

98. Who Finds a Friend, Finds Treasure (1981) 7.18

A very funny comedy about a couple of treasure hunters trying to find treasures on one of the lost islands of the Pacific Ocean.


But where can you find anything here, when hostile natives and the Japanese fighter of the Second World War, who still have no idea that the war has ended a long time ago, are constantly confused underfoot. Nobody speaks Japanese here.

99. Sexmission (1983) 7.16

The Soviet censorship decided at one time that the mention of the root "sex" in the title of the film is unacceptable, therefore this Polish masterpiece went to the USSR as "New Amazons".


Scenes with naked tits and lesbians were also cut from this glorious film. In general, the film told about the plight of the participants in the cryofreezing experiment thawed in 2044.

Upon learning that they turned out to be the only living men in the world, where now there are only women, the heroes were very happy.

But not for long. Exactly until the moment they found out that they had sex reassignment surgery ...

100. Crocodile Dundee (1986) 7.16

In fact, three films about the adventures of Dundee with the ridiculous nickname "Crocodile" have been shot. And they all deserve attention. The rest were called Crocodile Dundee 2 (1988) 6.80 and Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001) 6.20.


The guy called "Dundee" was raised by the jungle. And not so long ago he survived in a fight with a crocodile, after which the corresponding klikuha stuck to him. And so from far, far away America (for Dundee it is like for us "from a distant, distant galaxy") the journalist Sue arrives to interview him for an extended interview for her amazing material.

But the interview didn't end there. Dundee liked her, and she offered him a trip to America, to which he agreed. But it was so hard for him to adapt to the modern society.

And, in some places, funny ...


We really hope that our top is useful to you. We will raise similar reviews to the rank of tradition and will soon organize for you the top 100 best comedies of the 90s. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you and sincerely wish you a great mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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2 part, films from 36 to 70

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