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Top Best TV Shows of 2018 from Netflix. Second part


Continuing our selection of the best TV series of 2018. In this article, we will tell you about the top ten serials, and you will only have to think about where to get the time to watch all this wealth of episodes.

The Hunt for the Unabomber

"The Hunt for the Unabomber" is a crime drama that premiered in August 2017. It is based on the FBI's hunt for terrorist Ted Kazinski, played by our beloved Vision, Paul Bettany. Kazinski has mailed homemade bombs on airlines to managers of large companies. All this happened between 1978 and 1995. The series tells about an FBI agent, James Fitzgerald (Sam Worthington), who is trying to find linguistic, i.e. language clues in political messages of a terrorist to thus identify him.

Events are happening at a fast pace, there are big stakes at stake and the investigation is very important for both heroes, who, as we want to show, have much more in common with each other than they would like to admit.


Travelers is a hidden gem that has become increasingly apparent over time as viewers understand the genius and rarity of an interesting and exciting Canadian sci-fi series. It is directed by Brad Wright, co-creator of Stargate SG-1. The plot of the series is based on the fact that the team of time travelers goes back to the 21st century in order to prevent the post-apocalyptic future from which they came. The trick is the way they make this transition. Travelers' consciousness is transferred to the bodies of people who are about to die.

At the same time, people of the future, travelers, completely get used to the personalities in whose bodies they have moved. It is often nerve-wracking and difficult to watch, but it perfectly draws the line between science fiction and affordable entertainment. Netflix has already released 2 seasons and confirmed a sequel to the 3rd.

Treasure Hunters

Sometimes you just need to calm down. Forget all those recent Netflix dramas and relax with Treasure Seekers, a series that shows the measured life of Great Britain, funny and weird, but very British. We will see the ordinary life of two friends Andy and Lance who have a hobby of finding treasures with metal detectors. Their goal is to find long buried Saxon gold. Therefore, friends join the members of the Danbury Treasure Hunting Club, and immediately they stand across the road to the competitive community of Antiquity Seekers. There is also a showdown between the two groups, but there is also a place for romance.

All this probably makes you think that this series is dramatic. No, it only seems at first glance. In fact, the real treasure of the episodes is not at all ancient gold, but the relationship of two friends: how they spend time together, how, dressed in anoraks, they search for treasure with their metal detectors throughout Essex and are constantly replenishing their collection of openers and buttons. Watching it is TV bliss.

Altered Carbon

Netflix has invested a lot of money in funding this cyberpunk adaptation of Richard Morgan's book. And it was definitely worth it. Viewers are shown the futuristic world of the 27th century, when people think of their bodies only as an outer shell. And what do they get as a result? As a result, all their memories and thoughts are stored in chips at the base of the neck, and each time it can be transferred to another body.

In the series, the main character is a former terrorist who is given a chance to be saved if he can solve the riddle of the murder of one of the bodies of a super rich man. It is believed that the rich man committed suicide in another body, but now, being in a new physical body, he does not think so at all, but believes that someone set him up.

This is a dark series, a dystopia with many scenes of violence and sex. It may start off slowly, but soon Altered Carbon adds power.

Better call Saul

Spoiled characters create great drama, and in Better Call Saul the characters are just that — spoiled. It is a prequel to the legendary Breaking Bad with the story of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a morally flexible lawyer known as Saul Goodman. In general, this series is about how Jimmy became Saul, but there is a lot more that the creators of the series tell: the story of Mike Ermantraut (Jonathan Banks), in the past a policeman and a bad man, the other is about Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). p>

But still, the main thing is Jimmy's relationship with his brother Chuck McGill, who was brilliantly played by Michael McKean. The innate difference and contradiction between the brothers is the engine that runs for three seasons and keeps everyone on their toes.

End of the ***** world

"I thought she would be interested in murder. So I pretended to be in love with her." Thus begins the inner monologue of James (Alex Lowster), a 17-year-old who is convinced that he is a sociopath. His target is Alyssa, played by Jessica Barden. She is a new girl at school, she has terrible parents and a natural talent for annoying people. They run away together, and their joint participation in a crime brings them closer together.

All this says, perhaps, about the perfect black comedy that you will want to watch more and more, but each episode is only 30 minutes. So you will most likely watch all the episodes of this series during the weekend, or maybe even over the evening and wait for the continuation.

Not a jack of all trades

When Dev Shah closes his eyes and looks into the future, all he sees is darkness. He is in his early thirties and lives in New York, works in advertising and plays small roles in second-rate films. He is still alone, his personal life does not add up. Azis Ansari writes and plays in this series, creating a humorous and sometimes painfully honest view of what modern life is, from dating sites, cultural stereotypes to the overly important question "what do I want?" p>

In the second season, Azis turns to the theme of Italian cinema, with its incredible visuals and a plot that is not afraid to eliminate cliches. It is a strong competitor for other Netflix series.


David Fincher is a star among directors who can create such intrigue and expectation in a thriller that the viewer forgets where is reality and where is fiction. Mindhunter, the series in which David acts as producer and director, is a classic from Fincher. The series shows the work of two FBI agents who interrogate serial killers and rapists, thus trying to understand the psychology of criminologists.

This series is an excellent study of how the FBI ceased to be an ordinary conservative bureau of investigation, and became a leader in criminal psychology. If you've watched Fincher's films and liked them, then Mindhunter is your show.

BoJack Knight

The brilliant series BoJack Horseman tells the story of a television actor whose fame has long faded, but he is trying to resume his career, but it just so happens that he is a horse. Clever satire on Hollywood and celebrity culture. It is also a detailed analysis of such phenomena of Hollywood life as alcohol abuse, depression and chronic anxiety.

The latest episodes have explored the themes of asexuality and psychological illness so skillfully that this series is truly becoming a benchmark among animated films for adults.

American Vandal

"American Vandal" describes the story of documentary student Peter Maldonado, who is conducting research on a friend's school dropout

Dylan Maxwell for allegedly making some bawdy drawings on 27 cars. "American Vandal" will suck you in with its clever satire, which targets not only the recent trend of real crime documentary, but also the stereotypes of the American school, and then you will not be able to get away from the screen, because the mystical story begins to gain momentum. After watching several episodes, you will definitely not be able to stand it anymore and will yell: "Yes, who painted this obscenity?"

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