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New Zealand's first virtual police officer


The first robotic officer appeared in one of the New Zealand police stations, he is also a virtual assistant, who took over part of the information work and solving some basic issues. If the assistant will do his job well, in the future his powers will become even greater.

So far, the new employee meets visitors, greets, answers questions, prompts the necessary phone numbers, helps to draw up documents and passes. Its functions are in many ways similar to virtual assistants that supplement some sites, online stores, or are present in Google or Yandex systems. At the same time, the "robot police" has its own characteristics.

The new employee's place of work was the lobby of the police station, or rather a special screen in which a virtual robot is displayed for all visitors. The assistant has a name - Ella, and the robot is a female character. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence function, Ella is able to maintain a conversation, ask leading questions to help solve a problem or redirect to the right specialist.


At the initial stage of work, the virtual assistant is on a "trial period" that will last three months. If the robot's efficiency is high, the police leadership will think about entrusting Ella with other tasks. Visitors and colleagues will evaluate her work.

In the long term, a virtual assistant can take over some of the work of other employees and save the department from the need to hire additional personnel. The capabilities of the assistant, of course, do not imply his participation in operational activities or patrolling the streets. However, in the future, the "police robot" will become part of all Police Connect mechanisms that are planned to be installed on many streets of the country. With their help, residents will be able to contact the nearest police station online to resolve their issues.

The development history of Ella's Police Assistant is filled with interesting facts. So, the Soul Machines project took part in the animation and the creation of facial expressions of her face, the founder of which was involved in the work on the virtual characters of the famous films "Avatar", "Spider-Man", "King Kong".

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Author: Jake Pinkman