Project Cars 3 and Fortnite's Disrupted Balance is this week's gaming news digest from CADELTA. Part two (Topic)

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Project Cars 3 and Fortnite's Disrupted Balance is this week's gaming news digest from CADELTA. Part two


Also, read the in-game news about the good bug in Fallout 76, the MGS board game and the meditative GRIS.

Fortnite is out of balance

Epic Games recently added a new sword to the game straight from its other Infinity Blade series, which was recently removed from the App Store. The weapon turned out to be so imposing that it gives the player the opportunity to swing in a jump and fly far ahead, breaking everything in its path. During the attack, other players cannot do anything to somehow fight back.

Some esports and esports experts have commented on this, urging the studio to remove this weapon from the game, and not to introduce such things into Fortnite on the eve of a tournament on it with a prize pool of $ 1 million.

Bug made Fallout 76 better

I bet, just after reading the name of the game, your hand itself reaches out to make a facepalm. Another bug in Fallout 76, broken on all fronts, made it better. When any of the gamers completed the quest "Feed the people", all players on the server received a pack of canned meat.

As it turned out, this was a bug and only those who completed this quest should receive canned food. Bessez fixed it and now the "starved" players began to demand that the company return this bug.

Fallout 76

GRIS Release

A meditative platformer about a girl who makes her way through the fabulous depths of her imagination has been released. The magical properties of her dress help her get out of this world. The platformer is colorful, without any hardcore and complex puzzles. If you're looking for a good game on a cold, gray, winter weekend, here's a good one.

Konami To Release Metal Gear Solid Board Game

Continuing to squeeze all the juice out of Hideo Kojima's legacy, Konami decided to release a board game for MGS. The game in the first part of the game is designed for four people who will play the role of Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Dr. Naomi and Gray Fox. It is a pity, but at the moment this is all that is known about her. The presentation itself will be at E3 next year.

Project Cars 3 Announced

It would seem that the studio was on the verge of closing due to the predatory policy of Electronic Arts, but thanks to the success of Project Cars 2 and the support of fans, it can allow not only supporting the second part, but also sawing a sequel. The third game was announced by the head of the studio Slightly Mad Ian Bell. However, when it will be released and whether development is underway is not yet known. Most likely, they will again raise money for the game using crowdfunding.

Project Cars 3

Cyberpunk 2084

Unexpectedly, a cyberpunk-style game called 2084 appeared in the early Steam access. It looks very ambitious, and tells us about a future where everyone is on chemical drugs, implants implants, and evil corporations control power and influence events in the world ... All in all, purebred cyberpunk at its best.

The developers promise us a mixture of a dynamic shooter where we will have to constantly use hacking abilities to defeat enemies. For now, you can play a small storyline and a mode with endless waves of enemies. The game went into Early Access to identify the best mechanics and upgrade them based on player feedback. The release is scheduled for 2020.

History of RDR 2 Development and Secrecy

RDR 2 voice actor Gabriel Sloer, who voiced Mexican mobster Javier Esculo, told the story of how he worked with Rockstar for 5 years. The actor said that for several months he and other actors worked in complete secrecy and did not know who they were voicing and for which game. This continued until, during one of the collective dubbing, where there was a discussion of the character's shoes, they realized that they were talking about the wild west.

red dead redemption 2

The schedule was also irregular. Employees could be informed on the evening of one day that they needed voice acting in the morning. The next day they received the text, and without even reading it, they went to write it down.

New DLC for Marvel's Spider Man is Coming

The third addition to the Spider-Man game is called Silver Lining and will be released next week. According to the plot, the mercenary Silver Sable decided to return the weapon that had stolen the mafia authority Sledgehammer from her company. Although in the trailer we see how she attacks the spider, then we will have a partnership with her. In addition to the plot, we will receive new costumes, bases and challenges.

The supplement will be released on December 21st. It can be purchased separately or with the City That Never Sleeps Season Pass as part of the digital expansion game.

New guest in SoulCalibur VI

This time the game will be visited by another eminent guest in the person of the android girl 2B from Nier Automata. In addition to the katana, she will take with her a new level with her own musical theme. You need to wait for the character on December 18th.

Bethesda doesn't like hearing about The Outer Worlds

As reported by Redith users, on the official Fallout 76 discussion page, moderators have forbidden to discuss The Outer Worlds. It's funny that other games can be discussed and compared with the studio's latest project, but not with The Outer Worlds. Rumor has it that the company paid Redit to cover up the topic. The suspicion is also caused by the fact that on the official Fallout page it is also forbidden to talk about The Outer Worlds. Something like this ...

The Outer Worlds

That was all of this week's gaming news. Read also the news of the beginning of the week in the first part of our digest.

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