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Top 10 games of the early 2000s that turned into cult. (10-1)


The beginning of the 2000s became a real treat for all computer game lovers. Dozens of unusual projects that deprived millions of gamers from sleep woke up like a golden waterfall on the heads of fans of virtual worlds who were forced to go to school or work with red eyes from lack of sleep, as they convinced themselves all night that they would go to sleep as soon as they switched to a new one level.

More than ten years have passed since then, but a number of games are still popular with those gamers who prefer games to have meaning and addictive plot, and not just beautiful graphics and expensive videos. Many years will pass, and real masterpieces will not go out of fashion and will continue to delight gamers, depriving them of peace and forcing, as if glued, to stare at the monitors of their computers.

01. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

Vice City is a fictional town that most resembles sunny Miami. The year is 1986 with all the attributes of that time - fashion, music, street slang and so on. The protagonist of the game is gangster Tommy Verchetti, who has just been released from prison, where he spent nearly fifteen long years. Before Tommy had time to enjoy the air of freedom, he was dragged into another criminal scam.

On the instructions of his boss, the hardened mafioso Sonny Forelli, he goes to a meeting with suspicious individuals, which should take place in the docks. However, the deal on the sale of drugs unexpectedly fell through, and Sonny threatened his subordinate with reprisals if he did not return the money and the lost "goods". Tommy has no choice but to try with dignity to extricate himself from the current situation that is not in his favor, using not always legal methods.

02. Half-Life 2 (2004)

The main character of the game is the scientist Gordon Freeman, who had the misfortune to survive the disaster in the secret laboratory "Black Mesa". As a result of the machinations of some mysterious man, he first goes into stasis and then comes to his senses in the near future.

During the forced "absence" of Gordon on Earth, there have been global changes. Now here everything is run by vile aliens who call themselves the Alliance. They turned people into their obedient slaves and do not allow them to reproduce, and in the meantime, they are pumping out all the resources they need from our planet. Only a handful of rioters continue to fight for independence. And Gordon will play a key role in it in order to practically single-handedly save humanity from alien invaders.

03. Heroes of Might and Magic 4 (2002)

Despite the negative reviews of some fans of the previous part of "Heroes", claiming that the developers allegedly betrayed their fans, perverting the meaning of the best turn-based strategy of all times and peoples, it is difficult to agree with such a statement. The fourth part of the legendary game is no worse than the third. And in some ways even better.

After all, now armies can be moved around the map without being accompanied by heroes, thanks to a building called the Caravan, it became possible to purchase and move troops from one city to another, a fog of war appeared, hiding most of the map, and so on. The idea remains the same - collect resources, conquer and develop cities, gather a powerful army and defeat enemies.

04. Silent Hill 2 (2002)

Continuation of the famous "adventure" with a fair amount of "horror". True, the connection with the first part is so ghostly that it is barely visible. This time the protagonist of the game will be James Sunderland, who received a letter from his late wife, in which she asks him to urgently come to the small town of Silent Hill.

The hero who hurried there was immediately captured by the demonic town, where at every step he was awaited by another nightmare in the form of an evil monster. Solving problems and solving a new puzzle, James plunges deeper and deeper into the atmosphere of mystical horror and insane hallucinations. A creepy quest that is rightfully considered one of the scariest games in the history of the computer industry.

05. Age of Mythology (2002)

A fun real-time strategy game with excellent graphics and many unusual units. It is based on the mythologies of Ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and Ancient Greece. Despite the fact that the game has only three races, it does not look wretched at all against the background of other games of the same genre.

On the contrary, thanks to the non-standard approach to the game of its creators, Age of Mythology has become truly exciting and exciting, since each race has its own abilities and is strikingly different from the rest. To the three main types of resources (wood, gold and timber), another one was added - a blessing.

For the rest, by and large, nothing has changed - build and develop cities, create a more powerful army and go to seize other people's territories. The campaign allows you to play as three races at once, which will change during the development of the main plot.

06. Stronghold Crusader (2002)

Continuation of the legendary strategy, the events of which are developing during the next crusade. The player is destined to play as a real historical character - Richard the Lionheart, obsessed with the noble idea of recapturing the Holy Sepulcher from the belligerent Muslims. Or lead the enemy's army, playing as Sultan Saladin, dissatisfied with the fact that crowds of unwashed barbarians from Europe invaded his country.

Unlike other strategies in Stronghold Crusader, there is no transition from one era to another. All events develop in the same time period, which does not at all make the game boring and non-exciting. After all, there is everything that true fans of strategies like so much - numerous armies, various buildings, and most importantly - large-scale sieges of enemy castles and exciting defense of their own.

07. Syberia (2002)

The game is considered one of the best quests in the world and belongs to the "pen" of the legendary Benoit Sokal, who gave the world more than one exciting and atmospheric adventure game. The main character of Siberia is a young American lawyer Kate Walker, who came to a provincial French city to sign a lucrative contract, thanks to which her customer will become the owner of a world-famous toy factory.

However, she did not succeed in doing this, since the owner of the factory died suddenly, and her heir is nowhere. Without hesitation, Kate decides to go in search of the mysterious Hans, the new owner of the factory and the genius puppeteer, whose disappearance turned the heroine's life upside down. Desperate Kate will have the best adventure of her life and travel half the world trying to find traces of the missing inventor.

08. Serious Sam: The First Encounter (2001)

One of the best shooters in the "think less - shoot more at everything that moves" genre. There are no allies or neutral characters - there are only enemies around. Moreover, even the most insane creator of fantastic anime series can envy their diversity - headless exploding kamikaze, evil harpies, ferocious boars, a bunch of robots, monsters of all kinds and sizes, minotaurs with cannons, scorpions with machine guns, and so on.

And it all started with the fact that at the beginning of the twenty-first century, during excavations in Ancient Egypt, people stumbled upon traces of a person from another planet staying on Earth. The artifacts they found became the impetus for the development of science and technological progress. Less than a hundred years have passed, but humanity is already conquering the vastness of the galaxy with might and main.

However, a meeting with hostile aliens, controlled by a certain Mental, led to sad events - an army of aliens attacked earthlings and is going to completely destroy our civilization. Only Sam Stone can save everyone, who was sent to the past with the help of a powerful artifact to stop Mental and change the course of history.

09. Red Faction 2 (2003)

The game takes place in the twenty-second century. The rebellion on Mars ended five years ago. All this time, the Earth was in constant fear that the times of trouble could repeat itself at any moment. And the fears of earthlings were not in vain. Victor Sopot, the supreme ruler of the Commonwealth, who terrorized his people, decided to take advantage of the latest developments of Dr. Kapek in the field of nanotechnology.

He creates a detachment of super-soldiers, whom he then orders to destroy, as he was afraid of their power. A squad of super soldiers is hiding in flight from the mutants sent to kill them. They join the "Red Faction" fighting the dictator. Now they, having united their efforts, have to stop Sopot and save the world from another threat of destruction.

10. Empire Earth (2001)

One of the most ambitious strategies of all times and peoples. The player will have to visit fourteen eras, starting with the ancient world, whose inhabitants walk in skins and are armed with clubs, and ending with the age of nanotechnology, where people were completely replaced by robots with blasters. The time span of the game is almost half a million years.

The player will have to choose one of nineteen races and start extracting resources that tend to end, as well as wage an ongoing war with hostile neighbors. This means that you must always have a powerful army at hand, capable of repelling any attack from the outside. War is fought not only on the ground. Players will have to master the sea, keep the airspace under control and try not to get hung up on defense, but more often make daring forays into the camp of enemies.

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