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OnePlus is developing a new TV with camera


OnePlus has been selling smartphones since 2014. Next year there are ambitious plans to launch their first TV set.

Details of this information are not yet known, but this message came as a surprise to the entire tech world. It is known that many technological processes in the field of production of smartphones and smart TVs have a lot in common. If, for example, two such devices are connected to the Internet, they will be able to run some applications. Several companies such as Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung and Google are actively developing in the field of smartphones and the smart TV market.

These two directions are interconnected. It's not hard to see why. The ability to control the platform that customers use to watch videos, play games, listen to music on a smartphone or TV is a way to keep them in their field of interest. In return, a positive user experience is offered.

It remains a mystery how the TV from OnePlus will conquer the market. After all, the competition is serious.

Smartphones from OnePlus.

The original OnePlus One has a reputation for being a solid smartphone. It has an affordable price, top-level specifications, and appropriate software. It's easy to use, yet adequate for advanced users.

After that, the company produced a sufficient number of similar products. Some of them had advantages over competitors in their price segment. True, sometimes for this the company had to find compromise options. The production of thinner frames was compensated for by bangs. It’s not good that the OnePlus 2 didn’t support a wireless interface, but it did have other benefits.

An on-screen fingerprint scanner is predicted to appear on the next smartphone that will trigger this command. However, this will most likely be possible by eliminating the headphone jack.

OnePlus products are still cheap compared to competitors like Apple, Samsung. Experts note, however, that prices for them are gradually adding and growing at a higher pace than for flagships of other firms.

From this we can conclude that this company is still capable of developing good devices, but they will no longer be as bright and cheap as previous models.

Here - the question arises, and what interesting can developers from OnePlus offer the consumer in the future TV? And will this innovation be something that has not yet been proposed by their colleagues from Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, TCL?

What to expect from a OnePlus TV?

Not so long ago, the founder and CEO of the company Pete Lau gave a series of interviews. In them, he indicated the main goal of his enterprise for the near future. In his opinion, it consists in developing a TV that will offer communication between smartphones and TV, as well as with other smart devices.

True, Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung are already producing products that combine smartphone software with Smart TV systems and other virtual assistants.

Also, thanks to dialogues with P. Lau, it became known that his company's TV set will have a camera that will provide support for video calls. The specified privacy policy will allow you to establish contact with its owner to prevent unauthorized recording. Perhaps it will be a regular shutter covering the camera lens. But this is only speculation.

At this time, the company is actively working with users in order to establish the name of the future product. For this, a number of appeals were prepared. They say that whoever comes up with the most original name for the TV can win one of the first such products. Or something different. The competition will run until October 17 this year.

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