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How to find out if I was blocked on WhatsApp: 5 ways


Almost everyone has WhatsApp. It is available for all existing platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Fire OS and Tizen. WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to make audio and video calls and exchange messages for free (you have to pay only for Internet traffic).

If you are an active user of WhatsApp, then you have blocked contacts at least once. And for sure you yourself became someone who was blocked by another user, just did not know about it.

How do I know if a WhatsApp user has blocked me?

You will not receive any notification about this. There are no explicit indicators in the application. However, there are a number of signs that hint that you are blacklisted.

  • In the chat window, you will no longer see the date when the person last logged into the application. However, when you hide your visit time, you automatically stop seeing the visit date of all other users. Therefore, before you draw any conclusions, take a look at the " Privacy " section and check your visit time settings.
  • The photo of the contact who blocked you will no longer be displayed. Instead, you will be shown an empty square, as if the user deleted their image. It could also be a sign that the person simply uninstalled the WhatsApp app.
  • There will always be one check mark in the message you send. It shows that the message was sent successfully. The second checkmark appears only if it was delivered to the user's device. While you are blacklisted, your messages will not be delivered. To make sure that you have been blocked, link another number to WhatsApp and write to the person from him: if in this case the message shows two check marks, your main number is blocked by this contact.
  • Try calling the person. If he blocked you, the call will end at the very beginning.
  • To be sure to find out if you are blacklisted, create a group. Give it any name and try adding the desired contact to it. If he blocked you, you will see a notification that it was not possible to add this user to the group.

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Author: Jake Pinkman