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Black Mirror Season 5: Deadline June 5


With the release date of Black Mirror season 5, the video streaming service Netflix has been powering its viewers for a year and a half. The release dates were announced both before the New Year and after, and now the next and final date has been announced. Black Mirror Season 5 will air June 5.

The success and failure of Bandashmyg

Many may be scared that the upcoming season will be filmed in the same idiotic way as the New Year's "Bandashmyg", that is, in an interactive manner. We can assure you that this will not happen. Yes, live it was interesting to launch the hero along one way or another of the scenario's development. But, one way or another, this is still a script written not by you, that is, by those who poke "right" and "left" on the remote control, but by the same scriptwriters.


The lion's share of people did not have the opportunity to watch this separate episode of the "Black Mirror" project live, and when she undertook to review it in recording, she could not understand a thing. And why are these messages to the right and to the left? Anyway, the viewer will end up watching all of them and will rate the longest, main version.

And the script turned out to be not as strong and exciting as expected. It could have been more interesting to come up with something. Moreover, about normal people, not about sick people.

Known details of the new season of Black Mirror

No more is known about the new season than is shown in the trailers for the season 5 episodes and in the synopsis provided by Netflix itself. The general trailer, announced by the TV company first, looks like this:

Next, let's look at the trailers for each episode. Unfortunately, there will be only three of them in season 5.

1 episode. Smithers

The authors of the series will tell about the sore problems of cellular communications and the general "smartphoneization" of the world's population. Watching the trailer.

The total telephony of the unbalanced taxi driver - the hero of Andrew Scott - got the most out of it. In order to open people's eyes to the problem, he decides on a well-oh-very non-standard act, which, apparently, is unlikely to lead to anything useful.

Episode 2. Rachel, Jack and Ashley too

Here the tale will be about a young teenage girl who dreams of becoming like the current pop star Ashley. What will they show us in the trailer?

The girl, apparently, will have to reconsider her views on pop art after she learns that stellar life is far from sugar. At least her idol Ashley.

Episode 3. Attacking vipers

Here the tale will be about two friends who have not seen each other for a long time. They were friends back in university, and after many years they never heard of each other.

And now fate brought them together. And, apparently, it would be better not to mix.

As we can see, it's impossible to find out anything really from the trailers. Yes, we were shown the actors that they will play the main roles in episodes of the new season of Black Mirror, but that's all. Then you have to guess.

But from what we have seen, we can conclude that the first series will focus on the problem of cellular gadgets and everything connected with them, the second - on interesting toys with excessively inflated artificial intelligence, and the third - on the virtual machine, judging by the lenses that the protagonist put on at the end of the trailer.


All three episodes will air on the same day. It will be interesting to watch how our pirate voice acting studios will tear one place to have time to air the latest episodes first. After all, all sorts of super-boring "Fon-Beta" and "1-Beta" will be the first to dump the dough more than others. Most likely, it will be reactive, once again split from the project "ColdFilm.WS", "Kerob". Already at night or in the morning, one can expect quite tolerable offscreen reading from him.

Those who want quality will have to wait. But, in any case, for this project that "Cubes", that "Lost" (and others) will be taken first of all.

So, we look forward to it. In the meantime, we are waiting - more often we would get to other good films and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman