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The best cartoons of 2018. Part one


WorldOfTopics presents the best American cartoons of 2018. You should definitely watch them.

You are already familiar with some of them. "Monsters on Vacation" has already established itself as a super project, so we will be watching "Monsters on Vacation 3" in July this year! Well, yes, we will not live by monsters alone. There are also many different films. We read about them in our article.

Beware: Grump - in the cinema from June 28

The evil wizard Grump rules the earth, and the first thing he did was forbid happiness, smiles and laughter. Terry, an ordinary boy and Princess Ray, decided to fight the villain. Now, hardly anything will stop the two friends. They go directly to restore justice and bring happiness back to the world.

This animated film was directed by Andres Couturier. He is better known as an actor, but his "Agent 00-P2" and "Wizards and Giants", released in the early 2000s, were also remembered by the audience.

The new work will undoubtedly leave a mark on the minds of viewers not only with its brilliant animation, but also with a certain political context, which becomes clear from the very title of the cartoon.

Monsters on vacation - watch from July 12

Join your favorite company of monsters as they embark on another journey on a luxury cruise ship, and Dracula will finally be able to take a summer break from his usual pastime of renting the Transylvania Hotel to other monsters. While the voyage is going on as usual: the monsters are having fun on the ship, enjoying all the entertainment that a great cruise has to offer.

They play volleyball, go on exotic excursions, and do not forget about moonlit nights. How can our vampires do without them! But it looks like a dream cruise is about to turn into a nightmare. Mavis notices that her daddy has fallen in love with the ship's captain, Erica, who is hiding a terrible secret that can wipe out the entire population of monsters.

The director of the film is Jendy Tartakovski. He has USA roots, but he has been living and creating abroad for many years.

Teen Titans Go! - watch from July 26

Young superheroes go to Hollywood. They are tired of looking at TV screens and seeing their friends there. It's time to star in a superhero movie ourselves. But it was not there! On the road to long-awaited fame, he meets the great villain of the villains Deathstroke.

Our guys understand that no one else except them can protect the earth from his influence. We need to save the inhabitants. Really, they will not be able to act in films, and instead they will have to perform real feats, not at all on the set. The risk is great, but such is the life of superheroes - you need to do everything to the maximum, be Super Heroes!

Mirai from the future - watch from September 6

Kun, a pampered 4-year-old child who accidentally found the magical garden, where he met his future sister Mirai. She is already a young woman. Together, Kuhn and Mirai travel to different places. After their adventures come to an end, Kun understands how he should treat his younger sister, because before that Kun could not tolerate her, but after meeting the future Mirai, everything changed and Kun became the most caring brother you can dream of.

This is a new anime from Mamoru Hasoda. The recognized master of animation may have created another masterpiece among anime films, so all fans of this genre should watch "Mirai from the Future".

Smallfoot - watch from October 25

"Smallfoot" is a story of friendship, courage and happiness, but events take place not only in the human world. Yeti live in a snow-covered village, but among them there is a legend that in the world, besides them, there are also smallfoots, which means "little legs". This is what the yeti call people. However, few of them believe that smallfoot really exists, but one day Mego saw one of these smallfoot, which he told about in his village.

This makes a splash. However, there are also those who do not trust Mego, or maybe he invented everything. And yet this is not the case. Migo did not invent anything, but see what will happen next in cinemas starting in October this year.

Ralph vs. Internet - End of November 2018

"Ralph against the Internet" or in another way Ralph 2 has been known to us since the time when he smashed slot machines. In the second film, Ralph, along with Vanellope von Schwyz, travels the Internet universe. Welcome to the brave new internet world! He is not at all what he might have been portrayed in the 80s and 90s.

Rather, it looks like the world recreated in Spielberg's "Ready Player One". This space is more reminiscent of a polished shopping center, rather than the dark half-worlds of the 80s.

In general, watch the new film from the almighty Disney company. These guys know their stuff.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - Premiere December 20

The time has come for the animation of the famous comics from Marvel. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not cease to delight its fans with new films and their release has already been scheduled for years to come, an animated film on the theme of Spider-Man has been planned for a long time, since 2014. The idea of creation belongs to very famous directors Lord and Miller. Lord by the way acted as a screenwriter of the new film.

This time we will see Miles Morales as Spider-Man. He is only 14 years old, and he goes to school, but the spider bite has done its job and now the teenager needs not only to go to school, but also to fight the underworld.

The film also introduces new spiderwers, or the spider multiverse. Now Spider-Man is not alone. There is much more than one spiderman in spiderverse.

The Grinch - in theaters from November 9

"The Grinch" is the third adaptation of the story of the Grinch who hates Christmas. The inhabitants of Ktograd love to celebrate Christmas very much, but the Grinch lives next to them, who becomes uncomfortable at the mere mention of this holiday. He will do his best to ruin Christmas this time as well, but Cindy Lou enters the game, who wants to find Santa Claus in order to thank him for helping her mother every time they organize a great holiday. It seems that the Grinch did not count on such a scenario and he will have to confront Cindy.

By the way, the role of the Grinch this time is not played by anyone, but Benedict Cumberbatch. So we are waiting for the premiere starting from November 9 this year.

There is something to see in 2018. Follow our tops and selections of the best films. Until next time. Bye!

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