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First Artifact gameplay and new game rules overview from Valve


According to Gabe Newell, Valve is busy developing new games. However, if you are waiting for news about Half-Life 3, then you have to wait here. At the same time, the legendary developers at the PAX Wast conference for the first time demonstrated the gameplay of Artifact: The Dota Card Game, a new card game from Valve based on the popular MOBA. The famous DOTA 2 commentator Vitaly Volochay told which heroes can be found in the game and according to what rules Artifact works.

The game features many characters from the original DOTA 2, separately Vitaly Volochay noted that he liked such familiar heroes as Zeus, Eclipse and Shaker. But the card game is not limited to familiar characters, especially for Artifact, the developers have added new characters, such as Sorla Khan, Rix, Riley the Cunning and Keefe the Bold.

Regarding the rules of the game: there are three lines, each of which has one tower (each of them has three mana at the beginning of the game and then one more is added with each new move). When the tower is destroyed, a path opens up to the throne, which has 2 times more health than the tower. There are 2 ways to achieve victory in Artifact: either destroy the tower and throne, or destroy 2 towers on different lanes.

Artifact The Dota Card Game

The player starts the game with three heroes placed on different lanes, then is allowed to add two more on the next turns. Before the start of the game, 3 creeps are randomly placed on the lane (no more than 2 on one line). After each move, 2 more creeps fall on the table for each player. After killing the enemy, he goes to the tavern for one turn, after which he can continue the game.

Each move is divided into three stages. Active when you move cards around the board and attack opponents. Then comes the purchase stage, during which the player spends the money received in the first stage on equipment for the characters and the purchase of additional cards that can give an advantage in the further game. And the last: the planning stage, which requires determining the line along which the hero will go on the next turn.

In general, Vitaly Volochay notes that the rules of the game look extremely difficult, but at the same time exciting. At the moment, Valve has not even announced an approximate release date for Artifact: The Dota Card Game.

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