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Partners Rock Dwayne Johnson and Negotiator Jason State, Bad Boys 3, Vampire Pioneers, and other movie news of the past week


Another week is over and it's time to see what news she brought with her. In our next issue, we will find out: what kind of "cool" script the scriptwriter of "Macho and Botan 2" will undertake, what work will be entrusted to the director of the sensational "Upgrade" last year, when the sequel "Welcome to Zombieland" is released, etc. .

But everything, of course, overshadows the news of the long-awaited completion of the filming of the blockbuster "Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Show". Let's start with it.

Filming of the first full-fledged spin-off "Fast and the Furious" is over

Last week it was announced that the filming of a feature film about two heroes of the latest films from the Fast and the Furious series - Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw has been successfully completed.

Personal posters for the film were presented, and at the end of the week a full-fledged first official trailer of the film was presented. The main poster adorns the main characters, the once implacable enemies Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Show (Jason State), leaning, first, on a cool bike, second on a licked sports car. The antagonist Brixton, played by Idris Elba, had no place in the overall picture, alas.


But it's too early to rejoice. The film still has to go through a long and difficult post-production, so, according to the assurances of the responsible persons, we will be able to see it on the screens of cinemas only at the end of summer, namely on August 1, 2019.

The trailer for the film will be available at the end of the article, in the section "The sensational trailers of the week".

Lee Wannel and the new and improved Invisible Man

I have not watched the fantastic action movie "Upgrade", the world premiere of which took place in the spring of 2018, just lazy. The film was also appreciated by figures from the Universal film company, who were imbued with Wanell's skill so that they immediately sat him in the director's chair for a new film about the Invisible Man.

The studio has long been trying to resurrect the old villains popular in the pre and postwar years on the screen. But after the failure with "The Mummy", in which Tom Cruise starred on his own head, Universal decided not to bother with the continuation of "other resurrections". But they decided to shoot the Invisible Man.


In fact, the Invisible Man was no villain. He was just a little unlucky. Or vice versa. It depends on which side to look at it. He became a hostage and victim of his own experience and did not manage to commit any special idiocies and villainy. The police shot him in time.

Let's see what Lee Wannel can create from the story of H.G. Wells. Hopefully something worthwhile.

Zack Snyder and his future Army of the Dead

Zach Snyder, familiar from his non-standard superhero film Watchmen (2009), was hired by Netflix to direct a new full-length film about the zombie apocalypse called Army of the Dead.

For those who do not know, we will mention that the topic of the walking dead is not new for Snyder. Back in 2004, he directed an excellent remake of George Romer's film "Dawn of the Dead", which is still in the highest ratings in the ratings.


So the feed promises to be great. But work on the films "The Source" and "The Last Photo" is now in question. Although, what prevents the master from returning to these promised projects after the world is once again consumed by the dead ...

Welcome to Zombieland 2 or Woody and his company 10 years later

Yes, indeed, after 10 years, the story of the unusual survivors of the zombie apocalypse in the first film finds its continuation. It is already known that the company will have to clash with a silly antagonist with whom our heroes, led by Tallahassee, will have to fight the entire film.


It is also reliably known that in addition to the past members of the "expedition" to Zombiland, it will include another heroine, played by Rosario Dawson, familiar to us from the films "Seven Lives" (2008) and "Sin City" (2005).

Well, we look forward to it. The world premiere of the upcoming blockbuster is set for October 10, 2019.

What do "Macho and Botan" and "Detective Pikachu" have in common?

Right. These projects have a common scriptwriter Oren Uzil.

It is noteworthy that the first film about Detective Pikachu has not yet seen the light of day, and the Paramount studio has already been imbued with his success to such an extent that it is putting together a team to work on the second film.


It is also worth noting that this is not the first film adaptation of a computer game for Oren Uzil. Recently he had to write a script for the film adaptation of the adventures of another "super slager" of the computer world - Sonic the hedgehog. And if the premieres of the second Pikachu are not expected with such enthusiasm, then many people want to see Sonic the hedgehog.


Especially after seeing his pumped-up legs on a poster presented by Original Film ...

Bad Boys 3: Burnet and Lowry are back!

The start of filming the next film in the franchise has been postponed more than once. And finally, it happened. The filming process is in full swing and next year we will be able to again see on the full screen Martin Lawrence, who we love for his sparkling comedies, who has gone deep underground in recent years (the sucky TV series “Partners” doesn't count).


Moreover, it is promised that "Bad Boys 4" will see the light immediately after (in a year or two). We are looking forward to and very much hope that this time there will definitely not be any incomprehensible "transfers" to a later date.

According to the plot, the heroes of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith fell out and now live their lives. The family man Burnett (Lawrence) never left the police service. And Lowry (Smith) begins to think about getting a wife and kids himself. The trouble comes from the past when a relative of one of the Albanian terrorists decides to take revenge on two former partners for the death of his relative.

At this point, like it or not, you have to make peace in order to confront an unexpected threat together.

The Bloody Olympics 80 or How Pioneers Become Vampires

At a time when the entire Soviet Union, as well as the whole world, are enjoying the Olympic Games, strange things are happening in the local pioneer camp. One of the boys, Valerka Logunov, suddenly becomes a witness of how his comrades suck blood from other children at night. Where to run to the poor boy in the pioneer camp, no matter how to the pioneer leader. But he just laughed at the frightened kid. But he did not laugh for long. Until his girlfriend was sucked off by vampires ...


The eight-part series will be based on the novel by Aleksey Ivanov "Food block". The film company "Sreda", under the auspices of which such sensational domestic serials as "Major 1, 2, 3", "Trotsky", "Sparta", "Locust", etc. were produced. Let's look forward to what they have there. will work this time.

Sensational Trailers of the Week

The first on our list, of course, is the trailer for The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw. The trailer is very fluid and exciting. We hope that the film itself will not be worse.

Next, you should pay attention to the series, filmed, allegedly based on the idea of Ben Afleck and a script by Chuck McLean. An action-packed, multi-part thriller about Boston in the early 1990s, steeped in racism, corruption and crime, promises to be pretty good.

And for a snack we present you a fresh trailer of the new series "Hannah", filmed on the full-length film "Hannah. Perfect weapon "2010 release.


For today - everything with news. See you next Monday, on which we will certainly announce the most interesting and topical from the life of domestic and foreign cinema. Until then, all the best to you and more worthwhile movies and TV series!

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