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What is DOTA2


Dota 2 is one of the most popular online games today. Millions of players around the world can confirm this.

She not only likes it - she addicts, and not only adolescents, but also people of a fairly mature age.

Each player has the opportunity to play a regular, rating or training game, and, if desired, you can play mini-cards.

  • The training game is mostly needed by beginners. There they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the characters, principles of the game, objects.
  • The regular game can be played by the same beginners or amateurs. In this mode, you can learn all the intricacies of the game, get to know each character in more detail, learn how to farm, last hit, fight and much more. The main advantage of the regular game is that no one loses rating in it, which makes people much less nervous.
  • In competitive mode, people who know how to play and understand the basic principles of the game can fight. There is a special rating in the game. This is the number of points awarded for victories. The higher the number, the better the player.
  • Mini-cards are necessary in order to better understand the game or in order to "open up".

The principle of the game is quite simple

There are 2 sides - light and dark (Radiant and Dire). The game involves 10 people (5 for each side). The player chooses a character to play on. There is a forest and 3 lines in the game: central (mid), lower (bot) and upper (top). Heroes go to each of the lines and into the forest, where they can earn gold by killing creeps. Each of the lines has 2 outer towers (T1 and T2). T3 towers protect the barracks from which the creeps emerge. In addition, there are 2 more towers (T4) that protect the throne. The game only ends when one of the thrones falls.

Creeps, what are they?

Creeps are warriors of light and darkness who come out on the line every minute. Gold is given for killing them, but only if you have dealt the last blow (last hit). In the forest, neutral creeps appear every minute, for the killing of which they also give gold. The hero can finish off both enemy soldiers and his own, depriving the enemy heroes of gold (farm).

Gold in the game is especially important. You can buy items on it that will increase the main indicators of the hero (intelligence, agility and strength). The more gold, the more items and the stronger your hero will be.

What other heroes

There are 109 (out of 112) different characters in the game. They are divided into three categories, according to their main indicator (agility, strength or intelligence). Heroes are divided into several classes:

  • Kerry is a hero, almost always weak at the beginning, but very strong at the end of the game. As a rule, these are dodgers, but depending on the strategy, both security officials and intoviks can act in this position. Their task is to gain the level and items as quickly as possible.
  • Supports are support heroes. As a rule, these are intoviks. Their main task is to help the character carry. In general, the beginning of the game depends entirely on this position, since they give time and the opportunity to farm their main heroes.
  • Gangers are heroes whose main task is to kill enemy heroes. Often the supports take on this role, especially at the beginning of the game, but with a certain level, they can be helped by mid laners and offlaners.
  • Foresters are heroes who can earn gold in the forest from the first minutes of the game, no less than the main heroes on the lanes. As a rule, junglers act as the second carry or ganker.

According to his abilities

Each hero has his own abilities (on average, each hero has 4 abilities). They are active (to use them, you need to click on the keyboard or mouse button) and passive (which work constantly). Abilities are of several types:

  • Nuke - instant damage that takes away part of the health from an enemy hero or creep.
  • Stan - stun.
  • Hill - healing.
  • Ultimate (ultimate ability) - the main magic of the character, almost always the strongest.
  • Summons or summons creatures.
  • Blink - fast short distance teleport.
  • Slowdown.

Each hero has 25 levels. With the receipt of the next level, the indicators of agility, strength and intelligence of the heroes increase. In addition, you get the opportunity to increase the level of pumped magic and pump talent.

Roshan, just Roshan

Roshan is one of the main characters in the game. For killing him, the team receives gold and experience. But the main thing is Aegis - an item that will give you the right to make mistakes. Aegis will help you revive 5 seconds after death, at the place where you died. After 3 death of Roshan, cheese drops from him - an item that will completely restore your life and mana. One-on-one Roshan is almost impossible to kill, especially at low levels (with the exception of the Ursa character), so almost always the whole team kills Roshan together.

As you can see, DOTA is a fairly simple and at the same time complex game. Those who have not played this game claim that everything is monotonous and boring there - this is far from the case. Chess has been played for thousands of years, and there the rules don't change either, the pieces are the same, the rules are the same and the tasks are the same. So play and win.

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Author: Jake Pinkman