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5 Most Anticipated Online Games of 2019


Each new year gives gamers some hot new items, long advertised and eagerly awaited by players. Some of them can disappoint fans of computer games.

Others, on the contrary, can cause a storm of delight and devotion for many years. And online games are no exception in this case. Their appearance, at times, is expected much more than the release of any continuation of the sensational and long-loved project. And that's understandable.

After all, is it really possible to compare a battle with computer opponents and a real living person who sits in front of the monitor thousands of kilometers away and with the same enthusiasm presses the keyboard buttons or torments his joystick. Naturally, this cannot but create healthy competition among companies that release games. Each new MMO is another leap forward. The graphics are improving, virtual worlds are becoming larger and more diverse, and the process itself is more fun and exciting. Below are the top 5 most anticipated online games of 2019.

Ares: Wings of Discord

Over the years, there has been a war between the two largest factions - the Oligarchy and the Revolution. It began when people went into outer space and began to explore other worlds. And this required a huge amount of resources, the production of which was hampered by a lack of labor.

And then people began to breed clone slaves, who were destined to do all the dirty work. But humanity did not yet know what an unpleasant surprise fate had in store for them - at one point, the duplicates revolted and began to demand equality. And now, in the midst of the war, the incredible happened - the spaceships suddenly regained their own consciousness. Now the course of the war can turn in one direction or another at any time.

New World

Before us is an alternative North America at the time of its colonization by immigrants from the Old World. In the courtyard of the XVII century, which means that gamers are waiting for incredible adventures in the spirit of the dark Middle Ages with an admixture of fantasy and supernatural horror. The player's goal is to take part in the construction of a powerful civilization. This can be done both alone and by teaming up with friends in one squad.

By and large, the game is not so much a horror MMORPG as a simulator of the real world. Much depends on the weather, the time of the year, whether it is day or night, and other things that cannot be controlled. A virgin world full of dangers and creepy creatures awaits you, just waiting for the moment to send you to the next world.


The End of the World has come on Earth. You have to try on the "skin" of one of the mercenaries, the so-called freelancer, whose duties include the extermination of various monsters and aggressive aliens who decided to pay a "courtesy call" to people. The main base of the earthlings is Fort Tarsis, an impregnable fortress, which will be periodically besieged by enemy troops. Of course, it will need to be protected. In addition, you will have to complete quests from various characters in order to quickly develop your hero and upgrade his armor.

By the way, all players will be dressed in unique ammunition, thanks to which they will have a chance to survive in this hostile world, where man is no longer the owner and not the "king of nature".

Wasteland 3

And again the post-apocalyptic world. The plot of the game will develop in the mountains of Colorado, where a handful of people who survived after a nuclear war are trying to somehow return existence to its usual course. Devastation and chaos are everywhere. Forests have become lifeless deserts covered with snow and ice. Communication with the outside world is lost, and the last hope of the unfortunate is a group of rangers who will have to save them from certain death.

As you might guess, you will have to play as one of them. But first, you need to build a base that will need to be developed and improved. And, of course, defend against any enemy.

Ashes of Creation

The developers promise that all events in Ashes of Creation will take place in real time. Each of the players has the right to choose the kind of occupation that he likes best. If you want, go to explore previously unexplored lands, if you want, develop your own economy, if you want, start building your own house. And if your ambitions are so great that you dream of building your own city, then buy a plot and feel free to start making your dream come true.

The game will be full of quests and tasks that can change the world around you at the request of the player. In addition, do not forget to take part in large-scale battles, sieges of castles, guarding caravans with valuable things, and so on.

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