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Films and TV series from 4 to 10 April


This week the highlight of the program will be a couple of long-awaited blockbusters: a parody of the superhero films Shazam and Pet Sematary, another sequel to Stephen King's bestseller of the same name. A couple of high-profile novelties are expected among the series. In general, there will be something to see. But the list of films of the coming week, of course, will not be limited only to them.

Among the so-called third-rate films, there are also sometimes "shiny" films. So, we will discuss in more detail the entire list of future premieres, maybe we will like it.

Full meters of early April

The list of film premieres this week consists of 8 films, of which only two are domestic. There are also, unlike the previous week, a couple of animated films. The providers, apparently, thought that the kids would be fed up with Disney's Dumbo by this time, and some would have a desire to look at something new.

But let's be consistent and start our announcement, as usual, with the heavyweights.

Shazam ! (USA )

Film Companies : Warner Bros., DC Comics and DC Entertainment.< / em>

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Adventure

Director: David F. Sandberg.

In chap. starring: Zachary Levi, Djimon Hounsou, Jack Dylan Grazer, Michelle Bort, Mark Strong, etc.

It turns out that in order to become a superhero, it is not at all necessary to fall under some super-duper fancy beams during some tests, to find yourself under the crossfire in fights between aliens, to receive lightning strikes, to spread with some super-advanced drugs and introduce implants from the world of cyber technologies into your body.

It is enough just to do a couple of worthy deeds at the right time, for example, give tryndyulya to the offenders of a disabled friend, make legs, take the subway, get to the Parallel World station and say: "Shazam!" - to get hold of not only the abilities of a superhero, but also the ability overnight from a 14-year-old teenager to become a 38-year-old man (that is how much Zachary Levi, performer of the role of a growing teenager Billy Betson, hit in September last year).

It will be very interesting to see how a teenager in the body of an adult uncle will engage in superhero activities. Especially in light of the fact that the adoptive parents of our protagonist and, concurrently, orphans of Billy Betson, do not even hear that their adopted son walks around the city at night in the guise of an adult superhero and does good deeds right and left.

Without a doubt, the movie is worth watching.

Pet Sematary (USA) IMDb 7.5

Film Companies : Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Films.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystic.

Directors: Kevin Kolsh, Dennis Widmeyer.

In chap. starring: Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Naomi Frenette. Amy Saymetz et al.

If the credits say that one of the main producers of the project is Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, you can safely go to the film. He will certainly not disappoint you. At least his previous projects, such as all in a row "Transformers", "Konstantin", "1408", "Salt", "RED", "Strelok", etc. certainly did not disappoint. So there is a reason to prepare for the next, truly high-quality, film adaptation of the work of the master of horror Stephen King.

Basically, the previous adaptation of the novel was nothing. But, as time goes on, and Hollywood figures realized that such things should be re-shot already with the "correct", that is - with computer visual effects.

Yes, and one should not move away from the original version of the plot either. Most critics last time were dissatisfied with the gag that past "adapt scriptwriters" did there.

Let's hope that this time everything will turn out much more interesting and to the point. Based on the trailer, it should be very interesting! Even for those who have read the book and watched the first film.

Although, they will be interested in the first place. Don't feed the people with bread, let me compare it with something!

Cyrano. Catch up with the premiere (France, Belgium) IMDb 7.5

Film companies : Gaumont, Legende Films and France 2 Cinema.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, History.

Director: Alexis Michalik.

In chap. starring: Tom Soliveres, Olivier Gourmet, Lucy Bougienna, Matilda Seigner, Tom Lieb and others


The action takes place in Paris, at a time when cinematography was still only dreamed of. But, meanwhile, there was an excellent replacement for the film business at that time, which in our time is relegated to the background. She, as you might guess, was the theater.

The tale is about one then-loser playwright, who still can't give out another masterpiece. Inspiration has disappeared somewhere, and the whole atmosphere that is happening around our would-be hack does not contribute to the creation of masterpieces at all.

The last Chinese warning from the authorities has already been received, the deadlines for the play are already running out, but things are still there. How will our would-be scribbler get out of this situation, when he himself initially knew that his whole business was doomed to failure?

Who cares, welcome to the cinemas! Whom such naive nonsense does not insert, can tickle the nerves, going to the next tape in our premiere schedule.

Amundsen (Norway) IMDb 6.9

Production companies: Espen Horn, Film i Vast and Film Kolektiv.

Genres: Adventure, History, Biography, Drama.

Director: Espen Sandberg.

In chap. Starring: Catherine Waterston, Ole Christoffer Ertvag, Paul Sverre Walheim Hagen and others

This is that "shiny thing" in the heap of third-rate films that we talked about at the beginning. Judging by the trailer, the film by Norwegian filmmakers has every chance to compete, if not Shazam, then the King's-Dibonaventur's Pet Cemetery.

After all, everything that is associated with pioneering and, more specifically, with the first travels to the poles, to this day evokes awe and delight in people, which means the most, that neither is, interest.

The tale here will be about the well-known explorer Roald Amundsen, the discoverer of the Northwest Passage and the first person who managed to reach the South Pole.

It will be very interesting, especially when you consider that the previous expedition under the command of John Franklin, which tried to open the Northwest Passage on two ships "Erebus" and "Terror", disappeared without a trace in the ice (see the TV series "Terror" (2018)), and his rival in the storming of the South Pole, Robert Scott, died in an attack on the highest point of the southern hemisphere along with all members of his expedition.

Daddy, die (USA)

Production company: White Mirror Film Company.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Kirill Sokolov.

In chap. Cast: Vitaly Khaev, Alexander Kuznetsov, Mikhail Gorevoy, Evgeniya Kregzhde and others.


Andrei Gennadievich is not a very bad policeman, but this is not why the main character of the film, Matvey, got angry at him. He wants to take revenge on him for the way he treats his daughter, him, and their relationship with his daughter.

But the beginning of Matvey's revenge quickly crosses all boundaries of what is permissible and unlawful, enticing more and more new characters into bloody showdowns, who, as it turned out, would also not mind taking revenge on someone and for something.

The film is somewhat vaguely reminiscent of the black Hollywood comedy "Very Wild Things" of 1998, although it falls short of it either in terms of acting, quality of shooting, plot, or quantity corpses, nor by the degree of naivety. Although, as anyone ...

The Lost Island (USA)

Production company: Silyakoffilm.

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Detective.

Director: Denis Silyakov.

In chap. Cast: Daniil Maslennikov, Natalya Frey, Dmitry Astrakhan, Tatiana Dogileva and others.


Going to a remote settlement in which a limited contingent of people live alone with the surrounding wildlife, be vigilant. Despite the fact why you need to visit these secluded from the world and, most likely, escaping people, it is better to refuse this trip. Well, if you are very unbearable to shoot a reportage about a secluded settlement, take along with a video camera and a rifle, in the store of which there are enough bullets for everyone.

It may not be useful, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe anyway. As in this case, for example.

Lost link (USA, Canada)

Production company: Laika Entertainment.

Genres: Cartoon, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Director: Chris Butler.


Recently, this is the second cartoon about Bigfoot. The hero of this full-length animated film is not exactly "Bigfoot", but just as suspiciously covered in fur and is the "missing link" in human evolution. Found in the wilderness, completely wild and outgoing, "Mr. Link" is eager to meet his long-lost relatives.

Well, the traveler, explorer and naturalist, whose ratings are falling steeply in his circle, decides to raise them by going along with "Mr. Link" in search of his lost relatives in the legendary Shangri-La valley. Adventurer Adeline Fortnight also ties in with him. And, as events have shown, without her, travelers would have been without hands.

Well, or something like that ...

Paw Patrol: Mega Puppies (USA) IMDb 7.5

Production company: Nickelodeon.

Genres: kids, cartoon, adventure.

Director: Jamie Whitney.


This cartoon is for the little ones, those who are crazy about the well-known animated series "Paw Patrol". Little kids liked it to such an extent that Nickelodeon, like the streaming service Netflix, decided to make a feature film based on it for showing in cinemas. And the truth is, why not make money on the parents of small children, who, having learned about such an event, will drag their dads and mothers to the cinemas.

This is all capitalism. It is very profitable for the smallest to cook on cartoons. One small child will not be allowed to go to the cinema, which means that you can rip off a double price for a ticket, both from the child and from the mother (or father, sister or brother, who this time had to lead the little child to the cinema). Well, success to the distributors!

Series of the first week of April

This time, the premieres of the series significantly outweighed the premieres of feature films. This week there will be as many as eight sequels to the standing series, plus a couple of completely new projects will see the light of day, the first of which will be "In the Dark" from The SW TV channel.

In the dark (USA)

The series premieres Thursday April 4

TV Channel: The SW.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

In chap. starring Brooke Markam, Morgan Krantz, Keston John et al.


This is a story about a blind girl trying to solve the murder of her friend alone. She is assisted in this by her guide dog and the only police officer who “cares”.

The series is full of not only funny twists and turns and comical cases, but also seriously acquaints the common man with the difficult life of blind people who are forced to “wander in the dark” all their lives, in the literal sense of the word, but, at the same time, not only live , but also to remain people with a capital letter.

Cloak and dagger (USA) IMDb 7.0, CP 6.3

Season 2 Premiere Thursday April 4th

TV Channel: Freeform.

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy.

In chap. Cast: Olivia Holt, Aubrey Joseph, J.D. Evermore, Gloria Ruben and others

Tyrone and Tandy, who both survived a catastrophe in childhood and almost drowned in the river under various circumstances, after several years, discover their extravagant abilities. She - emits light and has the ability to summon light daggers, creating anything with them. He - can strangely teleport, clothed in darkness, and send unwanted individuals to unknown spaces.

And together they are a force that cannot be said in a fairy tale or described with a pen. Last season they miraculously met again and averted an unthinkable disaster. What will happen in this? Probably something similar. After all, such a hackneyed alignment is the fate of every superhero.

By the way, we hasten to please the fans of the project. On April 4, two episodes of the second season will be released at once.

Warrior (USA)

The series premiered on Friday 5 April

TV channel: Cinemax.

Genres: Action, Drama, History.

In chap. Starring: Jason J. Tobin, Andrew Koji, Diane Doan, Olivia Cheng, Kiran Bew and others

Another premiere of the series. And this time it will be about martial arts. The poster for the project bears the inscription: "The author of the original idea is Bruce Lee." Well, no one can dispute this, as well as confirm, cannot. But the story of the show is no stranger to Bruce, that's for sure.

The speech in the future tape will be about a Chinese boy who has become skilled in Chinese martial arts, but completely alien in the super civilized American world of San Francisco, to which he sailed from his native China as an emigrant.

But he will do his best to nestle in it more firmly, and in this, judging by the trailer, his knowledge of martial arts will be very helpful. Well, we look forward to it. For a long time, there have been no TV shows with well-staged and filmed fights.

Tick Hero / Tick (USA) IMDb 7.4, CP 6.5

Season 2 Premiere Friday April 5th

TV Channel: Amazon.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction.

In chap. Starring: Peter Serafinovich, Griffin Newman, Valorie Carrie, Joshua Schubart and others

The adventures of the superhero Tik, who flew to us from the depths of space on the Tunguska meteorite (although it was not a meteorite, but a ship), continues. As in cartoons and comics, he is accompanied by a displaced, but very cunning, assistant in a suit that looks like a hare and a moth at the same time. Last season, they managed to sing into one close-knit team, and deal with a great variety of enemies and superhero competitors.

But there are so many of both in this universe that they will be enough for the second season. And if there are views, then on the third, and further. Although, we doubt that the creators of the project will come up with something new and interesting.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (USA) IMDb 7.8, CP 7.3

Season 2 Premiere Friday April 5th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Mystic, Thriller, Drama, Detective.

In chap. Starring: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Chance Perdomo, Lucy Davis and others

Sabrina grew up, and life around her took on a very harsh tone. Now it's better not to show the series to kids. Scissors in the neck and fountains of blood are not at all conducive to a full and calm children's sleep.

Sabrina is about to turn sixteen, and she will have to choose which way to go in the future - to join the world of witches, become immortal (well, almost) and gain the opportunity to do indecency for the good of the dark forces (and herself, of course), or stay on the bright side and live a happy, but short, life of a mere mortal. And, just like Star Wars, the dark side is very attractive.

And in light of the fact that if you stay on the light, you will also lose your magical powers, the choice here is completely obvious. But Sabrina will try to sit on both chairs at once. We will see how she does it in the series.

The Graham Norton Show (England) IMDb 8.3, CP 8.3

Season 25 premiere Friday April 5

TV Channel: BBC One.

Genres: Talk Show, Comedy, Music.

Politicians, movie and pop stars take part


Another program in the style of "Evening with Urgant". Only in the place of the host in this case is Graham Norton, a talented Irish artist, comedian, TV presenter and, in combination, gay, who does not hide his sexual orientation.

I must say that sometimes his jokes really work out. And, despite the fact that his humor is Western, some of the jokes are not alien to our layman. And if you consider what guests come to his studio, then his program is simply doomed to success. So, we look forward to the continuation (no joke - already the 25th season) with great impatience!

12th year in the subject and at the peak of popularity, not every program is given this!

Killing Eve (USA) IMDb 8.3, CP 7.5

Season 2 Premiere Sunday April 7th

TV Channel: BBC America.

Genres: thriller, drama.

In chap. starring: Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Kim Bodnia, Sean Delaney, Fiona Shaw and others


It was not easy for the hired killer Villanelle (by the way, as usual, from USA), to kill Eve, the FBI agent in charge of her case. And it is still unclear who will defeat whom in the end.

The whole matter is also complicated by the fact that both friends suddenly begin to feel mutual sympathy and attraction for each other. Well, how can you kill someone now? Although, at the end of the first season, Eve will show how.

Shows something - shows. But she will not come out very well. That's right. Otherwise, the second season would have been covered with a copper basin ...

Chi (USA) IMDb 7.5, KP 6.5

Season 2 Premiere Sunday April 7th

TV channel: Showtime.

Genre: Drama.

In chap. Starring: Jason Mitchell, Ntare Mwine, Alex R. Hibbert, Jacob Latimore and others


The series will tell about the difficult everyday life of Chicago's outskirts and the people (mostly African Americans) who have had to live in them. Life here is not worth a dime, and the police consider daily murders a common daily routine.

A life series in which this life is presented as it is. So to speak - a real view of things without any blinders. You can, of course, argue with some points, but overall the project is very high quality, and watching such films is a great pleasure.

It's interesting, there is something to think about, and there is something to learn.

Bold / Capitalized (USA) IMDb 8.1, KP 7.5

Season 3 Premiere Tuesday April 9th

TV Channel: Freeform.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama.

In chap. starring: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Matt Ward, Megan Fahey, Melora Hardin and others


The series about three friends Sutton, Kat and Jane continues. They work for a glamorous women's publication located in New York and always help each other in everything. And troubles, as well as amenities, they have in their life - in bulk.

Also a very worthwhile and trustworthy project, filmed soundly and tastefully. It is always interesting to follow the life of ordinary people, and not the defenders of the world running in tights. Why? Because there the outcome of each series, as well as the entire project as a whole, is always known. A superhero is a superhero to always win at the end, doing all the work behind ordinary people (that is, you and me), hiding behind his back.

In real life, everything is much more complicated. Here you never know in which direction you will be carried by the next breath of fate. Although our friends still manage to stay afloat.

You, I, She (Canada) IMDb 7.0, KP 6.6

Season 4 Premiere Tuesday April 9th

TV channel: Audience Network.

Genres: drama, romance, comedy.

In chap. starring: Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard, Melanie Papalia, Priscilla Feya and others


If family life is cracked, hire a prostitute. She will wash your brains out so that happiness by itself will return to you. Don't believe me? Then you've come to the right place.

Jack and Emma, the heroes of this series, have already seen that such therapy sessions are very effective. Now it's up to you! Join the club! Just be careful! If the prostitute turns out to be pretty in all respects, you risk falling in love with her, instead of establishing love between each other. And then the war for domination over the object of adoration is guaranteed to you.

Although, the very object of adoration also has its own opinion about everything. And it will not be the last ...


This concludes our list of film and serial premieres. Already next week, on Thursday, 14th, the continuation of the long-awaited saga "Game of Thrones" starts, that is, its final season, consisting of 6 long-running episodes, each of which will be equal in footage (as promised) to a full-fledged feature film. In theaters, the new and improved Hellboy will set the tone.

In the meantime, we are saying goodbye to you, and with all our hearts we wish you a cheerful, spring mood and, as usual, get on the Internet and TV channels only for good, solid and interesting films and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman