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Revolutionary Honor Smartphone: Revolutionary View 20 Smartphone with Link Turbo Technology


The Chinese company Huawei, thanks to a successful marketing move to split its products into two brands (Honor and Huawei), has achieved not only positive sales dynamics, but also worldwide recognition of its quality. Now the company is literally “stepping on the heels” of such electronics giants as Samsung and Apple. However, its specialists do not stop there, continue to develop, using all the achievements of science. This is confirmed by news from the Honor camp.

Three technological innovations of Honor View 20

Yesterday, in Hong Kong, the veil of secrets regarding another novelty of the company - the View 20 smartphone was opened.

It will have a camera built directly into the screen. According to rumors, this is an analogue of the sensor, which will be used in the future Samsung Galaxy S10.

The second technological innovation follows the same direction. The main product will be equipped with a 48-megapixel lens. In addition, this camera will be equipped with Link Turbo technology (the third innovation), which combines Wi-Fi and LTE signals for faster downloads.

View 20

The successor to the current View 10 will be announced on 01/22/2019 in Paris. It would seem that there is not long to wait, you just have to be patient. But this is where marketers come in.

It is this service that is often awarded the laurels of good demand for products in the market. And for good reason. This is not the first time there has been a pattern of slight declassification of some of the nuances of a particular model of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. shortly before the announcement. Then it ends with a rush during the start of sales and a steady demand for the declassified device.

Also decided in Huawei. They talked a little about the future novelty, but not all.

Technical Details

Honor View 20 has an LCD display in the upper left corner of which a 4.5mm camera eye is located. He knows how to "look" through the screen. At first glance, it seems that this approach does not give a tangible advantage over the usual way of positioning the sensor, but it made it possible to get away from the intrusive "bangs" that most smartphones are equipped with.

Commenting on his development, the company's specialist said that the video and photography system was specially developed for this device, it is individual and not traditional. Here he means the size of the eye. The standard has a diameter of 6 mm, while the View 20 has a smaller one.

Presentation View 20

For the first time, the world will be presented with a 48 megapixel lens. Its Sony IMX586 sensor is 0.8 microns in size. It is equipped with a technology called pixel binning, which summarizes the data of 4 pixels located in close proximity. This allows, in low light conditions, to obtain images with a resolution of 12 megapixels with a low level of noise.

Thanks to the NPU neural processor and the Kirin 980 chipset, the device will receive higher dynamics in image processing. They claim that it will grow by 134%.

Link Turbo Features

Six months ago, the company introduced GPU Turbo, a feature that improves the performance of smartphones in games.

During the story about the secrets of Honor View 20, the manufacturer's representatives announced Link Turbo technology.

Its main purpose is to accelerate data transmission based on wireless interfaces. This is the third kind of technological breakthrough for the company's new smartphone.

In his speech, George Zhao, President of Honor, explained that his company has been setting trends in recent times that push the boundaries of innovation and mobile technology. It demonstrates various innovations and solutions leading to an increased user experience.

Link Turbo

A presentation of the capabilities of the program under study was held. Honor representatives said that, often, users are faced with low data transfer rates, even with a good level of communication. Link Turbo uses AI to constantly analyze the connection. Upon finding out that there is network congestion, it automatically switches to its mobile counterpart.

Wi-Fi and LTE data are processed simultaneously. This increases upload speed, decreases latency.

This technology is already used in Magic 2, but its full-fledged application is possible only with the launch of Honor View 20.

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Author: Jake Pinkman