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Top 10 Best Anime This Spring 2019


Oh yeah folks, we've had another anime season with you! How would you describe this anime spring season? After the high tide comes the ebb tide, after the flourishing of the nation, its decline, and after the chic school romance healing depression called "Lady Kaguya" comes a fetishist title about schoolgirls in wet tights ... In general, the spring anime season turned out to be rather weak in compared to its predecessor, and I'm sure you've already guessed which titles will come first. Anyway, let's take a look at the best anime of the spring season.

10. Kenja no Mago / The Sage's Grandson

Do you remember how we liked The Rise of the Shield Hero? Well, "The Wise Man's Grandson" was not lying around with him. It's a classic isekai that follows the genre's well-worn narrative paths. We have a fucking awesome GG who gets into the fantasy world, where a powerful wizard takes him up. There is the whole starter Pak shonen-isekaya: a harem, an asshole who does not like our hero, but then will surely make friends with him, an academy of magicians and a truck that knocks down the main character.


So what does such a title do in the list of the best anime of spring 2019? He's here because of the earth. Today, due to the abundance of representatives of this genre, each isseki tries to be at first something more, before becoming another anime about the fantasy world. And "The Sage's Grandson" does not hesitate to be unoriginal, which is why he is original ... Although you know what? If you are a fan of the genre, you can check it out. You yourself don't know why, but take a look.

9. Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu / Life is not Alone

One of the hottest anime of the spring season. If you've ever wanted to feel what it feels like to be a socially insecure schoolgirl with eternally red cheeks, then Life Isn't Alone is created especially for you. For a long time I have not seen such a vital anime, where when watching each episode you repeat the phrases: "Aaaa, it's me!" or "Damn, what a life."


All anime is the adventure of a 14-year-old girl who constantly finds herself in awkward situations because of her modesty or clumsiness. The anime is very cute, and not surprising, because it is moe at its best.

8. Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san / 800 with Tail! / Caring Fox Seneko-san

When you read the description: "800-hundred-year-old girl fox", you do not understand, this is the case when this anime is about to go nuts what an adult loli and it is for sick bastards, or everything is not so scary. Fortunately, this is the second case, and you will get real peace of mind from watching.


Here, the loli chanterelle just takes care of a tired office worker who burns out from the oppressive everyday life at work. All. The heroes will chat, joke and do all sorts of other pleasant fanservice things for the soul. And all this will only cause envy that you will not be reassured and fed by the same kind fox ...

7. Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Cleaver Blade

The Demon Slasher Blade is the afterparty after Dororo. Just imagine that you went to an AC / DC concert, and after that you fell into a huge crowd at your friend's apartment and listen to AC / DC too - the perfect end to an already perfect day.


Ufotable gave us classic suitability again, with great direction, dynamics, a cool story of revenge and demon hunting. And then there is the cutest and nutty little sister ... I'm very glad that another manga from Shonen Jump made it to the adaptation.

6. One Punch Man 2

Eh. I have already talked quite a lot in a separate article about One Punch Man 2, but generally speaking, the second season came out fine. Normal enough for my salty bitter tears to short-circuit my keyboard as I write this. This is not the "One Punch Man" we knew anymore, as Madhouse's great animation went missing after we changed studio.


I understand why there is so little protagonist in the anime, Saitama is the local problem solver who closes the arches. After all, when it appears, you know exactly what will happen. The anime concentrates on the other characters, and when they are fully revealed, our favorite bald one with Brazzers appears and destroys the danger. Delighted from all the anime Garo. At first, I complained that he was removed from the show halfway through, but in the end he returned to become what Saitama was once - a hero [in his case, a monster] who dreams of becoming stronger. My advice to you is to read the manga.

5.Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season

Someone doubted that "Stray Dogs Prose" would be bad? If there are such, go get a story and wait until a member of the detective agency rescues you. Well, okay, in truth, in comparison with previous seasons, the third one sags a little. Events start too abruptly and end abruptly as well.


Otherwise, we got what we deserved - a title that can be watched avidly in a few days. Well, and also die of absorbed cholesterol and lack of sleep.

4.Fruits Basket

I do not know how it happened, but one of the best TV series of the season was "Fruit Basket". I am perplexed by the fact that this anime is straight from childhood and causes a genuine feeling that you have been covered with a warm blanket.


It was expected that it will be at the top of the top, because when the original anime came out in 2001, it even then moved the hearts of many people. And the remake in the spring anime season 2019 fully showed us that it has passed the test of time and "there is still gunpowder in the flasks." It is wonderful that such remakes are being made today, because it brings back the hope of seeing in the future a huge bunch of anime, the rebirth of which your heart longs for.

3. Sarazanmai

I decided to be as provocative as Ikuhara himself, and put in third place "Saradzammai", where students turned into a cap will climb into the anus of demons to reveal their secret desires and steal spiritual power. Yes, you got it right.


Any work of this director, starting with "Young Revolutionary Utena", contains depth, and you need to get to it through the flow of surreal "something" [in our case, through the anus]. However, the main reason Saradzammai is in third place is that it has a sense of soul and sincere diligence during production. Nobody has done anything like this this season. Read more about the hidden genius of this show in our translation of the article from Kotaku.

2. Carole & Tuesday / Carol & Tuesday

Here I will be completely serious, because "Carol and Today" is the highest quality anime that requires proper treatment. It has an original setting, combined with a touching story from Studio Bones and Shintichiro Watanabe, where the entire culture on colonized Mars is created by artificial intelligence.


The interaction of the two main characters is shown so well that goosebumps run down the spine. The way they first create music, trying to get into the rhythm, and ultimately merge perfectly in performance, makes you feel warm in your soul. The show is beautiful and now that it's finally over, you can watch it in one gulp.

1. Attack on Titan season 3

And in first place in the list of the best anime of this spring, we, of course, "Attack on Titans". As soon as I played an openning similar to “Guren no yumiya”, I realized that I had finally waited! The third season gave us answers to the questions that tormented us [more precisely, tormented only those who flatly refuse to read manga].

Riley, the third season just turned the storyline lore on us, and I didn't even have time to navigate and understand what happened. I was sincerely sure that the creators would leak the secret of the basement, I was sure, because this is "Attack of the Titans" - a series where people always die in vain! And here we, like a sufferer-sufferer crucified on the cross, were given a drink of refreshing water from a jug.


The first half of the season is presented in a classic way, with a hard fight against a powerful enemy, and the second half reverses the concept of everything we've seen before. And that's great.

This was our top best spring 2019 anime . We are starting to watch the new summer season. If you still don't know anything about him, read our summer anime calendar here and here.

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