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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Fifteen Minutes of War” (2019)


Happy Saturday everyone! The working week is over again, you don't need to get up to work tomorrow, you have slept since Friday, which means you can finally watch some new movie without fear of falling asleep on the most interesting.

And today we will watch a film created by the hands of French and Belgian filmmakers - "Fifteen Minutes of War", in which our beloved Olga Kurylenko starred in one of the main roles.

Based on real events, or fiction?

At the end of the film, the credits begin with an explanation that, they say, the filmmakers were inspired to shoot this masterpiece by the actual events that took place. But the fact that the film was shot based on "real events", that is, it is a 100% adaptation of the hostage-taking incident that really took place in 1976 on the border of the future Djibouti and Somalia, is not implied. So this is just a fictional story, written "based on" that (or similar) conflict.

But many of the "would-be critics" did not bother to watch the film to the end, and spraying with saliva, they start vying with each other to prove to someone that everything went wrong, that all this was sucked from the finger and this cannot be in principle.

Interestingly, in such films as "The Rock" (1996), "Speed" (1994), "Hostage" (2007), "The Expendables" (2010), etc., too, everything is "sucked from the finger ”And also looks improbable and invented. Moreover - the way it is! But it doesn't make them worse, does it? So what's the point, dear ones?

How it all began

The story in the film is about how several separatist terrorists, driven by the desire to free the like-minded people languishing in French dungeons (and in fact, the same terrorists), seize a school bus.


At that time, there were 21 children aged 7 to 12 on the bus. Their teacher, whose role was played in the film by Olga Kurylenko, had just studied with them in class, and now, after a while, she already hears on the news that the bus with her students has been seized by several armed militants. She immediately rushes in pursuit, and overtakes him at the moment when the bus gets stuck just at the entrance to the Somali border.

The troops of the Foreign French Legion have already been pulled there. The teacher asks for permission to go on the bus to the children, but the authorities do not allow her.

Then she decides to "throw" to the bus without permission, and she manages to reach it and, at the same time, still remain alive.

And at this time ...

At this time in France, a special rapid reaction unit is formed from the French national gendarmerie, consisting entirely of snipers, whose forces the government is going to "neutralize" the terrorists.


The group comes out pretty motley, they don't protrude especially here in the biography, but it is clear that everyone has their own ants in their heads, but all the specialists are ready to do anything just to save the children. Andre Gerval was entrusted to command the detachment, thanks to whose decisiveness everything ended in the end the way it ended.

Arriving at the place, the gendarmes stumble upon the ridicule of the local soldiers of the French Legion, even a single scuffle happens. But upon completion, all the fighters will be like morons to salute these snipers.

Well, how they will win this "honor", and we will watch in the film.

What we liked

Basically, the movie came out very easily. There are no puzzling twists and turns that would have to be pondered and thought out before the headache, comparing the "received data".


Let's list the main advantages:

  • Slender Kurylenko in a simple dress, no matter how anyone said, looked pretty good as a volunteer teacher.
  • There is no unnecessary chatter, silence, mooing, meditation, walking and fermenting in the film. That is, there is no feeling of artificially extended film length. All - only to the point.
  • All the actors are peculiar in appearance and do not mix into a common mess, as is sometimes the case in films about such and such terrorists who are all alike. Often, the film is over, and you all sit and wonder, who was who, in fact? There is no such thing here.

And in particular, you can't confuse the main terrorist with anyone, whose role was perfectly played by Kevin Lane. His goggle little eyes certainly cannot be confused with anyone!

What I didn't like

I didn't like the way the army behaved. There is no such disorder in the army (even if it is the French Legion). There were also contradictory actions on both sides, and the children were extremely calm to combat, even considering that they were "under sleeping pills."

The preparatory actions were especially heated. For example, a "rapid response" squad arrived with empty stores. Snipers started filling them with cartridges only after they planned a sortie.


And how do you like this situation. The detachment just landed at the scene, and from above immediately an order - to the position! And those answered: "No, wait, we still need to shove cartridges into the shops!" Pancake. What did you do on the plane? And before the plane?


In general, we were satisfied with the film. Of course, this is not a masterpiece of the type "Avatar", which can then be reviewed weekly, but you can take a look. After all, films, no matter how anyone may say, are created specifically for a single viewing.

For the second and third time, the viewer already begins to notice irregularities and roughness. And then there are enough of them.

But overall, the picture turned out to be worthy for such a liquid budget. Hardly anyone will regret the time spent watching. And to save time on searches on the internet, watch a movie online and absolutely free of charge here:

"Fifteen minutes of war" (2019)

We say goodbye to you until next Saturday, a great Sunday for you and more good movies and TV shows for you!

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