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Announcement of Shadow of The Tomb Raider - First trailer, gameplay details, screenshots and release date


The continuation of the adventures of the adventurer, archaeologist and simply the main sex symbol of the gaming industry will soon return to our monitors. Square Enix with fanfare announced a new part in the story of Lara Croft, delighted gamers with the first trailer, screenshots, game details and, most importantly, the release date of Shadow of The Tomb Raider. The game's premiere is scheduled for April 14, so don't forget to take note of this day.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider

The sequel will take players from cold Siberia to the sultry jungle located in the territory of modern Central America. The darkest, cruel and most difficult story in the life of a young archaeologist awaits players. Lara uses all her experience from the first two parts of the restart. He will become a real warrior, a fearless heroine who will save the world from the apocalypse predicted by the prophets of the Mayan people.

In general, you can see the first trailer for the new Tomb Raider, from which it is obvious that the new part will be even more oppressive than the previous parts of the series. Despite the abundance of dark colors, the developers assure that Shadow of The Tomb Raider will not become the final chapter of the franchise. There will definitely be a continuation.

The development of the game this time was entrusted to other developers - Eidos Montreal, who are responsible for the recent relaunch of such popular series as Deus Ex and Thief. The head of the studio said what can be expected of the game:

The plot tells about the new and most difficult tests of the physical strength of Lara Croft. Our studio has created several new gameplay mechanics that will refresh Tomb Raider and allow the Tomb Raider to tackle any challenge.

First game details

Developers for the gaming press held a private gameplay show of Shadow of The Tomb Raider, from which numerous details of the continuation of the popular series became known.

First of all, the great graphics are noted, which surpasses all other Square Enix games. Character animation, living vegetation, volumetric lighting and a living ecosystem immerse the player in the impassable jungle of Central America. They also praise the lively look of the main character, which conveys the full range of Lara's emotions even if she does not say a word.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider game

The action of the game will unfold in the jungle of the islands of Cozumel and Peru, in addition to tropical forests, the archaeologist will have to visit standard caves and tombs for the series, striking in scale and abundance of small details. Underwater levels with many secrets will be added.

The plot of the game took a course on a darker story. Therefore, expect even more fierce battles and many shocking scenes from the life of a people who live by different moral rules than the modern world.

The fragility and mental anguish that made Lara more alive will remain in the new game. With only one difference - Lara now knows exactly what she wants, has become more purposeful and hardened by past adventures. Game journalists even compare Lara with the Assassin and Agent 47 in terms of her cold-bloodedness and sophistication in the ways of neutralizing opponents.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider

The possibility of stealthy passage of the game has returned and Lara will be able to use a machete to kill enemies. Melee weapons will also help to wade through the impassable thickets of the jungle. In terms of other mechanics, the game has added a rope, which, like the lasso from Uncarted 4, will help you overcome deep crevices and run along walls.

In addition to Mayan warriors and priests, Lara will have to fight wild animals. However, the squads of enemies with firearms will return, and Dr. Dominguez takes the place of the main antagonist of the game. According to the developers, it should take at least 13 hours of time to spawn a new part of Tomb Raider, provided that you miss all additional missions in the game.

DLC and game editions

The creators of the project made sure that you have something to do after completing the game. In total, as many as 7 downloadable add-ons are planned, which will include both new weapons and additional story chapters. Eidos Montreal has formalized the release date of the DLC in the form of the Mayan calendar, from which it is clear that each new addition will be released once a month, starting in October.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider game

You can buy Shadow of The Tomb Raider right now. The pre-order game is available in three versions: Standart, Deluxe and Croft Edition. The Season Pass for the expansion comes with the Deluxe Edition, and all players who buy it get early access to the game.

Tomb Raider is a great replacement for God of War if you don't like the game. No matter how good the new god of war is, but not everything in him is perfect, as we talked about in our other article.

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