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7 Best God Simulators


Almost any strategy can be called a god simulator, since you play as an unknown supreme being who controls fortresses, people, buildings, etc. Many games justify this by calling us a general, mayor, or king who simply manages a certain area. But there are games where you literally act out God. For the release of the GodHood strategy, we decided to collect the best god simulators for you.

Populous Series

With the release of Populous, the genre of the God simulator itself was founded. In it we have a settlement with loyal subjects. And at the other end of the map is a settlement of heretics with another God, whom we need to defeat.

The lion's share of all events was created by the landscape, we need to constantly edit it, because it influenced the gameplay. Not without divine power, thanks to which we are able to cause an earthquake or make volcanoes erupt.


All this was developed in the second part, where we already played for Zeus, and ascended to Olympus, overcoming other competitors. And already in the third part, we could travel throughout the solar system, and perform divine magic on different planets. There we conquered local believers and subordinated them to our will.


Dungeon Keeper

Here we played not for God, but for the real demon. In the role of the horned guardian of the dungeon, we collected the maximum number of disgusting creatures to create a local paradise ... Although I do not know how to correctly call a paradise for devilish creatures. With all this underground movement, we had to destroy other dungeons and settlements of miserable people.

It used to be that heroes came to us to arrange a local rogue like, but we quickly kicked them in the ass back to the surface, well, or captured them, giving them eternal torment.


Moreover, a bunch of cool features were mixed in the game, for example, you can move into one of your charges, run and arrange a rout in the dungeon for laughter, or turn annoying minions into chickens. Also, not all of your creatures are able to live in harmony and they need special buildings or rooms.



The legendary game about the evolution of Spore continues our top. Here we will be not so much God as the hand of nature and natural selection itself, because our responsibility is to carry out the evolution of a certain kind.

It all starts with the fact that we play as a small bacterium that eats other bacteria, grows, mates and multiplies. The game shows variability very clearly, so during the birth of a new cell, you can work a little with its DNA and introduce mutations, thanks to which it will survive in this hostile world. After millions of years, our creature comes to earth and becomes a dull, but very interesting land dweller.


And so we continue to evolve, increase the brain, create tribes over time, and then cities. Yes, we are constantly playing as the creature itself, but this does not negate the fact that we directly interfere with its appearance as nature.

From Dust

If in Spore we are nature itself, that in From Dust is her opponent. In this God simulator, we will be the deity of the local primitive tribe, which must be protected from the rampage of the elements. And here it is quite large-scale. The game recreates one of the most difficult mechanics of a hostile element in the open world: mountains appear before our eyes, rivers flood canyons, volcanoes erupt and tornadoes rage.

We must constantly restrain all this power while our tribe moves on the land: create embankments, stop lava, plant forests, drain the area, build dams.


You cannot control people, unless you show them where to build a new village. People are obliged to erect totems for you, because it is they who feed our divine power and give various perks. Here's the conclusion - there is no totem, no God.

Black and White Dilogy

Black and White is the highest quality God simulator in the entire industry. All the best mechanics from the same Populous and Dungeon Keeper were taken here and brought to the next level. You have several settlements that praise your divine majesty in temples and replenish your divine manna.

With it, you can perform various miracles, for example, create rain over crops, extract resources and do other things to make your people comfortable to live. Although, no one prevents you from taking on the role of an evil God. However, the very name of the game hints that you can always choose between good and evil. There will always be an angel and a demon with you, each of which urges you to a decision in black or white.


Believers don't want to go to the temple? Or maybe bang them with lightning a couple of times to raise their backs and go to the Lord to restore manna? Too little mana? Well, what about demanding that children be burned at the stake in our name? Then she will recover in two counts. Also, our incarnation in the form of a monster or a cow appeared in the game, which needs to be raised by the carrot and stick method.

In 2005, the second part came out and it took a step towards “strategic traditionalism”. It added the mechanics of the battle with the army, its management in real time and an emphasis on construction. Although the basis of spells and prayers for your great figure still remains.


Here our divine manifestation is personified in four elements, which we will control throughout the game. Each of them can arrange the world in their own way. Someone grows forests, someone mountains or deserts.

To begin with, we are teraforming and creating a habitable landscape. When people appear, we begin to care about their wealth. For example, we help to extract resources, build cities or specific buildings. However, humans would not be themselves if there were no problems from them. One settlement can be forever unhappy and jealous of others, so they can declare war on the others out of anger. Such people can be punished by the punishment of God.


Therefore, yes, this is the same game where some pray for the death of the aggressor and the Gods kill them.

Universe Sandbox

Finally, I would like to recall the Universe Sandbox. This is a title where you can play with space objects. For example, to push two suns, or to send a meteor shower into the Earth, to put a black hole in the center of the solar system. You can do whatever you want to do here. At least mix galaxies.


Your main motivator in the game is the phrase: "What if I do this?" Moreover, everything is calculated on real information, and the game can even teach the basics of astronomy. For example, tilt the Earth's orbit a few degrees and watch it freeze smoothly.

That's all. These games will help you try on the skin of God and realize that it is not so easy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman