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Cleared up: What the Death Stranding storyline is about. Version 1.1


Not so given we released material on what Death Stranding will be about. However, that was before Hideo Kojima brought three new trailers to Gamescom 2019, as well as the fourth, which was shown exclusively to journalists. Now we have the answers to many questions on the topic, what is the essence of the plot of Death Stranding. Consider we are releasing a patch to our past material.

Death Stranding Story

The game will take place in the SGA - the United States of America, the president of which is Amelie, and Sam calls her Bridget. The plot begins with the fact that Amelie dies and Sam is asked to deliver her body to another part of the country. However, she is still alive, but not in this world, but in the other, which is on the other side.


It is from this other side that all the invisible monsters come that we will meet throughout the game. There, on the shore of another world, is young Amelie, but she was kidnapped by the terrorist organization Homo Demens. Why is she there? As Kojima says, death in Death Stranding is a rather blurry thing, apparently Amelie / Bridget got there after she died in our world.


Homo Demens, in its own way, is also fighting for the unification of America, centered in a corner city [this is a city that was small and provincial, but has turned into a large and powerful metropolis], but only through massacre and violence. But they are not the only demons, here they call all the separatists.


But what about America is united by the Bridges company? They connect the survivor bunkers to the Chiral Network. This is what the whole plot will be based on. By the way, it is thanks to the bunkers that we will have an asynchronous cooperative. That is, players will be able to transfer cargo to each other or give tasks.

Children in flasks

Another important point that was shown to us in the trailer with Deadman is the appointment of the baby. These are the so-called Bridge Baby - premature babies, who were removed from dead mothers or who fell into a coma, they are directly related to the world of the dead. The capsules in which they are located mimic the mother's womb and provide a connection with the Chiral World.

In general, we can say that almost everything in the two worlds of Death Stranding is somehow connected by invisible threads. So, the character Mama is connected by an invisible umbilical cord with a chiral child. As long as there is this very connection between them, the child cannot harm anyone.


Children in flasks help us see any manifestations of another world. At the same time, Deadman assures Sam that the child is just equipment that can break down, be defective, and you should not get attached to it. The feeling of maternal security helps him to work properly, and that is why we will need to monitor this indicator, for example, as shown in the gameplay - download it or connect to the Chiral Network in order to temporarily connect with the deceased mother.


A two-part world

We will often move between two worlds. And this movement will take place either after death, or after Voice Down, which we saw in the very first trailers.

As we already know, in the real world, it often pours rain on the earth, aging all living organisms. However, Sam has protection from him, absorbing some certain bugs. Perhaps when he gets into the rain, his body absorbs this aging water, and it is excreted through urine ... How else to explain such a gameplay feature. Apparently, we will use this technique to solve all kinds of puzzles.


Each death carries with it a journey into the world of rain, mud and chiral creatures, from where Sam will have to get out. Perhaps in this world a child is being taken away from us, and we will have to return him. Our potential enemy is on the other side, Cliff, and it is he who, probably, is the father of the child that our hero is carrying.

As already stated, we will be given quests by plot characters, we should expect that they are connected with the second world. For example, Hartman, a character who dies every 21 minutes to look for his family on the other side, will most likely ask us to do something for him there when we are in it.


So far, this is all we can say for sure, because this is already enough information about the game, before the release of which there is just over a month left. Now we at least more or less know what Death Stranding is about.


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Author: Jake Pinkman